Have You Ever Had A Bad Experience With A Certain Food? 8/17 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, August 17th

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News radio 930 WBA. And its com hourly in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 WP. Phil Phil Collins Phil Kennedy has done some research off here. And that filled us an upside is the email you just select clams and blues. Yet found a threat or the doctor actually got asked that question he said the problem that you were suffering from combining certain seafood and alcohol. Is a toxic histamine reaction some people have a shortage of or insufficient activity of the and signs needed to deal with his means in the body. So this does not apply to everybody that simply applies to those who lack the requisite enzymes correct all right well thank you Phil Dr. Phil. Who knew he'd be right here running our board binders on 930 WB Ian let's get back to the call shall we. Bad experience with food you say what happened leaders bill on a cell phone without naming restaurants. Of course or brands whatever. You were on WBE and welcome to show. Bill in a cell phone you're on hello. Now we can hear you now go ahead. Okay yes. I was Serb bringing my ram full of kids home vacation. Virginia Beach or break back or about 1012 years ago. And this are full fuel along the way just over the border and so. And grab a sandwich. The along way and ordered separate Russert. So dark arm and I am I open up the sandwich and I bit into it and on the whole it was a sausage sandwich and a ban on Iraq a little too long. Because this side had a multiple merit. All of you don't know there ago stopped to drink beer this horrible. But yes that was all all are strictly bring out. And bribing them wasting two I'm split tomorrow acute or look at the sandwich in order to do on. You know. So now no matter what I look at also tortured you or boredom. I I've been. Magid. You know. So but I don't quite. Dude that is one of the grocers stories I've ever heard and I just have to give you applause as a man for even going near a sandwich again after that kind of experience. And and this is what gets me and I don't mean to like in two we've topics about what the governor said this week about America's never been great we've ever been great. There are parts of the world where that is not the exception that is the rule you buy in to meet and there's a little critter a little critters cable with the meat. Where were well. Take five you work like bargaining for. So I applaud Jews or. You do just be ordered him up. I had that feeling for about a half hour printed that. Dude I think you're a better man that I because I don't think I could ever even come close to sausage and I don't think I can come close the bread and at the guy could come close to a sausage sandwich ever again. And my daughter who is pre. Teacher are quite school. Bill told the story and is. You know still disgusted what she was also. A bit. All put them I'm just I'm just imagining about watching you would do too much detail could mean people stopping to pick up their dinners right now but I just imagining the you know the vacuuming of the car afterwards because those things don't die. Not that Gordon ordinary air they're actually keys but they're like little tiny sleep keys. Yes they are meat so you punch a pop group. Poll. All right bill let's just say that somewhere all I can take thank you very much appreciated that but sadly it takes a special kind of person to have a bad experience with a food and they go back for more. You'll bring it does take first of all you know you wanna blow playing you know that the plea she got it you wanna blame how much of this is the actual. You know it was good to older with cooked properly whatever the case not with refrigerated properly ride so he can't really blame the sandwich you can't blame the seafood you have to blame the people who prepared it. And we're asking you not to blame those. Restaurants because you know we've all had bad days it's not really appropriate to throw line. Entire business under the bus because you snap crackle pop a few. Baby flies. I will do that you'd you'd you don't for. Here's Chris in Cheektowaga on WB EM Chris you had a bad experience with the food you used to like and it's never been the same for it. They get paid on. Print quality coming poker help well and gave thank you for your service. Can be tough to beat that guy with that this stoppage then went there but anyway it's not about me. Well kids my brother and I think about maybe ten years old and somehow he. There is telephone truck around the corner we get paid for breakfast board. There's a telephone truck around the corner from eagle and he has not the back of the helpful track. Guidance and the telephone truck starts dragging him away and brother gets you really afraid you can eat that America I'll be fault. Kind of hit that had not really bad but he started thrown up. Well of the day he's my brother died in 93 he could never be scrambled egg because he associated. On up that truck getting picked to his stomach and scrambled eggs and every time we wanted to teach them we pray for Mikey wanted Graham licked. Out now like hey don't think he could. Could never re scrambling to. I'm not a doctor but I got to believe that when you bump your head and you start to vomit that's kind of a symptom of a concussion. Yeah absolutely but course back then we didn't you know he didn't think at their Beck and these whatever but. Yes that's stepped off the met my story. Well you know what I that's exactly what we're looking for. Actually I felt like he has he technique you can get it in the head with a baseball that moment requirement cannot. A after you eight Klan yeah it with a baseball that. Yeah all right thank you all the you know the funny thing is is before my experience on Monday night at a restaurant I will my name because if I've also had the very best clams of the year at the same restaurant and they were very very nice and they're totally can be up with a credit is it's all it's all good. So I didn't get a chance to enjoy the clams but the bottom line is that the levee had said the meek hours before. You know it's one of these days you're gonna get up bad order clams and everything's gonna change will Dave and I'm happy to tell you nothing's changed with my affinity for lambs you know sometimes it's not exactly and to be the blotter. You're that I don't dunk well. America remember we've established every twelfth clam all of us old bucket and butter to appeal more heart healthy I forgot about the heart yes and of course the meatballs subway had for lunch today very heart healthy. But you got all the people shake I had I thought it was dreadful shape. Hey I pitched it down with pure unadulterated bacon I don't know what your problem is. I the maggots are if there is you know Kryptonite in my life it is the mag. Even before our time in Iraq known well because I cannot take it. I can't think that guy in the sausage. Is one of the bravest met him ever in my life you know they don't bother me because they know exactly what they are you adequately put it they are nothing but baby flies and did you eat anything living now. Currently in the route via I could that that's that's right draw the line it's got to be dead before you'd. I mean damage to be wrong QB it's just can't be alive they would let it starts talking to me I'll put before them. Let's go to brought in Ontario and WBZ. And LO. Guy like active. That Mac thing it's been on meet the rest of my life and I and later. Well played sir well played your real honest to god exterminator. I'm an honest to god in terminator in Ontario I've been good for twelve years and I will take government advice I will look at every Emmett Till the day I shop while the mortal coil. Was unbelievable. My my story not. Living off. I used price truck but when he 25 years ago. And that we can't appear that got leg anyway are gonna go wagon. The fruit truck which up in the morning with crappy damages spokesman. Whatever else and so he politely almighty my truck driving were out in southern Ontario you don't want to while I grab a amateur. Whatever so again I grabbed it. A banana crop. I'll eat drive dot I go inside and wait for my truck to be voted and I don't even look I wrap this thing I buy into it. And what it is a REE. Cigarette butt. Whitman nicotine. Juice flowing through them up and it's been stake in the and I don't smoke and I've never smoked. I immediately Earl. But you're like I don't smoke it wasn't your cigarette you know that every sort of the op opt and my cigarette out of an animal I don't Davis Polk. A Edgar. As a viewer to back a day smoker you would gobble that up. There. Aren't a lot. The minute ride because you know what does have part of a Burge therapy. To get people off cigarettes for good. You put a wet cigarettes and urban animal hospital all amounts are we gonna check traffic for those in Western New York. Ability go through on my thirty start at 310616. WB Ian. So Brian we're talking to you about food that you used to like that you had a bad experience with it and you haven't been able or maybe you have been able to go back and haven't again so where are you right now with banana muffins. I'm I'm I'm back. 1997. Or anyone here I'm back them up Burton. But I'll tell you every bite bite in the wind and that was the last job I had blue collar that I actually ate up. I got like in these big element inside. For Bryant might. Brian have you ever tried the blueberry menthol muffins there really. I illusions I was thinking maybe the the filter lists. Brian I'm I've cut down to two month and today I'm jumps. Again I can I describe you. It again like I said that people who smoke and they go well I don't like Eddie that are. You know lot of people who smoke are you know help loading smokers they don't like the yellow pink shirt they don't like the way they're brought out so. I got it but. There's the story because I did. One orbited the rest of the day happened hackney amok but I think was probably a month later I finally I called but that got wagon track on the box. I let the Health Department in Hamilton Ontario which would that jurisdiction. They investigate to apply here you know what result. It would disgruntled employee. Who has worked at a bakery. Applying these myopic. And at least he was put in it but it. But then afterwards I got up the open up when people billionaire whatever whenever fluid when other you know finally finally. Are we get your point Brian. Com go lie and here's what I'm saying you know the idea that you're smoked like in the old days member hi Alice. By the male who was. He looked like World War II vet there it you know on a navy ship kiss my grits her out yeah yeah yeah that was always slow. Oh that's right yeah. You're always like smoking a cigarette you see the old navy cooks in their smoke and cigarette ashes out the year that your debt that was supposed to have been shut off the sixties. Bryant take you read write or call terrier bit a muffin with a cigarette butt and a little bit of. I am astonished. Astonished well earlier I mentioned that my buddies in flip side we're gonna be playing a show at the marianas part of food truck Friday but apparently somebody screwed up over there and they're not going to be playing the show at the area tonight that's the latest information I have to woody dark. I don't know I mean this is there it came here to pick up my guitar and give it all set up for about. I think in May want to go there anyway and play a thick and I think it may be the villain anyway I'm thinking maybe the boys to come to my garage in just through the garage opener we'll just do practice in my garage. Now. I think that's very irresponsible and they were doing Bauerle stock on the episode number and yes there probably is highly irresponsible think your homeowner's insurance would frown on the fifth attack it's grounded I think. It is 525 news radio 930 WB you'll try to get an update. Well because I wouldn't mention it except for the fact that I mention earlier on the error and I could just see everybody going over there to see flip side and then saying hey where's the music and I don't know what's. I don't know what's going on. I it is. Our live television of the industry at 930 WB CN David's laughing no we got a good judgment and in the best first of all. Guys said that he had a slime like algae can of soda. Holes you could Egypt could drink for McCain and for years at all that day and then another guy the road in that. He had. Some sort of one of those hold well give the name at twinkie type of product. And bit into it and the inside. The cream inside the hard. And and if you break it to Fiat that the two broke god. And you know that's the other thing member with a woman found the fingers it turned out to be a total fraud but she found the finger in the chilly at at Wendy's. Which were acquired someone to lose a finger I don't know whenever or somebody went to a funeral Coleman would go or insurers which is even more absurd but. How many. You all see in the viral photos of like. You know at a dead wrote in a package yet you know at us and there's like a road and or if you're receiving them late night. In New York City see this line you walk by like you know Adobe year you'll walk by bakery it's like 10 o'clock at night in Los. And you'll see them for apps run across that area never again how can you ever played as a family of rats and just each island by. You know what. I should set up. I mean when you say New York City rats know exactly what you mean because it is a stone's throw from the beacon theater in New York proposed a colony of rest and live up I never I've never stately they create they have their own Berle I am pretty sure they have gotten their own presentation this any count of actually have a congressman yet about a mistaken but what would you. When it the food itself but I think partly the conditions. All of the actual play that's revolt. So anybody out there have a food that you really light until he had a bad experience and now you no longer like it or took you awhile to get back into and I think the probably if you really really like something and had a bad experience with a you're gonna get back into it again but it might take you a while it took me a long time you chicken after it got a bad order. I'm still angry at the place I still want to name the place to serve me the bet order wings but. Because I phoned in the order. I won't name them but iPhone in the my order might order all we lost your order but were gonna give you this bucket of wings for the same price as you would have paid for the double order wings I was like. There about two hours later it was like yeah. Trip says it's very again not good to have you ever had us. When I guess you go to those those places where. You tell them what you want and they put all the different. You know the condiments on your meal would be Perino it could be hand and I can and in the place. There was a person had. Probably date to have a really bad head cold. All right now they've got that narrowed down to the salvage day. Comes you're not you know what happened that day to get a little cross Kress yeah. There's a redness that they you know around the nose from blowing I call them Monday morning. If you could if you are a getting food from someone who's going through a coal it is I don't wanna eat. I don't wanna see all your diva I'm not I I just I just don't want other people I you can really don't and if you like Tarzan thing on where some of them. It feels staggered out if you get them must get it all the sudden it becomes like that little like whistle was like. And it's going c'mon man like you've got at least police up your folks. Yeah absolutely absolutely. All right so if you had a bad experience with food and took you out of the game for awhile that particular food we'd like to know what it was just don't name the restaurant involved there's as much as I really wanted to name the restaurant that served me the bad wings and I happen to think they knew they were certainly bad wings. I'm not naming the restaurant is it still in business somehow here's John in Lancaster on WBE and John. I was a teenager. Speaking that you are going to chuckling which are choke on chicken wing. A 75 now haven't had once since the grand gonna have one. Yeah you know what its interest thing that you mention that because I almost said earlier when I talked about my brother dumping the ball was chicken noodle soup on his lap and never touching chicken noodle soup again and almost set I would imagine if you ever almost choked to death on something that probably has left you're. You're you're the menu of your life as well. So how did you get out of choking to death that somebody do the Heimlich maneuver on your did you do it yourself that somebody whack in the back what happened. What I pushed my bet on the under barked out. Smart judge so that the child develop myself. Not normal whatever normal that's what happened. You know it's at some point I think there's an instinctive takes over I did the same thing ago when I was having a similar experience and it actually work you basically gave yourself behind what maneuver. And yes I did they are an hour sailor thing about the maggots deals sarge and in the survival training is what you can even need mega churches race card and you gonna keep on bone pieces on. The government starving. And that was in that. My my grandfather a war two vet tells the story where there were in Germany. And they went Newman old farmhouse. And opened up a better world likes all the hand. And it was just you know covered infested with maggots ever nobody wanted to he just took his knife he cut and often. And made breakfast for his entire you know company and android it was the greatest thing in the world I mean once you get in the if you look at the best steaks in town. The very best steak at your favorite favorite steak house. You'll see that are really good tender states. Brown and green. And ironic Phil Phil used to work as a solution. It is it is disgusting they they keep it out there at room temperature. Starts to marble eyes and sort of decay. And they just cut that part off and it's the best tasting steak you bury Daniel lies but it you don't wanna see prepared. You don't wanna see of the south today. Especially the guy who bid and besides hello Mike your businesses and not exactly a sausage party. Few things and assert that we cannot eat. Add. But when you were genuine and when you're gonna words Oregon and as far as survival. I'm not only what you the good bug that you had the experience with but basically in sex in general typically are pretty much 100% proteins so you're DI was spot on if you're ever ever find yourself starving in the woods. And you're thinking yourself are these damn moths that are everywhere I'm start giving that away from all that moth might save your life. It depends on the insect that you can I influence on that I'm thinking of brown recluse probably did and I think you're at how bad that experience had a big job lives in Lancaster isn't live and in that Dallas Texas he doesn't live in California. He is surrounded by chicken wings everyday. Life. Guys are everywhere and John as step two was gods and every now and it just quick. Question Lancaster this age you warm this time around and how in the hell do you get from anywhere to anywhere in Lancaster in less than twenty minutes. Now you don't you know he had shot in these parts failures truth I was talking about that today's event are. It just so so are some portion it's just hard getting out of lake district some. Yeah yeah well my friend Jeanne alleged law otherwise noted John Le joy but I call and jaw that you law. He lives out there and like I could not believe because it'd been a while since I've driven through. Lancaster. I just couldn't pull the scope and the Brett and the depth of Lancaster my goodness. You're right now it's it's difficult very very difficult to get out there in the traffic but right now. Well if it's he had the good drive time traffic and Lancaster Burgess so many north south and east west routes and the all jammed up. And it problem. All right Jack thanks very much is a beautiful place to look at me wrong but they definitely got to figure out what they're gonna do with the infrastructure in Lancaster of David they keep on putting up homes. It beautiful homes to actually gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. There is. Japan in buffalo on WB at that I get their right Jonathan. Or is it Jean. Just would somebody tell or John or John Allen Joan it's Joan Joan as Joan about the. Hello yes I had a very interesting experience on any Japanese restaurant. The end of the Japanese food this I didn't take place about well I lived in Washington as the time. And I you take the metro my lecture or at least once a week. And I like to people watch it I like to watch make the yes sushi and I was sitting across the table across the counter and mighty favorite since she didn't end. Who almost always you know fix my lunch. Eighties and they didn't whereas those plastic. Quote. As if she. Waived if those blue. Chip for a basket that. Why is the best chance went back to making my lunch. So I just kind of popped out and it was. Joseph and I tell you so that you brought up something that no one has brought up yet and it's sympathy. You almost have to do a little reconnaissance. It if you know what I mean that your parent checking something out you're doing people watchable which are really doing. As your prep in the battlefield you're looking around that you're seeing women how much he beat this thing I know what this guy does I mean no offense to people web like you know. If you have an outbreak of shingles maybe that's not the best person you want wrapping. You know a grown. But you know I I would've thought that goes I do volunteer work. And I volunteer at this hour site the perfect way Christians we did the dessert. But we always wore those plastic gloves for sanitary reasons. And I don't understand what the restaurants don't insist. Well more and more than to me it's been a long time since I've seen somebody give me. Food outside available on great with beer but sometimes if they're wearing too much protective posture if there and has mentioned yet that make it. What's going on that. It's really done because that's the upscale restaurant and it got a very good. Crowd and I just to pro. Well you thought it was gonna be really good but it's not. And not. The jury you know the other things with a Yelp now would never one like trashing any restaurant they have bad experience your most captive you know. Just doubled down own on making sure that. I don't think it's a good I'd if I would not arrest I've never open a restaurant Donnelly or restaurant but if I was going to start a business. I don't think I'd want the kitchen to have accessibility. To that to the actual diners I mean there's a lot of people that. Like to show off their kitchen because they're so proud of you know it's clean it's great. But I liked the look in there and see what's going on I don't know what David I'm afraid that with Joan here and you. We're gonna have to expand the topic heading into the 7 o'clock hour. Are the 6 o'clock hour however he knows and up now because I will. Straight year here they're sure mellow girl please god no no we have that we have to figure out anybody who's worked at a restaurant hall made the restaurant. Just tell it's if we knew when island restaurant kitchens would be ever eat at a restaurant again. I don't think it would because it's it's pretty I I'm assuming it's pretty disgusting because look this may is when people don't really rest and as. They a fairly good amount of my pace and the chef comes out. Two you know to take congratulations. As his apron stealthy it looks as if he's been. Cutting the meat locker it and it just wanna recruit picture ever yeah. This deal can and that's a really good point like. I always thought that would have Dennis like equality Dennis should never look like he did he just came. You know if you don't feel like I don't need you should look like hawk guy from my match they help doctors to change smock submit their coming out during the surgery to give an update to the family apparently does not wanna see uncle Joe's. All over the guy's Smart but I also don't wanna see the house and nine average and either went over you know when you're on this house. I know we got to move but we're we're glad you called so. It's ever had a bad experience with a food and you've never been able look. Tolerate that for food and those who worked in restaurants whether it's fast food or whether it's fine dining without naming the restaurant be honest with us. What is the worst thing you ever saw it done when you guys drop steaks on the ground deep they did they just go back on the grill. Are you throw out. You'd feel says he threw them out we Roma got a break forward Phil used to do this or we're gonna get him to fill momentarily at 8030930. Is the number stunt my authority on the cell phone 180616. WBD and sell well. Flip side is that not playing tonight at the Maria a food truck Friday something happened with the booking I don't know what happened with some something's got screwed up along the way hit Iran is playing at annunciation. Out and I wanna see all of them. But I think I mean guerrilla group degraded pronunciation. Gives you an ounce is how good that that would be ironic route. And on mounties nerds got wilder playing at the Johnson bird fire hall. I think this is your opportunity to go to that place and do your own concert well. All because I'm good enough yet I'm not but I'm not good enough but I was really looking forward to listening flip side and the nerds and maybe run tonight I was gonna do after a night but that's not gonna happen. Well this topic is so impressive I want to do an additional drill our that in Belle isle all will target about Jeff food that you had that actually turned you off. To that food bad food experience and you don't wanna eat plans anymore. That'd morphed into. This you know what goes on at restaurants we don't wanna hear the restaurant we don't want written rather not only attorneys. But at the point here is that if we knew if you ever worked in the restaurant industry. Other things that and you might wanna share without getting into of course the business or anyone that you were too. Basically guys were saying as many call that we have a delay with a dump button and were always willing to use it if it means that we don't have to get sued or deal with our lawyers so that's why you know don't even try to name the restaurant does it make it work work you know it others are certain restaurants starting with the letter all located on such and such streak now that that's like a fly either K I'll fill cavity you. Left the wonderful world of food service and what exactly did you do in the kitchen. Not at whatever don't name the restaurant put up what what did you do what what you're the scope of your responsibilities. Out. The suit chef so basically I made. Some of the main dishes and then that ship would finish them off mainly just gets them ready for that shift finished ahead ship okay sounds almost can't ballistic cell. What was the single thing that you saw in the course of your behind the scenes restaurant career that would make any of us say I never ever wanna eat in any restaurant ever again or maybe nothing. It was actually it wasn't but I was at the restaurant actually knows that McDonald's of all places. With a Solutia have now. I and I was like eighteen your saw a flicker and this this girl. Dropped cook hamburgers and dropped on the floor and then into the doors she didn't give it anyway and she ate it herself. All your. He's a sushi at what when he was some ship you. It would make the entire meal yeah and that the shaft with just like a blowtorch and basically and then. He would make. A lot of money and you made less money exactly. But you'd actually when I eat the meal of the day or whatever they're putting out there that's the Solutia that of 95%. 95% that ship usually comes up with a recipe and allies basically is like this I do it. Ride as you do it in majors because the food of the drizzle on the side of the plate to make all fancy yeah that's. There it is coming up on 555. In television news radio 930 WB and work calls for you guys coming up at all so. When is an assault rifle and an assault rifle we have the answer to that stunning question coming up on news radio 930 WB yet.