High Honors For Roswell - Dr. Candace Johnson


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We're just finding out this morning that Roswell park comprehensive cancer center ranks among the top 3%. Of cancer centers nationwide. As assessed by US news and world report the findings just out this morning Russell president and CEO doctor Candice Johnson. Is joining us line you've got to be thrilled with this news. Oh my goodness I'm I'm just I'm beyond thrilled to wonderful and it's just a testament. All the wonderful people. That really put their heart and soul into taking care can't cancer patient. What to rankings like this mean for Roswell. We know the rankings are you know we're ranked number thirty out of nearly 900 cancer hospitals around the country. And that what it does is that it is it these rankings are based on volume nurse staffing. Survival outcomes of and it it it's helped that it's designed to help patients make informed decisions. Eat you know you could rest assured that if you go to war and institutions that. Has been an you know they take into account your accreditation by the National Cancer Institute all those sorts of things. It helps patients make more informed decision about where they should get their care. No Russell moved up on this list this year didn't. We did that we did we were 33 last year and we were number thirty. Thirty this year so we're very excited at that trajectory. You keep moving up but I would imagine kind of the field in general keeps getting better year after year is treating. Cancer treating some of the symptoms that go along with it. Why do you think Roswell is able to make me via a bigger lead than everyone else. Well I think you know we have tried to pay attention to equality and and giving the very best care that we can't Wear patient and I thank. You know if you focus on quality and you focus on outcomes for your patience it's a good thing happened to you and and you know we're all about. Being nationally designated RNC I can't understand us we have a fact accreditation for our bone marrow transplant program. So all the things that we do point to higher quality for our patients and when you do that you get recognized for that and that's really what's happening here. Can you talk about that the breakdown of patients whether there from the local area or the inn number that you bring in from outside the area. Well about 90% of our patients. Actually come from the catchment area the eight county catchment area around buffalo so we really do get most of our patients from Western New York. We get on many patients from around the country clinical trials and for some of the innovative therapies that we do. We get a fair number of patients from Canada but over 90% of our patients really come from Western New York. Have you found that it's increased the amount of people who know about Roswell across the nation though. I think it does I think you know one of the things that she gets scores on as your reputation all come that your reputation and they ask people outside of western new York and so that things that we do you know our. Our Cuban vaccine are at the excellent position that we have that are presenting. There's scientific papers at national meetings. All of this gets noticed around the country and it adds to sort of cachet of Russell park. Now Russell was also recognized as high performing within two sub specialties. Colon cancer surgery and lung cancer surgery. Is this the first time that's been recognized on this list. No we've had some excellent the most and those categories before but we are really this is. Mrs. you know they look at over 4500 hospitals nationwide for this so to be distinguished and lung cancer surgery and colon cancer surgery. Is really something we're extremely proud. Aren't we appreciate the timing congratulations to Roswell park. Keeps moving up and up that list and number thirty. In the entire nation thirty out of over 900. We learned from doctor king's Johnson it's incredible and congratulations and a whole team. And Russell park comprehensive cancer center.