Historic Summit 930in716 June 11, 2018

Monday, June 11th

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It's 930. In 716. History in the making so we're going in with a very positive spirit. I think very well prepared. The trump is done something. There's no other president been able to do 65 years try it they might this is what wide open playing field it's almost an ad hoc type of solar. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. Powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents. Offering affordable living in a country setting the White House says in a statement ahead of president Donald Trump's historic summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Hoon. That the talks with North Korea are moving more quickly than expected. The White House says trump now plans to depart Singapore on Tuesday evening ahead of schedule. Everybody is in place according to Martha Raddatz for. We're going in with a very positive spirit. I think very well prepared. President trump confident leading up to its face to face meeting with Kim Joseph done this a great opportunity for peace. And lasting peace and prosperity feeling positive. Tweeting I look forward to meeting him and have a feeling that this one time opportunity will not be wasted. But still the president preparing for anything tapped it I said it many times who knows who else may not. May not work out. Trump saying his instincts world however if the North Korean dictator is serious about making a deal. How Long Will it take to figure out whether or not this serious I said. Maybe in the first minute I think it won't happen I'm not gonna waste my time I don't wanna waste his time. While the president said he's mastered the argued the deal he is lowering expectations. Just in case. It's at least a dialogue about this you know as a deal person I've done very well would deals. What you wanna do start that now I'd like to accomplish more than that. But I at a minimum I do believe at least we'll have met each other we will have seen each other hopefully we will have like each other. Pushing back at criticism that this meeting will give Kim the legitimacy that he desires they weren't saying you know that they're haters. They say all you giving him I mean you're. Can you break. But warning that this meeting is a one time shot. I feel that Kim John Glenn wants to do something great for his people. And he has that opportunity. Anyone have that opportunity again it's never going to be there again. President trump working on a potential deal with North Korea he is reversing his decision on another. Deciding not to endorse and G-7 communique tariffs are gonna come way down. Because we people cannot continue to do that would like to piggy bank that everybody's robbing. And that ends criticizing Canadian prime minister and US allied Justin true though. Calling him very dishonest and week before abruptly leaving the G-7 summit. I think Kim Byung hung realizes. That it is gonna Everett takes his country forward economically. And to to let the citizens of North Korea. You know be part of in the civilized world he's going to have to give up is in particular weapons. We opened up the live line to Western New York congressman Chris Collins Monday he talked summit with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. It shouldn't be difficult thing for him to do. In in order to you know join the civilized world and all the benefit that would bring it is is people. I mean we figured out how all the credit in the world president trump is done something. There's no other president been able to do 65 year try it they might. And I know to some extent you know those on the left are just beside themselves that this this is moved as rapidly as it has. You know I heard your lead in here to talk about the gut instinct of president trouble that's exactly. What is. Happened the last eighteen months you know whether it's economy or whether it. All of out of them they're very battery and new killer deal or at trans Pacific partnership or the not fair climate accord. I'm sure that our laps when he hurt I'm just beside themselves. Wolf we are moving in another direction of putting America first. And trying to make this a safer world but done properly. I've got you know all of us have you know uncertainties is this can get along can be no. Unpredictable. But. Clearly this is very positive step. Well we don't really know what to expect from Kim Jon and wound but on the other hand we don't really know what to expect from the president you know the president says. He's going to go in there or you don't go with his gut feeling he'll know within the first. Minute her so how the meeting is going to go yet then you have people around him more saying he is. Preparing all day long he's going to be a very meticulous in preparation. You know what are we getting from the president heading into this meeting is Sid so one the other mixture of both. Well I think it's pretty pretty simple frankly they had been beaten popularized the Korean Peninsula. In order to. You know be welcomed back end. You know economically. You know to join the rest of us. Join the rest of the world. And edited doesn't take a lot of preparation to say debt the deal the deal is you get rid of year your nuclear weapons. And it can do so you know we we can assure you that no one's going to be 88 career. To overthrow you now you can join with the rest of us they've already you already talking about signing. A peace accord with South Korea again. Something that we waited 65 years or I don't think it takes a lot of preparation Bryant to simply say yes to get rid of his nuclear weapons. That's where president comes in and within two minutes. Either he is very hasn't I I don't know. You know why people. You know think that this requires all this in depth. Beck and forces that either a yes or no and it's it's a no present trouble we are. And if it is say yes from Kim. Two and to give this up I mean there's have to be verification right I mean where does it go from there. Well of course. You know the kind of rare occasion we did not get under Obama with the M deal. The bad deal where they were already. You know there was a ten year deal that just say it ended and here you kitchen. So that's that's how bad debt deal wasn't just that it very hypocritical for some of those on the left. It signed off on the random killer deal which truly bad deal. Now say well we'll go along with this but here's the here's the preconditions were gonna need when they were non. And he ran particular deal putting that aside what's important today. Is that these talks are going to occur and there's a glimmer of hope here it's all up to Kim young arm but there's a glimmer of hope. I don't wanna get too far ahead of ourselves but let's assume things go well and there is a some process put in place of I. How old Kim Jong-un treats his own people yell understandably it's now on world peace in the nuclear weapons but. At some point you have to deal with that right. Are you doing don't we're not empire builders that the purpose here is the new terrorize the Korean Peninsula that is the focus. You know there there are things we would we would prefer. Whether Saudi Arabia or other countries certainly your ram. In the way that they may treat their people. But you know we who we nation Aryan Nation other nations do things currently we can certainly. You know express our opinion the right now there's only one focus here in that could be no you're right. The Korean Peninsula and it sends a strong message to a ramp that that's what it's all about none of that nonsense that they did. Look he Obama I ran the popular BO it's all or not. Just couple weeks ago Newt Gingrich said he would not believe it until Altman were you know in the same room in the same city at the same today so that it is it was. Just so tentative so it is it actually going to occur I think that. Almost the major achievement in and of itself. It truly does seem historic and it is happening. Political strategist Karl calabrese with Susan and Brian on the magnitude of at all. This is a different kind of summit for a couple of reasons in the past most summit so preceded by. Armed countries secretaries of state and foreign affairs advisors meeting in you know extensively and intensively to negotiated deal. And then they had to stay. Show up at the summit the ceremonies please sign it there has not happened here this is a wide open playing field and it's almost an ad hoc type of summit so that makes it interesting in the the other thing is cut to. Very unpredictable leaders in the same little soul not the things could have been good bad and ugly inmate to be seen which wanna what combination. Results actually comes out of this thing. You know we have some very unpredictable leaders sick Kim Jung and obviously among them you know. How much more word do you think the president's team knows about the North Korean dictator than. All of us because too fussy remains a mystery but going into the summit you'd have to think the president knows that quite a bit about. Oh I I I think we know quite a bit about him from lots of different sources. Although many years. Destroy I think the president probably has a good read but again there's that expect. Neither neither man has ever met. They've never dealt with each other but it added distance and in some third party information so. This is the likely prompt is probably a good job at managing expectations about this thing though. How what will you consider a success. I think is that it does anybody think this is going to be raised nearly seventy years of hostility and one mean I mean that's very salient. I'm looking for just a process bringing the temperature down may be getting out of movement towards. North Korea. Getting out of the Intercontinental ballistic missile business that would protect America and I think that's problems. Number one goal here to protect his own short so if he can get that deal that begins the the idea of abandonment of the Intercontinental ballistic missiles and then a process for dealing with the rest of it. Bring down the temperature bring down the threat of war on the Korean Peninsula that would be a hugely successful summit. You know we just talked with congressman Chris Collins about that about one. The president expects out of this meeting and denuclearization. Was a number one. And we asked if that goes well in that process begins does the president sir does America start to look toward. Some of these other issues that human rights issues in. That country and he said whoa whoa let's focus on denuclearization. Does there come a point when you start to focus on some of the other things. They Kim Jong-un is doing that doesn't involve those weapons. I think part of it is the assumption here is that one of the reasons Kim Jung won at the summit is for that very reason at and he is people are so. So in public. And so miserable. Then at some point even a powerful dictator begins to look over their shoulder that may be the military. It says enough of this and years. He's overcoat and so I think part of the and the other motivation for Corey here. Debated cry to bring out some internal pressure he's gonna do that I'd may be breaking things off. Gives up his Intercontinental ballistic missiles he may want certain types of eight arm A financial aid to help relieve the pressures on his people but I think our house is definitely right there's certain. They're very limited things we can do if a leader of another country is resistant to improving the lot of his or her people so that has become from him first. The president is there to deal with protecting America first. America's daylight second the first America and that would mean getting rid of the Intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach American shores. Carroll does it surprise you at all to hear that the North Korean people only found out about the summit today. No not at all I mean this is the hermit kingdom that's what it's been called for years. You ever see that picture of North Korea and South Korea tonight. We're from a satellite where South Korea's all that I would like town square and the only like in the entire country of North Korea are in the capital. I mean this is a medieval country. And so the fact that people would just found out about it you know and in a tightly controlled with military machine is not surprising at all. Special coverage Monday night and WB ENN of course a recap on a new morning with Susan and Brian in the WBN news team Tuesday morning. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and awful well.