Immigration Reversal - Jim Ryan


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Let's go to El Paso, Texas now Jim O'Brien joining us live from their gym. After this. Executive order yesterday. Yet what are you hearing from Customs and Border Protection on what appeared. Supposed to be doing what their orders are right now. Well they seem to have gotten some clarification on that overnight to Brian we've just within the last few minutes in a statement came out of US Customs and Border Protection. It says that it's that big they needed department there says it's taking immediate steps to implement. The president's executive order says family unity will be maintained for families apprehended crossing the border illegally. That's the change because under the zero tolerance policy that was put into effect. In April that Jeff Sessions announced. The policy was to apprehend the parents they were then charged with a crime. And the children with then separated from them because of that and then there for these family separations were under way we have so many kids. Sheltered in different locations across the state. In different states actually at this point Bryant. So Border Patrol is it says it's working on this and logistically bringing these families back together. And there and stopping the processors stopping the the you know the the separation from here on out. Does that seem to be a lot of confusion too as to you know. How to reunite these families now that have been separated yes. I think that's going to be the the the challenge here the office of of reunification what is called under the department of you health and human services has that that responsibility of trying to keep track of these families trying then to reunite them get them together. Regardless of good in team charges against the Paris now if there is still that sense. That the social workers and others within the department have that the child might be in danger the separation does go on strictly for the protection. Of that child Susan. Our Jim Ryan that is Jim joining us live from El Paso, Texas right on. The US Mexico border talking about so well what now with customs and Border Patrol. After the executive order signed by the president yesterday.