How to Insure Harvey Help Goes Where Needed - Megan O'Neil


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We're joined on the line now by making O Neil the editor at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. And were talking about all the generosity that's been shown. For the flood victims in Houston the surrounding areas impacted by hurricane Harvey and there's so many ways to give. But how exactly does it work and make him one of the most popular ways people have been now looking at is texting your donation. To the Red Cross today 90999. Number a ten dollar donation with every text. A lot of people wondering just how exactly that works. You know what did offer a software platform nowadays that done and can cute someone that comes Q that she's seeing haven't yet charity. And technically popular because of the eat at you right everyone has herself proudly to their hand. And and a lot of big cherry including their crop poppy replicated and set up I would say that one of most into thinking that either that was of course pulled Haiti earthquake about seven years ago where into the big aid organizations have millions and millions of dollars. Actually texted to them that they're the first and medications. Well what do you need to watch out for when donating to Harvey relief. So. People weren't you can donating have a number of avenues number resources let it go and are checked on. The efficiency in the management of different charities some really good places to do this or that EDT wise giving alliance. This is sort of a consumer protection organization. That rates charity base side overhead cost it an and other factors. Under our number third party charity watchdog group O I Charity Navigator is one where you can go to their website you can type in the name of an organization. And that you can sort of look at how they use their money. I know an emergency situation like this charitable giving expert really encourage donors to consider whether they want to donations to meet. Immediate needs AK AG wanna be feeding people in giving people water here for the next. Five days. Or would you like to be contributing to organizations that are going to be there in the community. For mid and long term recovery to help as it says there aren't going to be in the charitable sector unfortunately under. It's very crichton's circumstances most the donations closer to in the immediate aftermath are often driven by gained media coverage. And then people colonel go away they forget monetary year later. And and six mother your edit there's still a lot of people and communities after not to comment actually doctors who are in need so I just encourage donors to think a little bit about. With so many ways to get so many different web sites popping up but do you recommend that people stick with. A certain few may be ones they're familiar with instead of kind of going all over the place so once you don't know about. Donation definitely consider themselves as sophisticated consumers then and investigated the Q well I I would be careful about just. Clicking on the first link that you keep in to your FaceBook feeder the first donate at least you keep tap into your Twitter feed. It expired minutes just you know you'd do a little quick Google anger go basic rights are. Or at the DDB wise giving alliance and you'll be confirmed that that. The organization and he is there a registered 501 C three but Republicans are very interesting thing I think we're gonna keep that you of course. Is that there's many platforms now for people to view personal or individual fundraising in these are you know they go on to meet web site to the world. And actually they market got a little bit into this game so. I would I read that those buckets getting beat in more complicated right you ought to verified court that the persons said they are and that they are indeed someone who's in need or as. Vick is and we're catastrophic lock so I would think both text donations this sort of personal fundraisers and to be a little bit more risky. Definite take some time to sort of verified that the person is sitting fair. OK and finally cash. What about donating cash to charities. You know I was talking to the head of that Galveston food banks. On Monday as he asserted being surrounded by water and we're talking a little bit about the topic has said what is it that you need and obviously. I know what I need account donations he said meg and can make three meals out of every one dollar that is donated he's got to check and it's been extremely efficient most owners it's a really good that they're getting. A good return on their ethnic you know they get ten dollars and they. They're they're yes serving thirty in the other and I think most people feel pretty good about that. Let's mode did not nonprofit organizations. Let them a certain level flexibility. They're the experts doesn't want to McGrath and they can make decisions about where to put resources where they're needed. The problem with donating and trying things clothing and and other items in that. Eight they need to be transported to write and logistics can be complicated with a major catastrophic event like this you know we know what the planes are talks can get into the area. And then some groups to end up with stacks of clothing for example and they had nowhere to put it so most nonprofits would really appreciate it is donors we get cash. Current that is Megan O'Neal news editor with the chronicle. Of philanthropy.