Immigration and Reunification - Jim Ryan


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We're going reliant to the southern border this morning. This week at the latest on the immigration crisis in this country and hearing for this from the Department of Homeland Security that hundreds of children have been reunited with their families a spring in correspondent. Jim Ryan what is the latest their Chan. Well the department of health and human services and also the department of public security have posted notices that all of these facilities for people are being held at people who try to come into the country illegally. At the adults letting them know exactly how they can contact their kids. The promise from VHS and from the health and human services is that there is tracking system in place to ensure that people don't fall through the cracks don't get lost in the system. And that reunification are going to have. So that's the process at this point we don't nobody more kids are back with their parents on Friday it was like 500. Who'd been been reunited that would be about 18100 who steal or not. Meanwhile protests continued outside the facilities throughout the weaknesses. So we have hundreds of children being reunited with their parents what they are still calls for. The precedents to and in some sort of czar to oversee this process are people still unhappy with how quickly it's moving. Yeah well yes unhappy Ian and skeptical quite honestly about him that the promise that these reunification are going to happen and happen quickly. The former mayor of San Antonio for example cost rose what it at one of these demonstrations yesterday. And he's one of those calling for this creation he's our office to ensure that this process is carried through. And that in fact people are being tracked care leaves open the people aren't deported without their kids or. You know that that's the reunification somehow blow blocked that way Bryant so complicated process but one that is the Fed sees these law. Is there anyone down there and hopeful for maybe a more permanent solution by congress. We got sick question that that your anybody's. This change statewide the almost hour by hour Susan and so while people are are watching what's happening at Washington and with congress and media permanent solution to. It is zero tolerance policy I think they're out here it's just a matter of trying to keep track of people don't want fifteen year old boy who walked away from. One of these holding facilities. In it simply gone. You know we're hearing from some of the people in these facilities who say. Even after being arrested even after going through this zero tolerance policy if they are sent back to. Whether it's Mexico whether it's some of these other Central American countries. They're going to be back. They're going to try and cross the border again to get into the US because it's just that bad. Where they're coming from is that what you're hearing a lot of the border. Yeah absolutely and and that's why. That they charged criminal charges has always been. More stringent has been a more serious charge for re entry for trying to reenter the country illegal as it illegally as opposed to coming through the very first time. And you write people despite the the hardship of coming clear across Mexico from Central America in some cases. If they're deported back to central American and find their way back to this country it happens every day. It's correspondent Jim Ryan joining us live this morning. From Rio Grande Valley Texas along the Mexico border.