Holocaust Remembrance 930in716 April 12, 2018

Thursday, April 12th

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It's 930. In 716. A holocaust remembrance. On the podcast. For the purpose of holocaust Memorial Day. Is to ensure that the horrendous crimes against humanity. Committed during the Holocaust or never forgotten. And that its relevance for each new generation is understood. I'm Tim winter on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy. Erie county executive mark Poland cars buffalo mayor Byron brown coming together along with members of the Jewish federation of greater buffalo. And leaders of the Jewish community. Thursday participating in the candle lighting ceremony commemorating holocaust Memorial Day. Six candles lit each one representing a million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The county executive and the mayor also issuing a joint proclamation. Declaring April 12 to the eighteenth. As the days of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust in buffalo and Erie county. Please listen. Good morning. My name is Peter winery but I am the president of the Holocaust resource center of buffalo. We meet again remember world lost. It to honor the memory of the six million persons of the Jewish faith were murdered in the Holocaust. Most murderous period of history began in 1933. With government sponsored discrimination. Against those the government considered less than human. Voices of justice freedom and humanity we're silent. When the target slaughter of Jews and five million others including polls. People with disabilities. Gypsies. Homosexuals. Jehovah's Witnesses. Soviet prisoners of war and political dissidents was over. Those who survived the killing camps told the told us the last words of many who walked to their deaths were remember us remember us. And so the purpose of holocaust Memorial Day is to ensure that the horrendous crimes against humanity. Committed during the Holocaust never forgotten. And that its relevance for each new generation is understood. Today marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Warsaw ghetto uprising. Corresponding to the 27 day of the sign in the Jewish calendar. Which began when the German troops and police entered the ghetto to deport if surviving inhabitants. Yep raising lasted 34 days. This is remembered as a time of resilience. Of honoring those who literally stood up and tried to stop evil. We are honored to be joined today by buffalo mayor Byron Brown. County executive mark on cars. Thank you both for being with us we do we will be lighting six candles each one signifying. A million Jews who were murdered. Additionally mayor brown and county executive pulling cars would issue a joint proclamation. Declaring Sunday April 8 through Sunday April 15. In the buffalo and Erie county as the days of remembrance of the victims of the Nazi holocaust. In honoring those who courageously stood up to evil. Remembrance obligates us to focus not only a memorializing. Those who were killed. But also on reflecting what could've been done to save them and our responsibility to prevent further atrocities. From ever taking place. We are obligated to remember painful though it is that the hatred that bred the Holocaust still exists. Is for that reason that we recognize. That the Holocaust is not just a Jewish tragedy. It is fundamentally in human tragedy. One of its most terrifying lessons. Is that this kind of terror and inhumanity. Can too easily occur. The fact that human beings have experienced Cambodia. Bosnia. Where Wanda. Syria are four and now Burma. Tells us that are responsibly for one another is not being fully met. And today things to holocaust resource center board member. Mary Lou why rollback we have joining us this two students from Burma. One student from south Sudan. And one student from or want to. At the 21 century unfolds we must do what we can to prevent the Holocaust from becoming a distant memory. This past year we've seen the highest rate of anti semitism. Since 1994. There's a 10% rise in hate crimes since 2014. Committed in the United States. With African American. Jews and Muslims targeted in many of these incidents. Since we last met a year ago we have witnessed Charlottesville. And locally when Jameer in Amherst. Or anti Semitic and racist vandalism was found on school playgrounds. We also have witnessed community members from all backgrounds. Coming together and to say never again. We need to be vigilant and there are many local initiatives. Led by our mayor ever county executive. And other groups that are working to build bridges and strengthen our communities. We've also seen the Buffalo News project. The survivors. Highlighting images and stories of 32 local holocaust survivors. In order to turn never again into reality. There must be continued efforts around the world to build a permanent anti genocide constituency. That will hold all government governments accountable for acts of genocide. Remembrance however is the first step. Now the mayor county executive will present a proclamation. And make a few comments on the observance of human show thank you Peter thank you. All for joining us here today. As. We all know annually. We have the ceremony. We've rotated between. In that building and City Hall because this is such an important ceremony that we need to let the entire community know that not only do we stand. To remember the days of the Holocaust and credible poll. Fortunately had on the entire world but what we need to do still today. Prevent unfortunate acts that not only occur crumbled across the world but as we saw just recently you know community. The anti semitism. We're flavoring it's had an Orchard Park and threats being made against Jewish communities all across the nation we wondered here that we as a community will stand up and saying never again and you know. So we are here with the mayor of course you provide an executive proclamation. In regards to this and you'll start off. Don't mind. In about four Connie very executive chamber proclamation where's the Holocaust with the state sponsors systemic persecution in violation of European jury by Nancy. Nazi Germany. It's collaborators between 1933 in 19456. Million were murdered. Roma Gypsies people with disabilities and polls were also targeted for destruction or. Decimation for racial ethnic or national reasons. And millions more including homosexual Jehovah witnesses Soviet prisoners of war and political dissidents also suffered grievous oppression and death under Nazi tyranny. A total of five million additional people murdered. And where's the history of the Holocaust. Offers an opportunity to reflect. On the moral responsibility. Of individuals. Societies. And governments. And whereas we the people. Of the city of buffalo. And the counting of theory should always remember the terrible events of the Holocaust. And remain vigilant against hatred. Persecution. And turn it. Whereas we the people will be a awful accounting theory should actively rededicate ourselves to the principles of individual freedom. Any just society. And whereas the days of remembrance. Have been set aside for the people of the city of buffalo. And the county of theory to remember the victims of the Holocaust. As well as to reflect on the need to respect. Reflect on the need for respect of all people. Whereas pursuant to an act of congress public law 96388. October 7 1980. United states holocaust memorial council has designated the days of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust beach Sunday April 8 through Sunday April 15 2018. Now therefore we. Byron W brown mayor of the city of buffalo. Marks people there is there any that do hereby proclaim the period of Sunday April 8 through Sunday April 15. As. Days of remembrance of the victims of the Nazi holocaust and in honor of the survivors as wells the rescuers and liberators. Further proclaim that we as citizens of the city of buffalo on new theory should work to promote human dignity. Comment hey wherever and whenever for the first. There it. Was the county executive says we are honored every year. To alternate the ceremony between. Erie county hall in buffalo City Hall. This is one of the darkest chapters in world history. And it's important that we never forget but it's also. Important to recognize. Those courageous individuals at that time who stood against take. And that is important. To reinforce now in present times that all of us must stand against any form of bias bigotry. Anti semitism. That there are still places around the world where genocide. Is occurring so this is an important. Our ceremony it's an important observance. Are for the people of buffalo and people of Erie county. As mayor of the city of buffalo I'm always honored to be able to participate. In this very important so. Thank you mayor and I was. So quickly thank the members of Buffalo's Jewish federation book from which these. There organizations. Including all those who participated today for being here holocaust resource correct. For your steadfast commitment to ensuring that we do not forget as a region and staying. Terrific country. These incidents of the past which unfortunately it doesn't take a whole lot for the future to rear its ugly again. We've unfortunately seen a lot thank everyone for participating in guarantee that we will both be here in the future which ones mean. This concludes there ceremony. Think your mayor Brown County executive pulling cars. And thanks to all of you for joining us today. Please join us on Sunday April 15 at 10:30 AM and temple that's attic. 621 gets the road in Amherst for community over a short commemoration. Thank you and we remember back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.