Immigration Reversal - Carl Calabrese


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Well the house is scheduled votes on some dueling immigration measures less than 24 hours after the president reverses course signing that executive order. Keep families together at the border here to talk all about it we have Carl calabrese political strategist with this Carl. It did you see this coming yesterday the sort of about face from president trump in signing this executive order. I was not surprised at all given the coverage the intensity the optics of the situation. Any politician courses is ever assault has to reactivate it has to react quickly. And so I was surprised when the president. Who quickly in. And try to get this thing back and more capable for him and his party. Now some reports say that the president caved. Do you believe he caved. I think topples forward I mean if you're if you're in a situation. You're kind of you know they'll say you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't I mean if it changes in caves and it doesn't change seasons sensitive than and I and other responses so what. Do I think the thing you do is you try to change. Try to change the debate to more favorable terms for you with your party. Knowing that you're going to be charged with KB but nonetheless the status quo politically was actually an acceptable for him and his party. You mentioned the optics do you think that when the president said OK we are going with the zero tolerance policy. In enforcing these laws. That he knew what the result was going to be with these family separations who Wear these children. We're going to be capped and what would result of that or did he just think OK we're going to enforce the laws. And maybe not really I keep in mind the children and all of this. All. I don't think he. I don't think he anticipated. The the reaction of the media and in the power of the optics I knew what was going to happen but did not think that it would. It would spiral. Into the home media coverage. That we saw. And I think that what I mean this whole thing into this whole thing was Utley and in this they continued flow of illegal immigrants into our country is ugly. Separation of children from Italy is ugly the media coverage. The the fact that somebody Democrats put it basically says. Where to vote for any law because it would obviously in. Solving the problem or shouldn't keeping the debate on the front burner to the November election that ugly I mean at that just beat city. That's the side of the crimes that were in in terms of government being able to deal with the problem across the aisle. Also looked to me what's ugly is the constant reference to Nazis in the you know you've heard me on here's some of your shows in the past but one thing that bothers me. Herald is when you disagree with someone you start throwing around words like racist or not. And comparison. Oh with art is just unbelievable I mean it's 101000 people that they were murdered in incinerated about with. As they edit this is. It is out. Arie and Carol how do you think this is gonna play out I mean is this now moves to congress. Well I don't think we're don't Susan because that I don't think the the lefty is it is gone and played with this issue so they I would not be surprised to see some liberal activist groups. Had that is courts immediately the ninth Circuit Court is a very long history. Of the united trumpet opposing trump. Obviously not the end up either and so you've got that that you would you have the pick of the house and the senate both are looking at different bill. The senate a much more narrow version of immigration reform in the house. Don't know if legislation can be agreed upon them as them both houses and that's really the only way to solve this long term. When you're dealing with the court is not doing executive action. Can be overcome you've got to get legislation and got a good sign so I don't think we're dealt with bishop. Eric Carle we always appreciate the insight that's Karl calabrese political strategist who. Does not anticipate this resulting in a significant immigration reform on Capitol Hill even though. There are scheduled votes in the house on dueling immigration measures today.