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WBEN Entertainment Beat Reporter Joe Beamer chats with Jason Nathanson about N'SYNC being added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame


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And staff this morning is. For a team guy. The final outlet westerners fast and fences decks railings and porches be welcome in entertainment reporter Jason Nathanson Jason thanks for joining us we're talking about says star. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For and sink in that Jason you know budgets are tight now across radio but somewhere we found dead the extra change for our very own. Boy band beat reporter joins us every morning or Joseph beamer and she always really excited about this he's got all the questions for. So Jason walk of fame wins this happening and does they are the second boy band to get us our right. This is that happening inning April 30. He got a little over a month to make a couple plan to get out here then that's going to be pretty crazy and usually they don't they announced he's about Andy's out. Something like that may be a week or so they give him a lot more time because they said in the press release. They think fans are gonna meet the time so they can start making plans to see that they expect this is going to be a huge thing. Now as for the number of boy bands Backstreet Boys at the start boys to men at the start new kids. And new addition. I don't know some people don't consider new addition of new kids our new addition and voice command boy bands but. If you want a lump them and others for our. And this will be the first time in sync spend together. Tell us since the MTV show where Justin Timberlake got the lifetime achievement award. Yeah I believe that's the case a lot of people are wondering if it's at the Super Bowl Justin Timberlake would bring them out Lotta speculation on that he ultimately did not. So this is going to be that reunion you know these guys get together sometimes they talk about the good old days and it inspires them to do some stuff now this will be the twentieth anniversary of that are the release of their debut single I want you act. So there will be a lot of the solid. You know it happened Kimberly really when it comes to any kind of reunion and that's probably. Jason Arrojo beamer is a big advocate for The Backstreet Boys is being batter Dan and sink where do you stand on this hot topic. Then that there is an interesting debate. As a reporter I have to remain impartial on this one. And Hank and I IC re going IE I had I differ with Joseph here but had a lot because Justin Timberlake is such a mega star. He still selling out Arenas. Whereas The Backstreet Boys are forced to be in Vegas every night. Well and put The Backstreet Boys are together and buying so you know that I mean is time. It's really such a tough call I just you know I can't it can't pick a favorite. Jason is it a bit they're getting together they'll talk about the good old times I know just JT is on tour right now. Talking about the good old times could labor union to work the and the work. You and now because Justin Timberlake really I mean it's it's all about him unity needed. His stars just eclipsed all the other so you know I don't think it's gonna happen. But you know fans can dream maybe they can get together for a single but a full blown war I I really don't see that happening. And there's been talked about Britney and N sync getting together maybe one more time. I you know and that's not possible war and we don't now usually when they announced the start they announce who the featured guests. Speaker or speakers will be left that place here. I'm so we have a lot of speculation that Britney Spears might show up she might be one of the ones speaking at a lot of well. Hey I told you we had a good boy Bambi reported its Jason Nathanson joining us talking about instinct getting together for the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame nine Joseph I have something for you Ben Knight you asked about reunion tour may be in sync. We'll just Catholics going on tour. He said in buffalo. I think he might still be looking for road games so if and sync it back together they help him carry the equipment from town to town. Maybe he can invite him on stage for like 01 or two. I thought. That's a thoughts aren't Joseph beamer Jason Nathanson bring you the latest our boy band beat you know WB here we'll start talking this morning here on WB and everything and more that you wanted to know about and saying.