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Wednesday, February 21st

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Her it's 930. In 716. A hero teacher. On the podcast. She actually covered her student with her body. Shielding them just keep any of the ports it go through what it looked at here are. But it just great turn thankfully and back no one and her class was hurt at all. Remembering America's minister Billy Graham or feel like opera spending Mon general. And bitcoin. Boeing is the world's most well. Popular crypto currency it's a digital currency and you could use like cash I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. In the wake of the Florida school shooting stories of heroism are emerging. We've heard about the coach last week who died in the shooting spree in now news of a teacher who took selfless actions to shield not only her students. But any she could corralled and get to some semblance of safety. This as a woman who has been teaching cranking at thirteen years. The mother he has twins who attend the same high school where she works and we're sitting at great. Reporter Adrian bankers. Tells the dramatic details to Susan rose on WB yen. The day of shooting your making last letters were buying music it was Valentine's Day. And suddenly they heard the fire alarm crucified because the ability to fight until that morning. Well I actually followed the steps outlined in very evacuation plans are telling kids to get out after the fence while the out there. But it did she sit here at the sound of gunfire. And initially what is stacked. But I definitely think closer cheap sheet undeniably new. That they are issued on campus and security hearings consistent. I think on the whole for safety reading their lives. She opened the door and she checked it calling it and and suggest estrangement or question quickly getting getting and they're a lock on the rights of all the teachers doors. For their safety. For situations like that and she says that she was just twenty feet away from the shooter that he saw what he was wearing to that he telling me which he describes wearing. And it slipped into side it was a lot of her. The wire the police here. And it she realized this was not friendly. And so many hidden during inter class student who were even in her class. She was able to shut the door locked into war. And the suitor did try to break the collapse on the regular tour attic thankfully did not reach his arm inside unlock that. Locked and she actually covered her students with her body. He'll bring them to keep any that lets it go through one of the goals this year are. But it's a great term thankfully and that no one class would hurt at all. While that is that's absolutely amazing I mean is proudly taken her days to be able to even talk about it. She says she told this story and she checked with the David I spoke with her which was yesterday. She just spoken to a therapist for the first time that morning. And you know she described herself as stoic but it definitely broke down when describing the Q students who she lost. And gotten. He looked at seventeen who were murdered here her next door teacher mr. Scott Segal who would later on Sunday. He was murdered. He was trying to do the same thing she was trying to excuse to get inside as quickly as possible safety lock distortion actually shouted at him lock your door. But she remembered that she could see that shooter she didn't think he clicked. Based on the vantage point and he. Was killed. In the door earlier this classroom and job. She remembers hearing a barrage of bullets firing and for the next hour question and she thought if if this guys bust in here and in my room or Connors because you're just sitting ducks. Cheer now while I mean it's very different picture. I'm sure she's going to a range of emotions and has she even. His guilt even come into this and I mean and I would imagine that this will be a sentiment she's going to be dealing with. Well I think that for. For her. She said teachers always feel like we didn't do enough. So. It's easy going zero for everybody else we're receiving these guys she isn't considered a hero he's not comfortable technical. On to some sad news reverend Billy Graham has died he was 99 years old. Erin could turn a ski has more on the iconic evangelist known to many. As America's pastor. Grants to more than. Hundred million people in nearly 200 countries now tonight I want to talk on the home. The problems of the American from humble beginnings as a dairy farmer in North Carolina. He once boasted of milking 20 pounds each morning and Graham became one of the world's most admired men. I feel terribly small hole. Humble bundle. Being. Learn yeah. Senator Dianne. Word. I. 32007. The Billy Graham Library open. Three former presidents attended the dedication. Cementing Graham's legacy as the White House spiritual advisor. He's religious revival has taken over the Houston Astrodome home baseball and football has really Graham welcomes president Johnson. Who is crusade for Christ. President Johnson attended and Graham crusade in 1965. Where are going to bring people together President Nixon attended one in 1972. We're going to have peace in the world if our young people are going to have a fulfillment beyond simply those material things. They must turn. Those great spiritual sources. That have made America the great country that it is. The first. It's. Same years Nixon and Graham spoke about. Julius control of the media. I don't know. It's really about the. And apologized for the remarks and there was nothing but praise from the president set his library dedication. Jimmy Carter. He was constantly broad minded folk giving. All bull. In his treatment of other. He has reached out equally. Well opportunities to serve got. To all people George Bush we gathered to celebrate the life and accomplishments. The man who I do believe is America's pastor Bill Clinton when he prays with you. In the Oval Office saw the upstairs at the White House. You feel that he's trying for years. Not a president. Graham founded all of that much or feel like I've been outstanding loans general. Eight and 2007 brands like a group died it was a thank you for coming. Jim Gordon heard she was an incredible woman. We're Rivera for nearly six to four years Graham called his wife a spiritual giant. Billy Graham has been called a spiritual gift. Aaron pitchers ski ABC news. And finally bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the world's most popular forms of crypto currency and it could make you rich. Chief business economics and technology correspondent Rebecca Jarvis spoke with one investor who cashed out big time. It's a weeknight in San Francisco but yeah. You know with the music dumping the drinks flowing. And Jeremy Gardiner is holding court quick Jeremy isn't it TV stars or music mogul or anything. He's been dubbed a grip do a celebrity. Silicon Valley his kingdom and big cool it a source of his rigid with arguably an interim. Many times. Big point it's been digital currency you've probably heard something about at this point those stories about early investors striking it rich hitting go. Those guys from the social networks the wake Abbas twins they've eleven million dollars this debate going back and when he thirteen now. They're billionaires. Rapper fifty that given what declare bankruptcy got his money. After accepting bitcoin as payment for his body of fourteen held up. Current value today over six million dollars. But what exactly is that. Yeah yeah cooling is the world's most. Popular crypto currency it's a digital currency than you could use like cash but unlike other currencies it isn't backed by any government and you don't keep it in a big board here reading your pocket when it exists solely on line. You can use it to get a hotel room on Expedia did. I furniture on overstock sprint theory pays someone directly for a cup of coffee big corn has experienced an astronomical. Rise in value when it first started you could pick up a single bitcoin for less than a penny. Last year that same big points when it cost you almost. 20000 dollars at one point but it's been extremely volatile in terms of its price leading some to question. Is it all just tight. And we know Linda and I even did little to wild price swings has not deterred different don't die hards back in San Francisco. By 800 dollars worth the big points a hundred dollars six point at this moment means I get Lee yeah 08 and met them. Moves and isn't there were having written note happy sultan didn't quite pervert here and. Think of it as a dorm who meets think tank aides are saying led by Jeremy. Jeremy calls himself a venture capitalist and crypto currency evangelist big cooling was created in 2009 by someone named Sid told she'd knock Comodo. But here's the thing. No actually knows who that is whether it's a man or a woman or even a group of people who is it's ocean Nakamura. We all have fired gases. Have you met the Toshiba Comodo possible. Every time you use your big boy in that transaction is recorded and totally digital pledge your. I call them block change. It's even become a part of college curricula is a far cry from its dark past and bitcoin once the preferred currency to buy drugs and other illicit items on the black market site still grow. The FBI eventually shutting down silk road seizing over 173000. Big points which would be worth over one and a half. Billion dollars today. One major issue with actually using bitcoin is that its value fluctuates so wildly considered when we were at the crypt at castle. One bitcoin would have cost you thirteen 1583. Dollars first thing that morning but by the end of the day that same Vick flying. 101351. Dollars you wondered state and white. Are skeptical of that coin golf course how can you not be aids just looks like this speculative asset that is and backed by anything. But then the more you learn about the history of money the more you realize it. The perfect lead soundly in US dollars. Even some of the biggest believers caution against betting it all on bitcoin grants about TA made more than a million dollars in bitcoin recently wrote a piece advising against investing in it. You only have a thousand dollars 5000 dollars this is not the best place to put your money interviewed as speculative investment why would you put your entire investment and something that isn't backed by anything. We're all you need to have a more conservative. Better investment strategy for the long term. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.