Holiday Bustle In Evidence - Wegmans Consumer Affairs Manager Michele Mehaffy


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Michelle McAfee is with a wedge means joining us now on what could be if fiasco Lotta people they say it definitely is the busiest day. Of the year for supermarkets Michelle which you agree with that. I would definitely victory does nothing by how it is an art Stewart got very busy today. And we'll be throughout the day. Is today the day for the dumb husband to be wandering around with a list from his wife. If it is very well see. And I definitely I think that many people although I think. Many people do have that list that matters they're pretty determined that the pre bound to get where they need to go to the start. Now I. Do you have to be extra staff it's on a day like today Leo what preparations going behind the scenes at the supermarket because it's not just. Shoppers dodging each other out in the parking lot in in the stores. We definitely we prepare. Really we're we're preparing for days like they're on month in advance where we're. We're not only thinking about. Actually stepping in terms of the story but I'm all of that energy that people are looking for Kyle or tomorrow morning I'm. Felt like people will get heater so old I beat beat got a lot of people behind the scenes already preparing her for that so yeah we're we're we're ready. Talk about the trend there and do more people buy it rather than cook their own. It really is a mixture you know we've got the people who. You know part of part of Thanksgiving just making them you know I can't real courage. Everybody. Scattered around the kitchen and and and it it just adding those but hope cook yield that they're that they've been used to for somebody. Somebody generation but that there are those who say you know what I wanna spend more time but I can't later today and I'm I have the expert that army. Are there items you can point to in the store that seems to fly off the shelf. At the last minute and think you may be pre made higher something like that that everybody seems to wait. Until the very last minute to buy. Yeah definitely a pipe are one quote quality that people want to get you wanna get fresher role. So though well I'll probably be busy tomorrow what other Turkey of course you know there are people who the very last minute whether Turkey and obviously I cannot I got Turkey. So you're buying a fresh Turkey. Bill was people people are coming up for Turkey today you know green being blocked potatoes. Think like that it was traditional. Items that you would make on Thanksgiving. If if you don't have the answer this I'll give you a pass because it might involve some research but. What's your best selling pies this pumpkin probably still it. I would say it on on Thanksgiving it would be confident GAAP. Elderly apple apple is up there. Apple's up that's volunteer. Always tomorrow and apple pies I am myself. For those who don't like to make their own meal. Do you find that your clocking a lot of Turkey there did you have may be a number of how much like humans goes through way in their pre made food a section. And I couldn't get of the top I had but yet being you have a lot of lot the traditional. Turkey dinners. That are pre order on an though both will be. So we'll be going up tomorrow quick. With those with a big orders are below Ehrlich about. Ten to twelve people. So if you're if you're not. Sure about making your own Turkey aired. Yet but I think that you pay you're. You've done and and you want the experts in Europe where you do have a lot of people who are. Our who are just that and having metric in the fourth round. All right so for the people who needs to head out today pick up those last minute items for tomorrow what's the game plan than any tips for those people I'm guessing have a plan has to be number one. At I can bet that they're back at about and fights really to make sure you have that list. You know where you're going in the door I merely say you'd be out our our app can tell you. You know depending on which way the story here and our our apple Kelly what I'll that I have it then eat it goes straight Gary looking around the door. At you for help you're just you're just. Do you know where you wanna go up. I really I really say you know when you're running into the door make sure you know what I think you're going 200 daylight says that app is at this critical. Our Michelle my happy with wegmans talking about the busiest day of the year for a lot of supermarkets wegmans included. Hey if you have to go out today and all Carol what time it is on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Good luck.