Impact of James Comey Interview - John Cohen


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Jon Cohen he said. ABC consultant former acting undersecretary for intelligence that the Department of Homeland Security in Washington. John this interview last night and now the fallout we're seeing even at a tweet another one from president trump this morning they're benign since Friday about commie. What's what's happening here. Well good morning guys activity again I mean it very clearly. The economy I interviewed Condoleezza comic book. And they resulting. Impact on the Russian investigation. Mean what we're saying is a continuation of the partisan nature of the reaction. To you. Issues affecting the president and it from my perspective. The partisan reaction to the Russian investigation more broadly. It's disturbing. To a certain degree because. Where you know we're still looking after the fact that Russia. Engaged in a comprehensive effort to influence our election. The social media these cyber tactics. But we need to let that investigation continues so we can protect future elections and the partisan bickering. And the partisan positioning on that as really undermining our national security. I was about to ask you how way detrimental is this for law enforcement in this country for this. Dispute between homey and the president to be played out so publicly. Whether you're. A Republican or Democrat I can't support horse summed it doesn't support the president. I used to be appalled. At how there are some in our. Government food and in the media quite frankly. Who believe. That the way they support their political position. Is to attack the credibility. I hope that career professionals who every single day are working to protect this country. And again it can't be stated enough. This was a serious attack. Against the country by the Russian they're seeking to undermine the credibility of our government they're seeking to destabilize our our country they're seeking to sow discord. They're seeking to undermine our relationships and our allies. It's just something that needs to be fully investigated. And we need to take. Serious steps to prevent it from occurring again in the future. And do you see this also playing out with the the strikes in Syria. I think I you have to really interesting question did he impact. That's that this person. Positioning. Doesn't just impact this investigation. What goes on here in Russia. In many in many ways everything we do on the global stage. Is influenced by the credibility of the present to the rest of the world. And let there at the strike this area or actions we may take again in the future. They have the rest of the world does not have complete faith in the stability of our government and the credibility gap fire government. And they're gonna review our actions skepticism and that's extraordinarily dangerous. John we appreciate the insight that's Jon Cohen he's a former acting undersecretary for intelligence of the Department of Homeland Security. Chuck tweets are probably greatly to building systems the president at it again on Twitter tweeting about Komi he tweeted Komi drafted. The crooked Hillary exonerate shouldn't. Long before he talked to her. Then bases decisions on our poll numbers. Disgruntled he McCabe and the others committed many crimes exclamation point the president still tweeting about genes called me this morning.