Hurricane Maria Pounds Puerto Rico; Moves On - Jim Ryan


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Let's go live to correspondent Jim Ryan this morning. On the devastation from hurricane Maria the island of Puerto Rico Jim we understand is in ruins. That's a lot of damaged his there'd somehow according to the governor Knoll fatalities some injuries yes that a lot of damaged. Spread across the entire island nation but no reports of any fatalities at this point this search and rescue those still. Going on still fairly early the storm itself has now weakened somewhat you'd be re intensify though according to. People were keeping it quiet and it's now a category three with winds around a 115 miles per hour which is still. Qualifies it as safe as a major hurricane season. Now but power outages we understand that much of the entire island is. Without power and what we saw after hurricane Irma in Florida was that. That is what resulted in a lot of they'd complications and even deaths. After the hurricane had lapses that a concern over their Puerto Rico. Absolutely you know and had date Q what have crews on stand by and they are preparing to go in now and try to restore some of the electricity habit. But you're right it's a difficult thing to do in the after a storm like this course. They were just. Recovering from hurricane model which should delta glancing blow Puerto Rico couple weeks ago and so getting the rest of the people back on. Is that a matter of restoring electricity to some people who still didn't have it after hurricane or a bit that is a concern. And that despite the fact there were no fatalities in the storm itself. I mean you're right price most of the deaths from a storm come after the storm. Jim where is the storm expected to go from here what's the the expected track. It's gonna continue all those. Straight north according to most of the projections on a little surprised to see how those models the un served hypotheticals all seem to agree right now at least most of them. That this storm is going to course up to the north and that may have some interaction with Jose that tropical storm which is still causing some trouble up in your neck of the woods up in the northeastern part of the United States so. There may be coming interaction there but. You do it's expected to be far enough off the coast. That Maria but it won't bring any real view problems to doing. And is stars Puerto Rico goes suit kind of in the clear as far as the storm are they able to begin the cleanup without worrying about being hit again. They are edited it's going to be raining it'll be windy a little uncomfortable. As the deal was the case in quarter Bryant it's gonna be warm and humid and but it still have achieved this guy should clear and and the rain that took Maria brought should do it because now. That is Jim Ryan joining us tracking hurricane Maria.