Hurricane Florence Nearing Landfall - Heather Kenyon


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Hurricane Florence about to make landfall on the Carolina coast let's check in with. Meteorologist Heather Kenyon this morning at the National Weather Service in buffalo and you're watching the storm and at its every move but tickets through. What's happening right now in which are expecting over the next few hours. Yeah good morning hurricane Florence psyche that is about make landfall probably will the next few are examined very good morning. Overnight. Hurricane force winds have moved across eastern North Carolina. With winds greater than 74 miles per hour rainfall total. Of six to ten inches of our fallen many flash floods. Are carrying out quote does that both. And then also storm surge and about eight to twelve feet above ground has not occurred and will continue. Through the rubble that day. Yet at storm surges what a lot of people are watching when exactly does that hey you know we were talking yesterday you saw some of the F range. Clouds in the rains kind of hit the Carolinas. Oh when does the storm surge here with the hurricane as it neared the idea or some other point. It's easier on the north side of the eyes where the wind. Come from the east with a lap up into the college now lot. Storm surge is impacting third prone area as where that winking gained speed over the waters and it directly into the cows. Heather when you say when that too we use the term making landfall Gil looks like the storm is lashing the coast right now I mean and it is but. The term landfall it means that the eye is hitting me and the coast. That the track yep I is about to hit the coast within the next few hours easy to strong winds are right in the eye wall. Round but I still little he what that does that the coast in the next few hours. Now want their re expecting this Turkey to do away after it hits land I know a lot of people were concerned that it might stick around the Carolinas for awhile. Yes that it had slowed down. To about five miles per hour now it's only gonna move. About eighty miles to the south lack of in the next 24 hours now I think I'm going to stick around Carolina's. Through the taxpayers tell which it can exacerbate. All of that impact from heavy rain. Strong winds and flash flooding. Or it has dropped to a category one also right. Yet they've had little wind has dropped looks like around eighty miles per Ari now that did not observe within this storm. But like I said that there have actually been the land off the coast deserved even do we reported over a hundred miles per hour. And that. Category one really doesn't change should the danger of too much I mean were racing reports of some people stranded on roofs and other places. Yeah that's correct the storm has the potential to be an historic. Hurricane with this didn't flash flooding elect partying in that sense. Heather thanks so much we appreciate it that's. Heather Kenyon meteorologist this morning at the National Weather Service office in buffalo.