Heat is on Tonawanda Coke 930in716 September 5, 2018

Wednesday, September 5th

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It's 930. In 716. The pressure is on as tunnel Wanda Coke what is going to be dad tipping point that causes somebody say you know what that's enough you guys that it shut down you're no longer allowed to operate. It's like a bridge that is to deficient you don't continue to have people drive over the bridge where you're trying to figure what's wrong with the you shut the bridge down. And then you get the assessment and when it's truly safe for people then you go again. No I wanna shut it down. They have violated this and they have violated the law over and over and over again. A clear call from community leaders to cease operations at tunnel Wanda Coke. I'm Tim linger on 930 in 7164. Years there has been concerned about environmental and safety issues that tunnel Wanda Coke. And those issues were to be addressed in federal court Tuesday this week. And the night before coincidentally emergency responders were summoned to the massive facility along the Niagara river after it was reported. There may be a fire burning out of control. It appears there was mass confusion and as a result of the power outage at the plant and an inability to process their waste in their usual manner. What exactly happened at time of one to Coke Labor Day night. What we've been able to glean from information that we've obtained from sources. Associate with first responders and otherwise is the power loss affected the control of the dampers on the Coke ovens Erie county executive mark Poland cars summoned. A quick investigation. Without the ability to control the dampers the fire grew with excess gases that were. Available at the Coca it's. So there was not in effect they controlled burn but there was a fire that was. I would say raging but there was a fire that was occurring at the time Ottawa coach site. As a result of the lack of power on the facility. Their inability to control the dampers on the Coke ovens. Do the gas build up the fire actually grew. Waiting nearby fire department chief from the Sheraton park fire department showed up because he saw the large glow from their fire station chief. Went to investigate determine what was going. It was stopped at the gate by a security guard said that they were not allowed to be in and had talked to a manager. Before that they could allow them to enter the site. The guard told the fire chief to wait for the manager and they fear for our chief had no ability at that point tenors site. And by the time they came with the manager high lift was actually driven. In parked in front of she's vehicle the block his ability and other first responders ability to Anders site. Eventually that's not a lot of fire departments were granted access to the site. That sometime during that period. And employee who was not on site. Was brought to the site. That the employee had the ability to activate. Back up generators on the site which did not activate. When the power was initially lost. Once the back up generators are activated appears that they were able to restore power to the plant. Not closed the dampers. On the Coke ovens which then allowed them to control what fire there was and put it out. So I believe based on information that we receive from our department of emergency service personnel. That this is not has it but I don't want to go abuse and he controlled burn. But was an effective fire that thankfully did not rage out of control does not appear that there was any significant damage at the time don't want to coax site. But I am very concerned and very distressed. About time don't want to coax. A failure. To let emergency responders on site. As pulling cars was investigating what happened Monday tunnel wonder Coca officials were before a federal judge William scrutiny. Answering to charges about safety and environmental concerns. Both parties due back in court Monday. Now political and community leaders are all reacting mostly calling for the company to shut down. I don't wanna Coke's been some that I've been playing for four. The last twelve years and city of Toronto London mayor Rick Davis pick in 2007. I worked with chick eating screens. To install a air monitoring stations. Actually. Two houses down for word my house's. And that continuously. Monitors air samples says that come across with prevailing wind directions. The winds from. The selfless you Cary. The exhaust from kind of wanna Coke over the city its channel one in Grand Island. I've worked with the EPA to extend. Those not air monitoring stations past the air and hit that they are supposed to be there and there are still there to this day. I assisted Jackie. And on the soil testing. That is currently. Under way Bolton in the city. The town and more and Grand Island. And and unfortunately can't be there today for the first. First day. Hearings on this but. You know like I think. Most of us are pretty. I unified behind effective. I don't wanna Coke needs to close. Not only that but they need to play for the cleanup. The years the contamination whether it's. Air contamination. Soil contamination or water contamination of record at their plan for Ed to act like every time I hear about something happening there I think. What's next what what is going to be dad. That tipping point that causes somebody say you know what that's enough. You guys should you guys are gate shut down you're no longer allowed to operate. You know I'm just. I'm curious to know when that when we will get to that point and hope in. Last night is. We'll find out. It's another chapter in this whole long block. The community verses how to Quantico. That's Jackie James creed and community leader who won't be happy and less operations at tunnel Wanda Coke. Shut down. We want them to shut down until late in clean up their act. Last night was harangued this but by air. It was had nothing to do error which you know Kathy violations. That time I want to cope with talking about today. That was an emergency emergency situations not only dad is that they Wear. The first responders were not allowed on site. They have is really concerning to us as a community is now believe community the workers as well so. We can you about the company's argument there. We are taking visitors got a consultant and all of us. Well I I think that prosecuting attorney Aaron main goal answered that beautifully and he gave an example of hey listen you know. This supposed to happen a couple of years ago and it is 2018. And this still hasn't been done. So you know how important is that you really. Yeah me I guess maybe you do something now but does it really have to come down to. You know being in front of jets that mean for for some action. What it comes down to his. We as a community do that trust this company we gave them a chance begin a second chance. We do not trust and we plan them shot. To shop their colors but as a community we need to come together and envision what our community is going to be like. So it will be a lot. Cleaner. Number one and we will be. Hunter a lot less stress. The amount of psychological damage that this is putting manor community is overwhelming. We don't know from one day to the next. You know what's gonna happen with this community. Are we going to be great breathing in noxious benzene. Laced air again. You don't like government. In it we shouldn't have to do that we shouldn't have to live in this fair. Two politicians set in federal court Tuesday and watch the legal wrangling unfold. New York State senator Chris Jacobs among them. They have a chance and and it would what would be great if they would not have to have them that a judge or lawsuits do it that they see if we wanna be shown to be a real true community. Remember hearing care we're gonna shoot we have a problem we need to shut down operations until it's fixed it's like a bridge that is to deficient you don't continue to have people drive over the bridge where you're trying to figure what's wrong with the you shut the bridge down. And then you get the assessment and when it's truly safe for people then you go again. They're not doing that and until they do they will not have they wanna have credibility with community Iraqi community crust and I think inevitably they're gonna lose in the court. It's got to end and we can't. Let it go on anymore Nathan McMurray is neighboring Grand Island town supervisor and democratic congressional candidate now I can fight this is the first to have an office and the first one of the first things I did. Is it we need to figure out what they're calling for a and the fact that we hear yours later after all these continual violations. Talking about we hate it fix their problems. Giving them another chance it doesn't make any sense we should be angry should be angry that spokesman just ran out here. Ran out agree would look at you when talking. He called you right what we've got called attention to the things they're doing their reckless. Make no mistake they are making money I need your help that about it they use for let's. Allegedly to block. The wind and fire fight I was there there was truck after truck after lined up. Blocked we're ready don't know what you think they would let them. Speculate. I mean you speculate why would you want to keep them out why would you want to thankful that I could see that thing glowing. From the Grand Island rage. Don't look normal to me I've never simulate that before and they think this is a routine procedure look at. If it was the first time that's ever happened you trust them but all over and over and over again it's me to have these problems it's got to stop. We have to demand more. We need to fill this courtroom next time they have a date we need to come here you can have everyone from the community here we have a huge presence mean to say. This isn't just the ratings of the community. You know it in the emotional response. It's been years and years and years of negligence and what does this on behalf of time wanna open source. No I wanna shut it down. They have violated this and they have violated the law over and over and over again if I am. If too many violations my driving record to take away my license. It's time for us to take a way to Alexis operate they have violated public trust. You should be men don't think all we get to protect this this is a bald optical business but businesses should not be allowed to make money on the backs of the community. They're making money in your lives where they're neighbors they're supposed to be our partners they're making money our lives don't think this is normal. Don't think is the way it's supposed to be. I don't want to make money in your life or your life that's we have laws in this country. They're not following the laws they are making money the easy way by breaking rules and taking advantage of all of us. It's been too long in Western Europe had its problems again I've been fighting this is the first day I was in office. And it's just like move back this area that we need to fight companies like Tom wanna go. And we should be outraged and the attitude they had on the way outside a courtroom I'm still cameras are there the first thing they did as well up to you sought. The first thing he does what needs to directly out reckless. Because I called you out. Reckless there were. Time Wanda Coke back in court Monday and we will be two who were back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.