Haven't Spoken With Collins Yet - Nick Langworthy


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Joining us on the line now is Erie county Republican Party chair nickel Lang worthy nick have you spoken with Chris Collins sense that this news broke yesterday. I have not talked to congressman columns foursome I'm really excited you know I was kind of taken by surprise history just like everybody else. Did you try to region yesterday or denounce any contact went on his part was made to try to reach you. The law I mean I don't buy this site you know tried contact each other you know he was obviously very occupied history given. Our travel and yeah it is time in New York City. You know the very difficult thing. What. Is your role going forward now because obviously this race that's we've heard from all of our analysts was a pretty solidly. In a Republican districts they were expecting Chris counts to kind of fall walk his way. To a victory mean people now saying it's absolutely in contention what changes in your role going into November. Well I mean I little. He's moved to run the Republican Party in in -- pursue you you know all of the chemistry and how they interact with each other. You know in terms of weak federal rates the county Republican Party have in March due date involvement because of funding. And it week to corporate donations federal campaign to be completely independent corporate donations. Therefore. That the party cannot expend and the FB candidate that's quite an actual committee come into these sorts of relations. Yeah yeah you know. Are you columns that are marked closely since he's going to remain a candidate that meat I take it is. Where to eat at this point. I didn't carry the nominations Colmes. You know with primary date being June 26. I believe. Possible in the rearview mirror self employment she intends to remain candidate he controls that. Nick. What did you make of his news conference last night we talked to Michael conclude this morning who said he didn't think that the congressman did himself any favors. I'm not sure. Why his attorney had him all the news conference ball off I deeply he wanted to see his peaceably talk a lot of auto biographical information business career. And straighten this. In this indictment doesn't really involve public service it's it's really about his private companies. And soul he is. A contract situation here where you talk about a career in in the private sector and in his investments which. Obviously we've all won't prolong time which can't do a lot of business. Arrangements in in his had a lot of successful company. But this is obviously you know gonna cut you some type. In. You know he stood Howell. Go like this so in court and in India would you can't these are these going to try to clear his name I think it is orbit or to try to do that. What would it be possible at this point for another name to be put on the ballot if Collins did pull out of the race. All I know I. And turns are researching all options given that we we didn't know what you don't actually own position was going to be in and what have not had those conversations. You know in this city clearly a situation. I do know there are Evans says to the question on the ballot but I'm not a positive. How serious of a case do you think this is. And what would your advice beat to congressman talent would you want him to stay in or would you want him to resign. I accurately. I hate to look at some point will our congress should columns and we'll share that conversation that I mean this news. But it's important that everybody saw. Really taken aback by giddy as you said this is compass. We. A lot widely outside of you in the Erie county over the community needs. In in Brett but. EU. I really believe that this worries. Not on the forefront so you know however were taken vice president very surprised US attorney brought charges this bleached in any federal campaign after the period denominations are there at that it is the latest. Indictment against a member congress that's ever happened. In terms of closeness of the election. So. And I think that's an important situation. Because it is undoubtedly and penetrate. Here is part of what counts had to say yesterday take a listen because my focus is to defeat the charges in court after today. I will not address any issues related to an eight and you know therapeutics. Outside of the courtroom this is now the biggest issue by far in this particular campaign in this election. Can you really go between now and November without answering any questions about his involvement in this. All right I don't think it's realistic. And all I mean it enters. You know obviously going in a pure running naked in paper congress Chordiant equity media your could interact with pop. And he's gonna get a lot of questions and you know I think time will tell here. And he has involvement campaign I'll need to talk to constituents. Who worked on them. All of that's what it's going to be you know in and out of date I wouldn't expect. But. They they know that the issues that kind of held talks with congressmen support positions and they supported supported president. So yes you you can still be an effective candidate on the trail because. This is about the next two years not between now be in the term. Nick can you believe really that mean in 24 hours New York 27 is now a battleground. I I don't let it be prepared equality battleground trick at this point and Enders you it is more Republicans. New York's eight I wouldn't need. Food situation in the you know it's he would call mission in Asia in weeks to come. In you know Russian columns and who isn't there for situation for him Monday because he certainly are approved all the language that he. Are headed in some. Content last night in the end. You know going forward we will see. How is campaign mole well I'm looking forward to ever discussions people mean on the based company. Are you worried though that Republican voters. Will stay home in November. Why I don't because they think there's a lot of other things on the L this is not optional choice. I'm a little publicly dish you voters in Western New York. I do not. Want you were turned out to the governor's mansion I know that the support Republican control of the New York State Senate. There's a lot of other excuse and I know they support president agenda they don't want someone like me Murray who shall that will either. Supporting you can almost hear someone you know to the actually marked like Alexandra how do you Cortes the we don't know what it would it will. But what I do know. And it's eaten did not values of the year which can grow. Are there other Republicans who are willing that have contacted you were contacted your office to step up in this district. That's premature at this point I mean to have conversations about potential candidate because it's one you know there's there's not a. The determination and called. Controls all seem to be the only one that couldn't then. Take this steps you can multiple ballot is so old that is not. Something on the cable yet in what she put it. If he is reelected though and then found guilty and we talks with a lot of the financial experts over the course of the last 24 hours who said. This is kind of a cut and dried case as it's laid out right now of classic insider trading. There'll need to be somebody else on the ballots will it be as strong of a candidate as counts has been. There are so you know when you when you're looking at you Republican seat the congress it's never ordered people. On the party. Whether it's from elected like that like. That are looking to potentially run or something like edit. I mean. A unique opportunities. Server country. And so I don't think you would be at any shortage of people willing to step up in it it sort of leadership. That happened. Nick we're glad you could join us this morning thank you that's Erie county Republican Party chairman nick laying morning 842. Here's Allen in traffic command.