How Does The Catholic Church Move Forward After Multiple Sexual Abuse Allegations and What Age Should A Person Stop Driving 3/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, March 13th

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News radio 930 WBA. And I thought that's fun to be million delusional campaign. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that as it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with the today and I would doubt that David it's the hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 WB. Welcome to buy hourly and. But levee I am but hourly list again. And but you know what were I'm actually we're really blessed because he's going to be back soon and healthy and happy and all the good things you expect. From buy hourly and Olivia. And that is all we can ask for you know. This rough year for mr. Bauer and you know thoughts and prayers and all of your thoughts and prayers for. You know his recovery and buy and we we're not saying that. This is the worst thing in the world it's certainly not the best thing in the world. But we are appreciative of all your support and not pounded back and he'll be great and I'm sure he'll have something. Something few two did you hear. Little bit about reliever there. There's is Alan okay traffic's on the gonna happen we don't know we'll check it sorry about that if if your ears. Minded my ears just are are bleeding. Get your a couple of stories on WBA dot com were on a couple of things that happened today really. Just awkward tragic said. Nothing remotely. I just there's nothing good about this Catholic Church buffalo diocese. Story at all. You've got you know a law firm that's going out there. And and basically put in a timeline as to where these priests were an view were you know living in a parish. And something happened to you if you didn't know the name of you know thirteen of these priests who may have done something. Inappropriate predator behavior. You know. Contact this law for now so you might think you know this is this is just a law firm trolling for Klein's you know what you're free to think. But this is also an absolutely. Ridiculous. 100%. Avoidable. Horrible. Crime that is affected the most innocent. And absolutely no excuse there's no excuses for this whatsoever and I wanna give credit to the church for doing probably what they should've done twenty years ago. But there's no winning here because. You're you're you're taking accountability for the actions of people that were representing. The church. You have to of course. Show repentance. And apologize. And and comfort the victims. And you of course have to deal with the you know this is the guy. We when you hear something you've gone wrong and you make a public statement that you apologize for something you're gonna get beat up. And I think that when you look at rightfully beat up. I think when you look at people donating money to Catholic Charities donating money to other things is this going to affect the way that you see the church going forward. Honestly this is the most responsible thing to church could possibly do. You know this was this is not what you saw other popes other cardinals other bishops doing the past. Is taking. A horrible situation and addressing that same look. The this is the we are we are doing what we can't avoid this from happening in the future. But they are people that have that are suffering of people that have been victimized. And they need to to lie I have closure. They need to know that this isn't gonna happen to another boy another girl. And these individuals and WB and account would put up on FaceBook there's a map that looks a shotgun pattern. This all over the region and these people if you look at where they went. You know maybe if there's one thing to take away maybe the Catholic Church needs to homestead. You know their parishioners. In one area so that you know there's not the at least the appearance that were moving people from town to town. You know they've done something naked in the sixties and seventies inmate in hades before the Internet you can high you could run to another account go to another state. And you know it would take awhile for the reputation or for these allegations to catch up to you hopefully. You know with the Internet with with cash conversations and I think it has huge stigma about it's people like to talk about it. Why would you wanna remember a horrible thing that is affected your life when you were kid. And now your in your thirties and forties and you're supposed to go out there and and you know yeah I'd love to revisit this. I mean I understand lawsuits money people get involved are they legitimate are they listened to come forward. And talk about what happened to you all those years ago. Aide it cannot be an easy thing. And I don't know what else you can do to get the word out we found that the the people that have been accused of this. We have other people who have come forward saying this has happened to them if you were in this area in 1989. And you were in contact if something happened to you. This might be the priest you get it. You know. You know give us a call and we'll get to the bottom of it and and trying to help and give you some sort of closure it's horrible horrible story but I give. I had respect. With the church is trying to do I don't respect. The fact that they buried it for so long I don't respect how other bishops other cardinals and other polyps quite frankly have handled this issue. But I do respect what these guys are doing now this is what leadership's about this is what. You know when I went amiss with something has happened you own it. You come forward you show contrition you show repentance. And you work to make sure that it never happens again I don't think we can possibly. So that Catholic Church story is on WPI dot com we all have. Are really got a weird story here and be talking about you know the meat to move in everything that's going on in the world. A couple things that kind of tidy gathered dirge burger durst burger. This guy he's. He's former Erie county and he is working in the office there was a a complaint that was made. He was the eerie county social services commissioner Al der schober accused of rape. Rape capital are lower case. This is rape were in the meat to society it's one thing to sexually harass someone is nothing to put someone in a bad position he's accused of rape. Are right. The Erie county social service commissioner there was a report that's out it's on WB dot com we put up on FaceBook. That basically says this is the claim Jane doe the person who was the victim in this who is alleging that that Al durst burger raped her. Five old it did in December. And basically durst Berger was this Jane doe supervisor. And they were attending the conference at Albany where the claim was made the alleged assault occurred the alleged rape occurred. And it was something that. Had been done more than one time allegedly. By Alger should burger so what is it Erie county know that dirge burger may have been a Jewish burger. How when did Poland cars find out about this story what did his office his staff you know. It was he focused on plastic bags when. He had commissioners that were running around being alleged of rape. I mean certain angle that we live in would you make an allegation that one of your subordinates are one of York people are. Tacking. EP and folks under I mean usually there's accountability for you would think if this happened let's just put it this way. The days Chris Collins has a person in his office. Accused of rape the Buffalo News is gonna run out of ink that day they won't be enough paper to cover that story. You give me he had gave DPH Rowe rape allegation of one of his staff members will have. A million. People that haven't shaved her legs in six months show up into a rally outside of this a big deal which is able. To me this is the exact same thing we're talking about Catholic priest. You're talking about some abusing their authority someone who was being alleged of doing unthinkable acts to subordinates. And we now have everything why should come forward why did you press charges Jane doe did everything. Everyone is asked to do that is victimized. By predators. This Jane doe has done it filed more enforcement all involved. Now dirge Berger were fighting not in this report that you're Erie county knew about it. So where it went in when they know what what what they do so when did they find out. What how we prevent this from happening in the future. You know I'd say it all it all comes down to accountability in leadership. Like to know was that. Real quick so an interesting thing that that I. I'd like to spend a good amount of time talking but today there is a a reports out of trip net dot org. Trip that is the national transportation research group. Trip that is talking about old people driving older Americans and the demographics of accidents and fatalities related to older people turns up at New York leads. Is amongst the leader in in the in the country with older fatalities dying. In a car accident older people driving. They're vehicles that are dying behind the wheel or involved in accidents where there is a fatality now with. What is the age we've talked about this a great deal by our leads have always talking about you know you wish you the story of someone who gets the wrong gas pedal to go backwards and forwards are going to vote. A store window they drive into a taco stand who knows black. At some point you have day in the audience it'll 30930 start and 3180616. WB and have overtaken the keys. Of you know of a loved one they're their cards and listen dad grandpa. I love you grandma grandpa listen this is working out you're a little too old to be driving period he can't do it. Your your you know it's seven need to cut off do we have to get involved and tell people. On the tune idea especially. Do we have to tell people you know please don't come to a complete stop when emerging. That doesn't need to have you don't have to look both ways with your merging onto through it. But. You have to is there an age do you think that you would feel comfortable there was an age limit where. People get to a certain age and you can't drive anymore I mean luck. On paper that sounds great doesn't it everyone under the age of seventy. Under the age of eighty whatever arbitrary age is but unfortunately. We're getting older as the population. We art medicine it is advancing all of these things were talking about gene therapy it. You know resurgent to stem cells all these things that are happening. That are trying to we believe scientists believe. That each person living today can live to a 120 years the first generation is actually alive on this earth. That will live to be a 120 that that there is the ability for that to happen and make that a reality. With a modern medicine so how do you arbitrarily say that eighty years old. If the age that nobody should be drug and what about the eighty year old who can drive really well what if you're like Hillary Clinton and you can't walk downstairs. Would you put Hillary Clinton behind you know she's got. Extremely old she's having a hard time finding a way around you look at maybe your grandfather's in his ninety's your father's in his ninety's. And even now. Here's a little slower that he was of course he's not he but. He's still sharp he still has his his brain he still can assess distances it has good eyesight and all these wanna you don't mean. Who are we to tell an American day. You're because ever what else is eighty and 95% of the population. Do you then or GG test people. You hearing test him a site test do you make it more difficult for an older person to maintain their license if they're showing. You know faculties that are that are eroding. And I think that's a that's a fascinating topic what is the proper. You know. What is the the proper age to tell someone and ups and up 46 million Americans by the way are 65 years or older. Which means that Matlock has 46 million viewers I don't know if 15% of the total population. Is over the age of 65 years of age by the year 2060. The number of Americans that are 65 and older are projected to be double that. 98. Million Americans by the year 26 he will be over 65. And the total population over 65 will rise to twenty a quarter of the American population by 2860. Will be over the age of 65 now I would like to just one things that that this trip net doesn't prognosticate. Is how many illegals will be citizens by that time. You know you never know that could be an extra fifty million Americans buy them. As the population stands today 2060 accord populations can be over the age of 65 which means people are going to live longer you can't just arbitrarily. Given number. And treat everyone the same because everyone's circumstances are different. So where does this go is this why New York State why do we actually fatalities involving older people. You know the dad that's a mystery to me. What about New York State. You know obviously California there's a lot of drivers. Do we just have and you figure that the old people I mean if you go by the the cliche of old western New Yorkers were they go they don't normally stay around here you got a lot of snow birds got a lot of people move. You know especially our pensions you gotta spend that in attacks in a better tax free area. Florida South Carolina North Carolina Texas and Georgia. Go to where it's warmer we're have a conversation with the assemblyman David DiPietro on this program talking about the Joseph per cocoa. We get three a guilty. Found guilty on three counts. Some serious stuff but it definitely. According to people that I've been talking to all day all is going crazy and it's not the normal crazy in Albany. Normally it gave the EPA true shows up as an assembly man he's a right to you know right of center Republican conservative he is normally just gonna you know. Ever went against Cuomo because he's a Republican. We're seeing Democrats and Republicans turning against. Andrew Cuomo we got Cynthia Nixon who was a former cast member in the show sex in the city she is now running against. Andrew Cuomo we got other Democrats that are trying to. You know again. Take a swing at the governor in the state of new York and that's the governor has aspirations of one they'd be. Been the president that states if you can believe that. So that's all there is well a lot to talk about we're going to pieces. First talked about what happened odd today nationally in the United States president Donald Trump. At winged his secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Other reported that Rex Tillerson was fired OK a couple issues with this entire story and first the ball. It hit Grand Theft Auto would revoke Hillary Clinton's driver's license there we go well that is a text or. I what is is not 2763. If you wrote that text you get a star. You are our top the first segment and already. You scored point one and a little better Rex Tillerson has been a tremendous amount of time out of because. Don't think it's out of the two story in the sense that anyone is connected to what's happening in Washington DC I'm talking you know. Radio sometimes they're condescending is it because you have a microphone you better you know what's going on the world better than a person wasn't too. The people in this audience every day they're ready emails and text messages they follow everything that's going on. I can point to at least seventy people Iowa FaceBook page. That were predicting that Rex Tillerson was no longer going to be the secretary of state. There's also an economic reason why Tillerson wasn't going to be the secretary of state. There was a period of time that he had to wait for money that was invested in the funds while he was CEO. Of ExxonMobil that he couldn't get to and and couldn't basically touch he has a window of opportunity to get that money back. And people saw him doing. You know essentially two years as secretary of state. To get those funds the other thing was that you remembered the left response when when Donald Trump about the way I was. Those guys if you if you go back to that audio when he announced Rex Tillerson was gonna be secretary of state I was not a big fan of what you look at to they the CIA director ma Mike Pompeo. This is a guy who has for literally five months if you go back to December and November a 2017. You'll see the CIA director doing Meet the Press Fox News all these different media outlets. And he's talking about things like climate change and the situation in the Balkans he's talked about diplomatic efforts in Israel and the Middle East. That's got to CIA director talks about Mike Pompeo was auditioning for the secretary of state is the worst kept secret in the world now the big shock here was that. Tom cotton in Arkansas didn't take over the CIA they actually went went inside the CIA they took one of the higher. You know what rank individuals that's been around since 9/11 to run the CIA. But we avenue secretary of state and every wanna DC sought Tillerson leave it was a lot of times as well and when he was gonna leave. The idea that he was fired somehow connected to Russia because Tillerson mentioned Russia was behind the deaths in the UK. Really an extrapolation. We'll get into that so we got Catholic priests were talking a little bit about Joseph support cocoa. We're talking a little bit about this during rush burger in Erie county. Whose alleged rapists. And what. Our leadership in Erie county new and why they allowed this to happen if they could have done something about it. And I will of course get into a little bit and also driving older people driving him you could take the keys away from someone. Because they were too old to drive. Yeah. Hourly and now Vietnam is off today. And now we're gonna get right into it here Rex Tillerson and the media say Rex Tillerson was fired. I don't really know what again I'm not in the inner workings of which have the White House. I'm gonna tell you gonna happen every time if you are approach rappers Jay down for a here's what did you got with Donald Trump. First of all Donald Trump doesn't care about what you think about Donald Trump as number one. It's very difficult for people who want to understand that. There's things cult like good timing. There's things that are hey this is probably the proper time to fire someone or the proper weight of players someone. Donald Trump does not care about those things Donald Trump will age you made a statement that said. Believe it Donald Trump looks fatten those pants and the next thing you're fired. Everyone will say that you got fired for saying Donald Trump was that the pants the reality is ultra doesn't here. Second thing every one was. Speculating. We could play you seven hours of hourly envelop the word Tom are both said. One is Rex Tillerson getting out. There was a fight shall reason for him to get out there was other things he's got going on in his life and let's be honest. What liberal ever said when Rex Tillerson became secretary of state. Ever said. That's a great choice the CEO of ExxonMobil. That's the that's the Pope. Is precisely the person we want to be involved. In negotiations. Diplomatic relations they are acting as if this guy is is Kissinger. Running around like this guy is somehow connected. The greatest mind in the diplomatic world. He was an oiled I could happen and evil big oil and just another one of those inside. Now what happens he had the disagreement would Donald Trump and now he's the greatest thing in the world. Why is Donald Trump hemorrhaging on all these different secretaries. Does that matter. Nobody seems to think so when it comes to jobs. Here's a sign that you know how the world is going right now. And it stopped covering. Job growth they know have a metric of these things like this every new job number on the website they stop doing it. Judge things were looking to go so I'll Mike Pompeo is running the the secretary of this that John Bolton guy. There's a lot of you know folks like if you're conservative you probably see the world more like Mike Pompeo. But then again two oceans a pretty conservative guy to. What the reality that the people on the left don't seem to understand yet about president Donald Trump is he really is his own communications secretary. And honestly he doesn't really need a separate heat doesn't believe. But he needs a secretary of state. And if you think that you are needed in the truck administration. Donald Trump we'll tell you. Not so much I got elected he'd been. He's almost the anti. Obama certainly the anti bush Obama all these other guys. Modern presidents. You know we're gonna do despite key theme Donald Trump doesn't think you need to K so guess what if you step up and be that guy. Hey. You're not needed you're not wanted so I don't. I don't think this is idea. A big deal at all on the it's a big story that I am fascinated about is why New York State has so many actions white leads the nation. Are amongst the top. Enough people over the age of 65 been involved in fatal accidents and if you have ever had. Old people that you've had to take the car keys away from. And what we do about all the people behind the wheel it's one thing and tailgate. It's what they drive to slow. It's nothing like. You know but they're driving through red lights or accelerating into eight cap you know cafe. That's always hard to explain how you you know a car and open a restaurant. And yeah you expected toward opening and how odd part of being shouted and no date they place an order for lemon meringue pie. Like nothing happened while you might not be in the best state of mind to be driving but do we can we say that blanketed about every old person. Can we say that everyone is 652. Young. I mean if we're looking at people aging the way that we expect hopefully that they can grow old in their ninety's and you know maybe a 120 years old. As some sites is believe. You can't you 65 and over. It might have to be 85 and older in twenty years. Other numbers are licensed drivers in the United States increased by 9%. From 2006. To 2016. And that could have to do with legal immigrants get elections as well but. 202. Point eight million to 221 point seven million Americans. The number of licensed drivers. Less than 65. Increased by 4% from 2006 to 2016. Which basically means that older people. Are on the roads more and more the number of licensed drivers were 65 and older increased by 16%. From 2012 the 2016. Baby boomers. Are getting older and they're driving. And is this a bad thing is it's a good thing. Well but it's shocking New York stands amongst the top in the United States where we're having more old people involved in fatal accident. It it I don't know maybe you can explain that they don't three. 0930 start on 3180616. WB and you also Texas at threes and I 30 California Florida Texas and New York Pennsylvania lead the nation. In a number of licensed drivers over 65 and older. Boy when it comes to. Will be that we about 2.4. Million. Drivers in New York State that are 65 and all the way when you're you're all these licensed drivers. That implies that the only people that have photo IDR licensed drivers. Democrats were always like. Nobody has license. Of course you can voter ID. You know which implies that if you don't drive a car you also don't cash your check you also know why alcohol you also don't buy cigarettes how is it person in the United States. Buying anything that you eagle eye before they don't have a driver's license of course. People have ID. It's absurd to say you can't open a bank account look. If you're telling me that you have no ID you can't open a bank account and you can't buy cigarettes or alcohol because you don't have an ID. You should vote I don't want your voice it doesn't mean anything to me. Seriously what are you gonna vote of our taxes you don't have a bank account nobody knows that you walk. You should never right to vote. Everyone else get an idea and show would you vote evidently we have hundreds of millions of people with photo IDs especially driver's licenses. Fatal crashes here's how it breaks down in New York State. There are 220. Fatalities involving at least one driver. That is 65. And over 222. Now fla it's 682. And most of that occurs right outside of Epcot Center I believe right outside. May be animal kingdom. Maybe animal kingdom we have to look into that but 222. Fatalities in new York state of people over the age of 65. And then you get into the chart. Of the greatest increase between 20122016. It fatalities in crashes involving 65 and older. And Dodd there we are right back in the thick of things we are getting older and more. The older people are driving New York the more they're involved in fatalities that means one of the two drivers it doesn't necessarily mean. The 65 year old was at fault. But they're dying in a car crash so the point gains. They're involved in a car crash that has it fatality that's other they're studying these they're these statistics up. What you extrapolate from that I now have your read it to the keys away from an old person what you think the proper ages. To take the keys away. And what do if we we are going to laden. If we are going to grow older. We use 65 is arbitrary number Denny's is gonna have to sit down and be like hey. We're gonna give these eggs and toast away for 299 will have to raise that limit to like ninety. You know it you know that if that obamacare ever comes back people are living in their homes to the 42 on their parents' insurance everything it increased by twenty years. Let's go to phones. Take your calls 8030 and I thirty start I 310616. WB yen. And attacks at 3030. We. You La show and said that's nonsense of two living 220 even if you did your quality of life would be horrible. You know what I'm just tell you what that what this with the stats are eve aged but if you say. I mean what did you quality of life there are people that are 100 almost personal world a 115116. Whatever it is so most people are like you know. Just breathing through their mile and you know okay copying and wishing forget this other folks that like that the last woman who died that was. It was it was so unlike their big that he bake it all they do shots of whiskey and like they're they look like they had a great quality life. Actually was thinking about fronting them on FaceBook does it seem like they have a better life and Jack and altering your Bauerle and they'll be a go ahead Jake. I had like a reward your cap space David. I did tell you what I do abdicate my step kids are away. He wins Indy experience at an assisted living. And I was has dragged my indeed still at a house. In this net but he wanted to go back to back out. Like he was starting in and dementia. And I just didn't think it was a good idea. The problem lies I was and is legal guardian he didn't have these people guard. And he could do what he wanted in the whole robberies didn't he figured out that you didn't have to staying here. And the only thing I didn't I made him give. In writing. A thirty day notice to nursing home but he guardian. Assisted living facility you region. And he's scrawled out something. In the thirty days I sold his car before he got out of there I didn't have. Guardianship but I get a power retreat from my uncle. An attorney pushed it through real fast. What do what do you think they'll what was was it difficult to do I mean did was he hurt by that. You were surprised but you know what he got over pretty quick. Is that there that it is he had he had like three parking lot accidents. Yes there are six months. Jamming I think he did the right thing. And you know what he be overall it runs every one of them he hit a car and just roll away. And they got his number and keys at. That's that's got to be a tough situation to be especially when you know you don't you know your stepfather is not capable of he's not intentionally trying to hurt people and escape responsibility. That the guy just is is you know having difficulties of this faculties. Yeah that's tough that's tough to deal with Jay you did the right thing I'm sure it was tough and I appreciate your phone call this a stick man. To be able to what to to throw that out there is got to be to pay. We're gonna take a break old gonna get your calls it a 30930 we're talking about accidents and old people got some stats out by trip net dot org it's as old people. Are involved in more fatalities and you are up there. Thank you very much for Canada appreciate that wanna think Sean Murphy and Alan also for all the work they do. Allen is out check in traffic or talk about traffic in a way. I mean when you think about old people driving you don't necessarily automatically equate that with fatal accidents even though trip net. Is that bad he did trimmed they got a viable people and their families Jillian. Wrote a hit piece on anyone over 65 if you had discounted Denny's were coming after your car keys. You know but but it was my grandfather when he was driving into his late eighties. Remember a huge taking they always get a deal like rotate his tires and changes tires and you put like twenty miles on Itar. And you do oil changes in the tire rotations and how is relatively calm and you know take the car keys away it's time. But hey he qualified to use the NASCAR with us. The champion some people drive faster and older that's more dangerous but do we have to take car keys what have you done this yourself. And I got to say Jake the right thing. And he's kind of a sweet guy the way he handled it was things like luck help automate this complicated dramatic let's do it quick. Because you know you're getting involved in fender benders the parking lot we got to look out for for other people through. I can on a cell phone Europe hourly envelop the what's on your mind. They can. You're the cargo that body. Our. Oh. See that's that's the problem is you can't bluntly make a statement that every and especially when you at the same time. The statistics here are safe and well a quarter of our population is gonna be over the age of 65. In 2060. So if you arbitrarily say that. You should not have a license at a certain age what happens when medicine brings us back to build the new 65 is 85 and 26. Not only that I can have that problem. With young kids who weren't Robert Wright but he in no picnic and respect you know that there reached that spot in my nobody ever. Are right now catch. You know are actually. A greedy might not because here with the other thing that I thought was very interesting when you talk about these numbers that they're quote the edge of dot net can. There also during the advent of the cell phone and they're also during people texting driving and this other stuff up so just because a 65 year old involved in an accident doesn't mean the 65 year old was the cause of the accident. Sixty year old people died before the now. You know they bring the sun out. And the trend that they want to do. It's it's tender berries right now but you can't just. Arbitrarily low I don't think February hers. I do you know why they want to let Jazeera what is something else 65 and older people do a lot they vote. Oh hi. That's another good point kid all those licenses the people are buying that money is gone right to the government they love it. I know it's there Tibet you know I don't know all I hear your mowers oh I sold that. Because I took a right Wednesday with a reporter from Iowa girl almost killed retreat. And I got up next where she was trying payroll. Worth their salt and pat down or shoulder trainer Larry recruits and don't need a bigger problem out there of and old people. Okay an actual point agenda out up a journalist you wanna stay on to the break I got to do quick add but. Yeah I. I kinda got to tell you that those are the thing that was the counterpoint that I was right down. Which is how who's to say the. The sixty just because they're involved in the accident look the population's getting older it's not hard to find someone over 65 years of age. They may be a driver Ricardo fatal accident. But was that person dropping peppers and texting and driving here's what we do know texting and driving is a real problem and it's causing more fatalities in the lives so. You know that might be asked Rick for the next poll or the next a study that's done by trip dot net.