Hobes' attorney James Auricchio


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You tell us about some of the challenges. Spaced short feelings. That Josh is twenty years old and has had. Some personal challenges in his life in terms of him enough and we don't see this economy. Kids his age in city. Kind of different from them back on that you're. Where he's struggling for survival plus there. You know the things that we might struggle with every day sure we have when I don't know when in her pocket or a cup of coffee and he didn't have money market from time in his life. So that's what he's doing on top of that. There's some documented mental illness is doing it. And applicable as well and when you were. In that position of poverty like he was. You self medication that's used only to lose its and that's complete control and what the in this position here today. But in general just to disenfranchisement. From the establishment. On the economy him. To me that wonderfully in this scenario. And we did. Just trying to get. She'll not this is an example. He had quite a spree of some pretty trees at times there's cars the bishop's residence shares sure what does he said about. Contrition. Well I'm not gonna get into what I mean my client discussed or Clinton I discussed. But I can say that I don't think it was a that's the emissions vehicle of the where. That was a sheriff's deputies vehicle he was aware that he needed were thought that he needed. Do these things to get by. So well we don't know the end result here was that the sheriff's deputies involved and nation was involved. That's not from the justice and he was trying to get notoriety I think victims. One year that's he's here now. I don't think it was a best case scenario but I think that it reflects a I considered sentence given all of the struggles that he's had and what he's going to need to do. After he gets out there. Oh I absolutely that it was apparently it was fair to all parties I think that the people would tell you the same thing I think. We don't have a kid that again selected his victim's advocate that. Was desperate that was struggling with mental illness that was struggling with alcohol abuse. And made some horrible decisions and in the light of day now he acknowledged that. There. The other sentence we'll all be local. Don't serve at all and Alton to be one year yes there's six counselor arrive and leave the respect six. August and yes we'll all be certain. That's correct. Yes there's huge gap between mental competence and mental illness in our system he was confident. However that doesn't mean he wasn't struggling and those. Illness that you are struggling with an available here and I think that's what the judge and the people acknowledged. The piece that was involved other or not is looking forward to sitting down with Josh and talk to Josh about that Josh is open to that. I think that's going to be something that'll be productive and that's. That's pretty cool that at that time were not willing to do that but I think I would expect that from a man like not so. I hope that Josh would take him up on that opportunity to sit down. And have a visit from the father and and discuss things with them. Yeah and Josh is. Josh is looking forward to taking advantage of the situation that's cool to me he really is he's. He's excited to get back out there and try again and he knows now what he needs to do it too. Start that in Japan Italy. I know that Josh is grateful for the opportunity that the judge gave him. I know that he's grateful for that the consideration and the discretion that the judge used here. For that you know the attention that the judge gave this case. Just Josh fully comprehend. That break that he got here probably not but he's twenty years old I don't know many twenty year olds that are gonna really recognize that the radiation. Up. Josh. And I have discussed all of the things that are available to him to be supportive to him he does have family that could be supportive of him but he's got to take his own steps first. But we opened it one of the facilities but this year.