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Are pleased to be joined in studio by political strategist Karl calories are in studio guest for the next hour so Karl. Thanks so much for her more dumping by always good to have BN. Why don't we start with Monday via a meeting in Helsinki that news conference that followed with the two presidents together trump. And who not there around the stage. You're watching now what is going through your head while that's going on immediately after it ends. Well if you're call I think it was on Monday morning we talked about this in the in the future contacts at what would. What would be the best position for trump to take in in terms of his approaches initial approach in the optics of meeting prudent and if you were calling mentioned a great article by a a gentleman who worked on all five summit meetings that Ronald Reagan had with Mikhail Gorbachev. They talk about how important the optics work you know how do you look shaking hands what is your facial expression looks more control has more authority more resolve. More focused and he's actually admitted that the couple of those five. Gorbachev won that initial optics. Imaging issue and then bring you learn from that in and later on came on much stronger I think the optics of this were pretty bad for Donald Trump. I I think pooled and looked very firm he looked like he was focused on what is. Countries' issues and interest were. Very resolve to to accomplish those. Those objectives. Now trauma on the other hand down. Looked a bit unfocused rambling he was defensive kept going back to. How he beat Hillary and why he is election was legitimate I think that's a real close to. What drives his thinking he's he's still. Very much focused on criticism about the legitimacy of his election he tends to. Tie that in and mix that in with the other issues that really shouldn't be mixed in and I didn't. With. And so I think was it was overall not a very good performance from a man who. Usually looks pretty good on the on the world scene in terms of dealing with the other leaders were this was not one of those high points of of his so foreign travels. I don't sit to that point just are really quickly I don't wanna get totally off track here but for so long as trump supporters see their reaction to you know any time somebody who criticize the president. You know Hillary lost get over that's the tagline right should people be telling that to. The president himself you want to get over it. Yes absolutely. He he's prison United States he's in his focus ought to be looking forward not backward and and he has this problem of counseling going back to that issue. And and I think it it came out the other data and came out of the wrong time the wrong place in the wrong way in and it hurt and there's no question about it was a mistake. The contrast between how he appeared with prudent. And how he appeared earlier with Theresa may with the queen with the NATO allies in Brussels and it is complete contrast wasn't. Which it certainly wasn't again if you call money I mentioned that nice to get a peek. He was very firmly burial as we call them out justifiably so that they make commitments to fund NATO 2% of other gross domestic product and only. A handful five or six have met debt. A most are in the 121 and a half percent range of funding that NATO defense. He column offer that he called out Germany. For engaging in a deal with Russia to buy natural gas and and essentially transfer eleven billion dollars a year of capital to Russia which. We'll actually be used to build up the military and then the Germans come back to us and say you've got to protect us from this big bad nasty Russian bear that building up all these armaments are border well no excuse me but. So right I thought he was absolutely right on he was firm in the in establishing what American interest are. And I I was hoping to see the same thing with proven and we didn't that we did not see that same level resolved and again you can. You can be farm and you could be have resolved with your your opponents it in a world scene and still make progress on issues Ronald Reagan was very good at that. He made progress and and improve relations with then the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev. People look at you with some very firm language before and the evil empire. That it's destined to be in the trash heap of history are pretty strong words but yet he was able to. Move forward in terms of relationships. We're joined in studio by Carlo calabrese political strategist and Cara Liu we're talking a little bit about. Walking that line being firm with prudent and also being able to get. Things done and you know I was looking at this summit looking at the reaction everything that's happened and that is sit tight spot that's our rough spot to be in for the president sue has to be firm. Yet also get things that how do you walk that line how would you advise him to do. Remember this is a man who won presidential election. Probably walk a lot of lines as most politicians learn to do. Of just how far to go what to say no trump. Trump strikes on the story the OK hey back off but if it could have easily been down. Again if if you can imagine if you could turn back time and and reset the scene. Imagine the two of them standing there at the opening. Press conference and trump simply saying that again reiterating. I'm themes that he ran out you know we we have serious issues to discuss we have many common interest. And we're pursue those those common interest are in the areas of of the Middle East. Arms control. Economics. But buckle we now know that and we approve. Fifth the Russians interfered with our elections have been doing it for decades but certainly interfere with the election. That is unacceptable and that's one of the important issues that I'm putting on my list when. President Putin and I go back in that room. That would not have blown up the conference but would have shown resolve and firmness and would have sent a powerful message to. To a guy potent who most people admit is a bully and we all know when bullies are usually face with equal push back a bit down. On and we didn't see that I think that that was a mistake. Our three clarification that the president made yesterday. They mean a saying he misspoke saying he said the word would instead of wouldn't. How big of a deal is this. I I saw I thought it was kind of awkward. I thought it was kinda weak in user number one he was reading from prepared text. And he's not very good at that it's not his style so you could. You could see that it it was something that though a lot of people had him put in in May not have been exactly what he wanted to say so who's reading from it. And then he got off script a little bit. We used on the Russian interference and he said and there could be others could mean that they haven't given that classic trump. Going back and try to build defenses so I wish you would have just been. And off the cuff look I I misspoke. I I use this word it should he uses words my resolve has not been lessened in any way shape or form this is this interference is unacceptable. And a lot of Russian activities are acceptable and that's what I'm looking to the deal with with president who. That would have been a much more effective statement. The optics not good with that meeting in Helsinki but Lee especially because it comes right on the heels. Of what happened over in Europe with the NATO with that meeting with Teresa may. Where you said rightfully so he was tough on them but. When you're tough on your allies and then not as tough on potent. Right back to back in the same week. They can help things. No the contrast was striking there's no question about that and as I said he he was right to call out the Europeans for not supporting NATO financially. As they have committed in for this guest deal with Russia absolutely correct and and the American people I think it. Even people who may not be strong from supporters see the logic and what he did you know it. It was a presidential candidate particularly the eighties appeared DuPont was one of the many Republicans seeking. The 88 endorsement. And he said that every politician wants to be in his own which he called the game right issues. You state your position. And it's immediately upon hearing your position the public has damn right and I think I think trump was little red zone when he called out in Germany for. You know supply and Russia with capital that they will then use for armaments and then the Germans welcome back to was looking for help. What when he said that it was sold so simple to understand so clear. I heard a great big damn right that most Americans so. I wish we could've gotten that out of the potent meaning. We're in studio this morning with strategist Karl calabrese apparel that point that Michael just made the hysteria over this the reaction from the opposition. Is it over the top. It's always over the top that's the one weakness of of Trump's opposition as they have no sense of of proportional sense of balance they they immediately go over the top and then over the cliff after the go over the top there has been. There has been the modus operandi since this man took office and I don't see that ending and in doing so they weaken their own case this was a mistake. However couldn't immediately go from a mistake. And to play good advantage which they couldn't get to it was treasonous it was impeachable. If you again they always overreach. In in criticizing Donald Trump and it plays against them. And makes him look more like the victim and just drives. The support of his supporters even higher because they say aha. You see this is the establishment he ran against and beat and this is why. We like him to keep on fighting so I think they make a mistake because they they are they cannot think clearly what this guy. And he trolls the very well I mean he. He moved his tweets he's very effective at getting them take date all the time and doubling down and going over the top whatever whatever the group. Call to lose and you wanna use but they always do it and it usually works against them. Well they could have gone the other routes and followed maybe the criticism that he got from within his own party seemed a lot more measured view we heard Kenneth moan in his piece. They're saying trump but I didn't have the strength to correct himself in front of Vladimir Putin and somebody texted our tech sign a little bit earlier saying. He reminded. Them of Obama. In that same news conference the way he stood next approved which coming from some Euro supporters. The last thing you wanna hear. No question when. You expect to hear criticism from the left the progressive left Koppel when you have Newt Gingrich who has been one of the president's earliest and strongest supporters. Say that our quota I wrote it down. And the most serious mistake of his presidency that's what Newt Gingrich said you got to take that seriously and I think those were the right words in the right proportions to to sum up what happened it was a serious mistake. Wasn't fatal was an impeachable wasn't treasonous but it certainly wasn't mistaken so when Newt Gingrich says that as a supporter trumpet that's worth listening to your supporter of Donald Trump. What this has been debated did the president and hurt himself or help himself by making this clarification yesterday by admitting that he misspoke. May may be marginally. Marginally helped himself. And I I did not as a senate did not think it was a very effective walk Barack. I think. I think is more effective approach is going to be with a actions and not words and and let's not forget this president has been very strong. With Russia. He's he's put even more sanctions dollars over 700 people and corporations. And entities in Russia that now have some type of economic sanction he's increased American defense spending he's looking to increase NATO defense spending he has. He is unleashed our energy policy. Which really is a dagger in the heart of Russia because. Other than vodka. The only thing Russians really sell worldwide as energy and so by by making America an exporter and making the west and exporter of energy. That hurts Russia. He's he's talking about more missile defense he sold or gave lethal weapons to the ukrainians that. I mean these are very tough actions on the international scene. I'd like to send them back couple words that I. I understand where he's going he believes it's in our interest to have better relations with Russia I think that's a very legitimate goal he ran on that goal and now wants to implement it but you can do that. Without looking so deferential. And and and you know lack of resolve and all of those things that we we saw at the press conference he you can do that and still adventure interest but. We'll see if he's if he's got a lot of chances to make their make up for. Carol Calgary is with us in studio this morning the political strategist and talking about president trump and the presidents of Russia comments this week Carl Willis have an impact on the mid term elections. I don't think so and here's why. Generally speaking foreign relations foreign affairs do not drive congressional elections. The exception is if we're in a war a shooting war and you've got American casualties then those issues go to the top but if it's this kind of verbal skirmish. That's likely to pass and be kind of eclipsed by other issues. Foreign affairs will not be what drives congressional elections congressional elections will be driven primarily by the economy. And by local issues of flooding issues you know. Those kinds of things that that people get their arms around in that members of congress can respond to so I do not think this will have an impact on. This November's election and I mean the way they knew cycle goes around president by the time 20/20 rolls around knowing you'll remember this. And between the fact that you got Donald Trump who's like the drama queen of politics and a 24 hour news cycle we we go from issue to issue. Almost at warp speed and I've said this before and on your show. That you know we for two or three days the major issue was immigrant children being separate from the parents I mean it just looked looked at the coverage and and and just how much said absorbed of a vote of the news cycle. And then just like that it's a mean improvement. Brought to something else. You know trump does is executive order. And then the Democrats do immediately what they do they overreach and they they go to abolishing nice. Which he then kicks open and uses as a club. To beat them with and so did the globe this will move on I guarantee it. And he's got lots of time to. Undo the mistake with both words into actions. We're in studio this morning with Carlo calabrese political strategists from messy Alon are Tucci calabrese & Associates president trump yesterday. Said he misspoke. When he was with Vladimir Putin in Russia and Helsinki on Monday. Any key sentence in my remarks. I said a word and step wouldn't hurt we're assessing. That and that would damage if any that it caused and now talking about. The trump face with Carol the Carol does that trump base I mean. It doesn't matter really what he does but is the base strong enough to propel him in 20/20. Two. Get another four years. Yes it is yes it is. I think the Democrats are gonna be in the in a position much like the Republicans were. In 2016. And that is the go or a lot of candidates I mean there are. There are a whole bunch of democratic senators and governors. Past governors just. Shopping at the bit to run against Donald trial so you could see a repeat of that scene the opening debate. In the Republican presidential. Campaign we had seventeen candidates. And that plagued it trumps advantage because you know you you were splitting the vote. Section seventeen different ways mostly 45 top candidates but it allowed Donald Trump to win the Republican endorsement with. Maybe 4042% of the vote not a majority but and they don't plurality. I think Democrats are going to be in the same position with that old we'll do is what we've seen happen is that we'll probably. Drive the party further to the left because it's that leftist base that progressive left base. We're all the energy is in the Democratic Party today. And they get out there committed there they're passionate they get out to vote. And with a big field. If if it represents 303538%. Of the total Democrat party. That's enough to drive someone to the head of the pack early and we all know that once you you win the first couple primaries. Iowa and New Hampshire. Even if you only win it with 30% of the vote you are the topic of the power I mean that that propels you to. National. Visibility. Very very quickly so due to be a shame to see the right now it looks like there's going to be a horde. Democrats throwing him a ring. You know it's funny you mentioned that there in this same position Republicans were in 2016 because she could see the similarities when it comes to we were talking all the time in 2016 about. Republican Party unity you know will they unify behind Donald Trump after the campaign that was run. Democrats are seeing the same sort of splinters were you have some Democrats in Washington complaining that. They need to be more than just the party of opposition more than just coming out after every time the presence on TV. Making some of these remarks while. I guess how big of a percentage would you think of Democrats Iran are saying we need to be more than just resistance co. Than the cooler heads. Democrats and virtually right they impeaching Donald Trump is not a winning issue going into a presidential election it will it will map propelled them. The White House they need an agenda and figure that out yet. I know old you know there are some Democrats who are saying we've we've got to come up with an agenda that relates to real people. And speaks to their real concerns they haven't done it yet. We'll see time will tell if they're they're able to put together that type of agenda they can get off this we hate Donald Trump that's what you shoot like this does that agenda totally depend on what happens in November. It it would it could be driven by what happens in November for example if the Democrats do take the house. I think you'll see articles of impeachment be being brought up the no question in my mind because. That's that that base and Democrat party is good is gonna insist on that if they take control. And that will that will play to trumps in 20/20 it even if they do take the house it's unlikely they're gonna get. Enough for the senate I don't think that I. Right now I think they may lose seats in the senate given the senate map that they are confronted with. So even if they do get the house that there there's no chances in if in a Republican senate that they would get a conviction. But it would just carry this country apart I mean and it would just be. You know so negative in this so distracting in an and so vitriolic. That trump would use it to his advantage once again say my opponents always overreach and and doubled down and over the top review whatever cliche you wanna use and that would that would help them going in 20/20 in my opinion. How long are we talking about. Trump and who is this just gonna go through that news cycle and will be on something else and another day or two. Abbott will probably return to trump and Poland because of the importance of the issues again that you've got you've got. The yum situation in Syria. We've got Iranian troops backed by Russia getting very close to Israel that is that is a very volatile situation because we know Israel. Will not stand pat for any. Any threat to its its national security and so you've got the potential of having a Middle East wide war within Israel and involved and so they have. Those kinds of issues are gonna keep these two talking and may be breaching some agreements and keeping this whole. Foreign relations topic in the news going forward over the last couple years. Well for now let's move on from trump imprudent wanna keep your thoughts quickly before we let you go on Cuomo's opponents Molinaro. And Nixon it's been you know maybe we'll what's called a week since the buffalo billion verdicts came down how do you think they've capitalized on that have they done a good enough job. Well they've done exactly what I would expect opponents to do. To jump on any issue and to try to frame it. In a way which puts them as a as a challengers in the most favorable position in the governor and in the most unstable position. I don't know yet how it is with the fallout is and I want to the next poll is done I've been following the Siena poll since March. When they first began tracking the governor and in the gubernatorial race. Armed Cynthia Nixon's interest in because you're called to four years ago the governor was challenged by a woman named zephyr teach out. Answering a spirited book under funded campaigns about 29% of the volt. Thus far Cynthia Nixon has been in the 26 to 29% range so she's in that. She's in the rain usually you would say is the the anti Cuomo faction of the Democratic Party that no matter who runs against in the probably gonna get 46 to 29%. I real interest and to see the next couple polls if she breaks out of that 29% ceiling. That could tell us something but right now as of the last Siena poll and other polls she's ready in the end zone that you did you can define as the anti Cuomo faction. You know what though it came out this morning that Cuomo has a 31 million dollar. Campaign war chest 31 million she has something like 600000. Animal owner has just over 800. It difference. It it's that it's a big difference and it's a huge advantage for an incumbent and that's one of the advantage of an incumbent anything. Town supervisor cutting executives and assembly member governor. It's it's very easy to raise money as an incumbent now raising money and spending it properly are two different things. Okay this young lady go Cortez who just beat congressman probably. In the congressional primary in Queens. Was outspent 1015 to one didn't matter OK she's spent her money. Wisely she used grassroots she's social media. There's all kinds of ways to communicate with people today besides paying for ads on TV and and radio and and direct mail. And and clever candidates can use debt to somewhat negate the advantage incumbents have with money. But he but having money and spending properly campaigns are two different things and that's what distinguishes a good candidate could campaign manager from. Report. Her account breeze we appreciate the insight is always. Carlo calabrese with messier lumber you can calabrese & Associates.