Hurricane Florence Lashing coast - Al Jones in Raleigh, NC


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Hurricane Florence is about to make landfall on the Carolina coast it's been lashing the coast line now for hours and North Carolina get in the brunt of it let's go live to 1010 wins reporter L Jones who's in rally caroling you've moved inland haven't jail. I have that you're exactly the same thing is we want it. Yeah Wally and they've been in bland and shelters in the wake county. Although who died out or not only they're glad they really did this week a warning. Or a lot of hold all in all courses where you're born in Bamako. Actually in mid level and with foreign surged NN Wilmington might be involved well woman in the little apple told all. And if we've got it in India always in yourself and long ball all that simple act that you won't get it right here. You know were seeing some of these images are rate by the coastline and incredible the power of this storm and hard to imagine. This is the downgraded category one storm that we're seeing now it could've been and maybe even much worse. Alberta below didn't make it for days it's all about the wind mobile will do some excellent pick him up here. It's all about the won't surge in the world torrential rain. Don't know if you didn't even watching it all very good. About who mapped the actual although it won't open it. All the polls indicating winds all the I forty east and that means all in and all warmed him. Where you are in rally at air power outages are you seeing some of these effects. We have gotten the article it yet but we're working. On the pole so. What they've. I'd lose it didn't hit it all. Got out all the war always the fault will get in the game if it it will hit the city. And it won't let it all right I want attitude. And are the Waffle House is still open. Collecting about that in net dirtier but they're all one big. In Wilmington that we didn't go into the boarded up all you have you know that will walk all sources. And that is so when you know that's the barometer a lot of people use they'd just wondering a lot of those evacuees. You know were thinking hotels maybe they're saying with family. Did you see some people who have traveled down may be a further inland by EU court just. Staying in their car somewhere trying to find shelter somewhere else. Our yard look back there was really a minivan and pulled up in the parking lots here on out all adult. And I want this wouldn't be in their little bubble and a hotel all that it would go further in the other next to the Arab world is trying to decide what do you stand with the arc you can use yeah are donated to go back and I think. Always hit it would develop the sort of form that one I went out and bring them all and all the model. Our kids L Jones joining us live this morning from Raleigh, North Carolina.