Immigration: What's Next? - MaryAlice Parks


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Let's go live to Capitol Hill this morning now that the president has signed an executive order ending family separations at the border that. Immigration crisis ball is now in congress is court and correspondent Mary Ellen parks is joining us live what's up for consideration today Mary Alice. There's two different build it out and frankly neither plan is expected at this point. But the lightly because the two bills are being debated among Republican and Democrat told the that they don't like either one. What we're hearing from analysts this morning is even though there's two bills up for consideration. That there and I'm very optimistic about things getting past. Right exactly and that's partly because you know pretty hard line bill. I want it really hardline. But cute by the street chairmen. A conquer a lack. And it would dramatically reduce the number that they allowed into the country legal act a lot of that country. It would stop many very angry and that eagle lottery program. And wildwood a lot of thought protections for those. So called dreamers they would be very temporary and that it would have actually tried it out over. They're on the other hand the other belt out a lot for a little bit more out of the problem and security. But the people that pollen that that documentary category. Okay and we're just talking about legislation in the house. This would also have to get through the senate to right and that's a whole other ball game. Exactly right and right now that they didn't like either of these belt. Remember that Brady but how is that bad at it how how bipartisan support that and the rule of digging it that you're not have that vote. That court. So when that the power went forward the EU built without any Democrat on election it really well. Refuted it legislation made no public teller. Current that's Mary Ellis park's joining us live. From Washington this morning.