Immigration Back In the Spotlight - Steve Roberts


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Joining us on the line is political analyst Steve Roberts Steve this. Immigration policies separating families. At the border has resulted in it seems nothing but finger pointing over in Washington. Yeah you're right about that the president has insisted over and over again at the democrats' fault. It's hard to take that seriously Republicans control every part of the government both houses of the congress the White House. Are going to be really Democrat all. In fact even some Republicans now breaking ranks. Laura Bush a former First Lady. Wrote an op Ed this morning highly critical of the president said his policies are. That result in the separation of children from their parents to order. Even. First Lady. Lonnie at trump issued a statement saying. We have to be a nation with the covered with heart. And Lotta people sort of veiled criticism. Of her husband's policy so. It become highly contentious. And and then you like this. As has momentum and has power because these images. They're coming out of the border where crying children and parents have been separated. Are very powerful and I think this is really kind of blown up in the in the administration's take the subway. Steve what can be done in house soon. Well. You know would that. This would policies didn't as the situation was created by a change in policy. The fact is were a number of years the news. The policy was that when people were arrested at the border for trying to come in illegally. The program but sometimes dubbed catch and release these people particularly with children were allowed to. We're re released from detention and coal bed for trial later. But these zero tolerance policy put in by the president. Is what's called the problem. There are not releasing anybody able says he can't think children in jail. That could lead to the separation of the family you could reverse the policy that would change just. Really a few months ago. But the president. Into an event. As are his advisors that zero tolerance of what they wanna follow now a lot of people think this is negotiating court. Some people have accused the president even of holding these children hostage. But this is say this is a crisis created. By the change in policy. That was instituted by the administration they can unravel. Change the policy fact. In an instant that they wanted to. What do you see happening here at the end and how long might it take to find the solution. All of the good question. Normally. I would think that. There and I have to be a solution here are some sort but. Two things are true one is that the immigration issue. Is a particularly highly charged issue president trump believes strongly. That this is one of the key issues that helped elect him president. That he can't act now he has to be strong on that because this is an acute. That will energize his voters in the fall of that a piece seems to be weak if he seems to be back in doubt. He's going to disillusioned Republicans and endanger some. Pete in the fall because people will not come out quote. And at the same time Democrats. Also highly motivated on this issue because the writing target Hispanic votes. Is critical to democratic success particularly and let them lean. Congressional districts in California and Florida and other states. So. The normal legislative. Dynamic. Has been badly altered by B strongly held political views and political center at some folks are. And right now I don't see a legislative solution coming out of this because neither side. Seems willing to compromise because boat sank. That the their positions that give them a political. Sorry that's analyst Steve Roberts joining us live this morning.