Have You Ever Had A Bad Experience With A Certain Food? 8/17 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

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Friday, August 17th

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News radio 930 WBA. And its com hourly in David Bellamy it's. A new radio and I entered W. Yeah David if you do go to congress I'm pretty sure the future is going to be a lot more comfortable. Have you thought about how big a picture of me you're gonna put a new ball. Have you had a chance to give that any thought at all there's no thought I didn't I that's not going to be electric cornerstone of the campaign now. We have other things you wanna get too but they're do you feel like just giving us an update on NY 27 is nothing to report. You heard today that senator Galvin it is out of the race this is something senator Gallup and popular senator with the popular share of I believe senator Galvin has the best hair in politics without a doubt one of the worst voices but that hair is unflappable in any condition waters rain snow you name it it doesn't it's like Jimmie Johnson here is perfect. But I'll get Galvin is a good man and he's a friend and I have a deep respect form he doesn't want ago in this race. And you know this is he's always been a front runner in every election he's ever you know. And interest today he was actually born with a gold and Porsche two implanted in his nether region well heat but again and he was a candidate in 2008 to replace strictly music 2011 music in 20120. And he's a candidate today but no longer want to be considered in. You know that that it always goes until again a lot you can hear a lot of other people in this race before the Tuesday in vis Seoul next week are you expecting next Thursday or Friday an announcement is going to be made it to Canada stated that the Republicans are gonna stand behind. You know what it to pay it depends who you you talked to I'll tell you what you want here as the chairman are gonna say anything they've been tight lipped about everything and and that's really the way the process should be. There's going to be more polls that come out and they'll be. More people say this poll means more that polls garbage and and people go back and forth in the polling. What I don't understand David forgive the eruption but if the party chairman are gonna based there candidacy or who they're backing a candidate based on polls. Now I'm sorry but I think sufficient evidence now exists to put the validity of polls and to some question because. It is always depended on the sample and it is always dependent on the sample size it's always depended on the question you ask them if the election of 2016 taught us anything it taught me everything is. The most actively scientifically valid poll that can help fortunate we all remember the look of abject ever surprise and shock and the face is the TV news anchors on election night. I don't think the chairman and care about polls and all I really go to knock it used the polls they're not gonna usable the media is well who uses the polls that's why you've got people express an alleged that reformed rocker. Michael as a property for. Back although it was a front runner this is all coming from one poll that the media got a hold of and the basing that off those numbers but let the NR CC is pulling this state party is gonna hold that. Some of the candidates are probably gonna throw some money to polling. But they did chairman don't care about the poll the chairman care about what their towns chairman. Are saying did that and the committee members are calling their account chairman and saying hey I want this guy I don't want that guy. And d.'s chairman looks in all their town shares and may be the poll might affect our committee member might affect a town German but. The main themes. Who they lied again and who that they want to lie endorse that has been released a speaker. So far at least in the count it. Early on in this process David you were also called a front runner would you consider yourself via front runner today here would you rather not comment I don't. The what does that mean I mean nowadays according to the poll according to data according according to what you know about what's going on the ground do you consider yourself still front runner's high pitched a lot of people David go everywhere I go. I'm not exaggerating David you'd you don't know me I don't use hyper bull gored or use hyperbole but David. My Frick and cell phone has been blown up ever since the Chris Collins story came out your name starting getting mentioned everywhere I was at a pool party last night and everybody was like. So well what's it like to work with and ex congressman tape is David television gonna get it hey what's up with delicate tell Bellamy he's got my support come. Look at. I've got a place to go over an hour today if I want to be either people have been very kind of all the attempts and I've I've tried did. You know what when I showed interest before this by far is the most support. And it's humbling and I appreciated and it's great. But as far as you know W yourself a front runner saying that you know I got this. I've no idea where it's going I'm saying that I did not have any time alone. One talent in Erie county showed interest in 2012 that was a town umbrella. You know but as far as it I'm talking points over a period Niagara. And we are we have much more between ourselves and we had you know six years ago. I don't know if you feel like getting into this and I don't know the answer because you treat me as you would any other member of the media when it comes to our professional relationship but. Are there any is there anybody who is certainly I should professional relationship it is there any party chairman that is not being cooperative is there any party chairman that you. Are looking at saying don't come out. And worship support where's your blessing. No I can say don't they don't they're not talking anyone so you know you hear scuttlebutt from you know chair hear her church there. But that in the towns but for the most part. Look mic line worthy holds a tremendous Motley interest rates is 42% of the vote. He needs one other of the one of the other counties and he can put this thing over the top. And look I've. Six a the other counties that we that I carried him in 2012 that didn't mean anything because your account in your county went the same way. So that work cut out it's always going to be cut out by. He is under tremendous. Pressure because the Erie county candidates that. You know there's a lot of moving pieces to this and you know we forget the elephant problem is is there a path again Chris counts off the ballot. And if you start throwing bombs and start. You know trying to get in and mess up its entire system you still have a guy who has been arrested who's been right. You know and I think what is going to be a huge disqualify there isn't any of these candidates were messing around. With this you know this stock this company out of Australia. If they're holding that stock or they sold that stock her name in connection to Iraq. As a the chair people asked that question I think. Your allegiance to the president is it's a question that you asked you know our deepest support the president he's gonna support his agenda I don't see anyone in this field. Today as it currently stands is anti trump that's gonna necessarily mean would be complete political step aside go out there and say in today's field is today's field to say you know I'm against the president. That's not gonna fly in a district that supports the president by 57%. And then of course the other. The side of that is you know. Are you going to our our the rural counties going to help support your candidate model. The guy that you bringing from wherever you decide to nominate you still need heavy lifting for more clean cheap. On Livingston and Niagara counties of course are they gonna go out there are the gonna put the signs up they gonna get out the vote they just came to get the top. If they you know they're just Ronald and they shut down. I've been there I've I've been there when when counties just do don't want help. Today can hurt you can grow to dramatically give. Or six years can make a big. Difference so what's going on this weekend in terms beat David Bell will be a quest to become the nominee or the the possibility I'll put it that would be the possibility availability of becoming the nominee other meetings other gatherings or other parades you have to go out I don't shake babies and kiss hands. I think the parades are a little bit over the top if you're doing a great state here you know you hopefully you're doing for your own election if your assemblyman or senator but if you're doing it for. For this C I think that's a pretty foretaste. I'm going to look I've I've got to if I wanted to like you go to a place I could go and all of the eight counties. All hours of the day and meet someone and get carried around and introduce myself here's the problem it doesn't matter. Because those each of them are what matter. You can you know you can campaign. On. But if you got a chairman of the offense and your running around and try to put pressure on that chairperson. It really doesn't help your case it's one of those things where you know right now it's it's winding up the the people that are gonna be able to fund this thing for. Get a good committee of folks that no money that our clothes money and start raising that money to India they make excellent David. It difficult is it because you know one of the things that is always turn me off about politics and one of the many reasons why I don't think I would ever get into politics is. The the money issue and I don't want. I I don't think public offices should be forcing it to the highest bidder and I don't believe that goes in a position to the big checks or to bundle the big checks ought to basically be able to buy themselves a congressman or legislator for that matter can you put us in the picture those of us who are naive outsiders into what it's like. In terms of trying to raise money and yet trying to make it clear that you are your own person that you cannot be bought. Well look there's. I'm sure that there's a lot of folks out there that want to make a deal with someone to lock this thing up right now and I just I don't do that I'll never do that I'm I'm. I'm very comfortable in who I am and what I am and if I'm gonna have to sell my soul to become a represented the 27 district. You know I wasn't raised that way I got children of my own they're always gonna look up to their dad and see you economy and I am and that is what I want them to be. So that's a non starter mean if you I'm not gonna be. I'd I'm not going to be sharing my stock tips American have a big bag of money that I'm going to be walking out of a smoky room where it but I can tell you this. For a lot of people talk about how difficult it is to raise money it was difficult. Difficult is you know having 35 guys trying to blow your head off to a firefight that's typical. This is not that difficult this is not I mean everyone wants to make the metaphor of the fight the street fight and how he if politics is a fight. You don't know what a fight is that this but you don't it doesn't have to be a fight. You articulate your message you you tell your story you make eye contact with people who you were asked him to trust you the volt. You have to earn their vote you don't just go in there for rest and and a table it's on the guy. Hourly and Ben Levy yacht. With you on the radio David in this whole process. As everything surprised you let me ask you that because you've been through this before you went through twenty to help. As a primary challenger Chris Collins and had you been caught. I don't wanna say off guard but is something made you do a mental or maybe even a verbal double take like basically a WTF moment. Villa 72 hours have been pretty crazy there's been you know a lot of people that I think Iran that tertiary area of this thing that. Believe that there king makers and and that has been a little eye opening but you know. Leonid you look. I believe that they every one of these chair people have candidate in their heads that they want. And the interview process will go a long way but what would you have to say it will eliminate yourself in an interview with chairman you'd have to. Be pretty radical with your ideology. Get yourself limited that way. David I know you don't like to dwell on this but a lot of people have a profound amount of respect for you as a war hero. And as an American veteran of combat in particular role in Fallujah is detailed in your book house to house. Has that come up has that been a factor at all in the race if it's always. Benefactor and sometimes and it's it's a positive sometimes it's a negative I know that I've I've heard many things. Connected to baton and a lot of I think unnecessary stereotypes about veterans and anger issues in you know various other things but. People are gonna do and think what they were all I can do is present my case and be honest and the people the guy and tell the truth and you know that that's all I can do I mean I was Celek a blown smoke but I hope. Nobody's stereotyping use it better because you've got your head screwed on straighter than most people have ever met in my life by you've got you've got a great sense of ballots and a lot of that is based on your faith. Listen most veterans do. Most veterans do the vast majority of people who serve this country like law enforcement. Our professionals I think it's it's extremely insulting when people say you know. While you went to combat that must be the worst thing in the world and how did you deal with that well word trained the best in the world and around other professionals they carry us through. We all have bad days real bad moments but the fact is we're accountable we were you know were we have accomplished. We know what wrong is. And and when we do wrong we corrected we acknowledge that we atone for it that's that's you know I don't know of any better citizen you can have. In your life in your neighborhoods and someone who served their country and I just. I wanna remind people that this is service it's not about how you know if you're going there because you wanna add to your Wiki page here. You know you want sort of draft off this and try to get a boat dealer draft office in and make money you know I think collected enough of those people. And Dave all burned us every every one of so may be that candidate model stakes maybe someone needs to be from outside of of that little pocket of folks living in Clarence. Do you think of anybody who fits that bill could IKEA balled his name is David there are out there are a plethora of folks that that. Fit that model but you know again I'm I'm bringing some different center or is a veteran as well. I served honorably he's a friend of mine I'd I'd I'd really appreciate what he's done and what he does. And you know I'm sure everyone else is gonna jump in and they'll probably form more names by Monday. Well taken about throw in my head the Rangers to really give some to talk about was I can take all the heat I can take all the fire I can draw flak no baggage of Tom hourly health not the least you can make 426 in his rookie and thirty WB yet as I like to say I've so many skeletons in my closet they often party late into the night and I can hear the clamoring about. Now why. I've had little flip side local man there have been known to play with them like and the monkeys medley year. Yeah. How I would just like we can sing. You have to wait a little while for that one room that Dennis let's. I actually going to be played over the starting at 6 o'clock is part of the merits food truck Friday right here and hammered right here right around the corner until you're going from here to there from here to there yes except McCullough. Well yeah allegedly I have my telecast are all set to go. Well you know the of these in just pave that road so you won't lose your. At nice and smooth transition Baldelli who it was horrible we as as you know we of the Italian food and clam bake with the guys Sunday. Including a classic Orange Bowl victory and David I think I thought I finally have found a sport. Other than hockey but I actually have some innate ability that performing and that is the sport corn hole. I'm we import party last night. And I was teamed up with this point in Shaw on who is the grandson. Of a very dear friend Winnie. And we were an unbeatable team this kid it's good this kid got like I would say for every four. Bags he shot at the corn hole board I'd say that 50% of them they could just go in the hole they just like sure. Like something written that basically took Cornwall is is an amalgam. Or shoes and culpable and and being bad thoughts out of being baggage you're throwing it in like the and raise little bit of it and yes but I take it it is an absolute riot and in case you're just joining us. Don't even think about setting the tax like. I can't top that it is a gain mat and nothing but a game you certainly don't think I talk about playing with a little boy if there was anything else but a game do you because if you do that's pretty sick stuff. But it is I gotta tell you it is an absolute riot that happened unlike horseshoes nobody gets hurt nobody gets hurt whatsoever but it's a great deal of fun. And I will tell you that David I take. I actually believe in the corn hole ought to be if it is already an Olympic sport it's the one chance I would ever have in this life to win a gold medal. And I was and I was also thinking last night there are probably men and women who practiced corn hole like eight hours a day and they can probably do blindfold. So that kind of take some of the luster off of the achievement of vote last night's successive victories but man is this just a fun game to play what Chrysler. I think you know I used him goof on currently all the time all let's try well it went at the harbor setter yes girl current ones grow. Those. Days you look at you think while ago Babe Ruth played baseball not exactly a physical specimen. But. There's so much. Technique in strategy that's involved in. You know those rocks in it women in this week being in. The scoff at the the is an analyst breakers all. Well and it's the same thing with Cornel too because you. You know there is actually I did not notice but they're actually regulation corn hole boards and not every set that you buy as acorn holes that actually is a regulation court holds that it has to be at a specific angle. There also is there should be a specific grain of wood that is used I don't know exactly what it is but if you get a really slippery corn hole board they can really throw your whole game off and you actually get points for just being on the board. So it again it is just it's so fun it really made it and it's also kind of like. Bowling and slow pitch and fast pitch softball because you throw a underhanded went to throw the B index. If you go to a CEO the American corn whole organization guests you'll find at the that verse 68000. Dollars to wind east championship. Bet that's not bad at all. That brought that little kid Sean he's got a she's got a really good shot added he's a natural of their turf it's all over. The United States and you can and there's regionals and the next one is coming up here a couple weeks actually we have time Q. To get ready for the AC EO pay penalties he'll qualify but if you state championship the world championship of course. Well big discount me and that's all I can say gotta practice more but there's just so much fun there really is. Now get some fun David what isn't fun is having a food that you really really like. But you have one bad experience with a and you haven't touched it since grieved never viewed it in quite the same way cents. And we don't want you to name restaurants we really seriously no restaurants no branch you gotta be cooperative with this okay. But we wanna find out if you were absolutely. In to a food you've got a bad that. Dose of it or something happened whip it and it would have to be a food poisoning let me give you one example of told the story many years ago on the year but my brother back. Used to love Campbell's chicken noodle soup this kid I'll tell you when he was a little boy. Campbell's condensed chicken noodle soup with what my brother had for lunch and one day. Before I was born a very unfortunate thing happened David he had a steaming hot bowl. Of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. On the kitchen table something happened and the soup and that up literally pouring into his lap. It had nothing to do with the flavor it had nothing to do with the taste but for ever that changed my brother's view of Campbell's he will not touch chicken noodle soup to this day as a result. And if you do have a food that you like and it made you sick but you can actually go back to the food and enjoy it all I can say is props to you. Props to you and I had a bad. I had a bad order of clams the other night about gonna name the restaurant. Because it wouldn't be fair and they're totally cool and they're making up for its all good and frankly it's a place forgotten some great clams this summer is have been out of frenzy to eat every shellfish in the continental United States and Canada. You know it's like all of there's a clamp let either I will not be happy until every clam of the world is in my belly. But despite having one bad experience and I could get sick off of it because frankly I didn't eat enough to work to get sick even though it doesn't take much sometimes. But I will definitely go back in to clam paradise and enjoy my my clams can't get enough of those as I think everybody knows but. If you've had a bad experience with food and you've never been able to view it in quite the same way and it could be something stupid like hey I. I open up a box of pizza and there was a band aid on one of the slices of pizza. You might never eat pizza again it's just weird how what works not David you're at a sushi guys are here. Are you know I'm a sushi guy and I've had some bad sushi and I'll tell you what that'll make you question your entire position in the world like why am I here. There is nothing like having this seafood is that that double edged sword it can be the greatest thing in the world. Or can literally make you question your existing. Well see I've never here's the thing David if you asked me about seafood I would tell you I don't like seafood yet. The stuff that I do like happens to be some of the most seafood he tasting stuff for the world IE clams. And the cocktail shrimp. Jumbo cocktail shrimp serve almost ice cold. With a spicy cocktail sauce you give me some of that and I'm very happy camper but I got to be really careful because the misses is allergic highly allergic to shore up. So I get shrimp cocktail I literally upon completion of the shrimp cocktail. I have to go to the men's room wash my hands. Hands thoroughly wash my face the orally and rips up my mouth thoroughly so that she doesn't get out of Alexis seriously where you know amateur I'd the year honors will take care. Third year. And the total processing center right and you think. Depending on where you ago but. Often times your led to believe that the deer that you harvested. Is that meat that you again but often times its weight thing and they just gave you whenever your way to say this you know. Finally kill this you don't know what what you're getting sometimes if you go to went on reliable professional place. I went to a seafood place once while I went to school about New Hampshire. And there was like diesel boat in Massachusetts and you went out you through like nets out and whatever you caught allegedly made for you. Which was complete garbage because you're in casual humps or hold her here earlier go to sleep through the but but there there was a time when I went to this place at I had the long I've planned deep fried long neck. Now they're really not thought the GO ducked all you do everything the whole sack of it was horrible and OK I think it was a geoducks Sergio and I think it's disgusting okay geoducks if you don't know what to do we that plan looks like. Go online right now try to contain your laughter it's spelled. GD. ODUC. You look that up and you're never gonna view clams and quite the same way I had a plea. Bushel whatever they were of these long you know. The whole. Science of the clan on the plate deep fried. I haven't felt that sick since the thunderbirds asked me to get their play. And and it was all horrible experience I mean it was everything you can imagine. And you recover from that and you're like I really enjoyed this but now I don't wanna go back to it because the automatic spot. Of a deep fried. Long neck whatever is freaking right back to that that. And if so distraught that they had Smart food you know that popcorn. You know. They got sick and pot it'll ever wanna go back to immediately they see someone eating and they automatically associated that with the air sickness and the thing about popcorn is you can't just eat popcorn by yourself because the Roma. Whether it's row microwave popcorn which we can't do here because we have a staff member who is deathly allergic to microwave popcorn but you're the whole Tripoli thing happened. Which week where exactly they had a really to have it's a bad media going around but every but once you know that someone got sick. Enough food that your eating that. Merger had injury and I think some could be. Psycho somatic where you're right way to meant absolutely we're this guy gets it too I really wanna go did you pull away and time. Like to call in sick before order my meal like what what do they see this. It not be fair but and and I I apologize to the people. At chipotle for saying this is I know it's not fear. But because of all the bad press I will never ever eat at a chipotle and I'm really really sorry you're probably fine restaurant with fine health practices and all that stuff but because of all the publicity about. The many places that did have problems I'm not gonna eat here. If you look at the at the paperwork when the Health Department waited shut down the bad triple place. There was some really crazy things going on there they found a seagull. In the kitchen all right well. I don't know where this place was but there's no reason why it's eagle. Has to be in the kitchen when the manager was confronted with it he said oh he's back. So like this Siegel has found a way into his kitchen to pull away and you know and the other thing they're flying rats well again though that they found like gadgets. That was a really unfortunate very public. It's an organic farms right up everyone wants organic farms they think they're great organic let's grow beards and Wear skinny charge more. But but also what you find with organic farms as they are organic because they don't go through the same process of regulations and checks that other forms have to go through. And a lot of times you'll hear like hey there's some great tomatoes out there. Got a little bit stuff on you know you know you wanna get that E. Coli oh yeah and always feces is always E. Coli. Yeah and it's always fecal it's it's horrible idea I'm sorry it's just discussed. Our cell had hit a bad experience with food and is totally turned you off to that food or maybe you had a bad experience and you're actually able to look past it. I've had bad chicken wings to KB food poisoning once. I don't eat that many wings but what I do I do enjoy them I didn't let that bother me and I'm not gonna let my bad experience the other night with clams from which I did not get sick there's certainly and I can interfere with my quest to devour every clamor possibly can't. And just to save the texts when I talk about clams I'm talking about legitimate seafood as in steamers long neck you know there's so we get people out there who make these assumptions about me it's not it's not fear and sometimes it's if it's it's kind of it's kind of annoying when you really legitimately are talking about seafood. C had a bad experience with a food or did. And you haven't gone back to that food sets could be if food you've enjoyed some jerk kid. But one bad experience it's amazing what can Judea and it might even be something like food poisoning can it be something just as simple as spilling a bowl of hot soup on your lap. Which forever. Poison my brother against. I think pretty much all soups here is that Dave in Pennsylvania danger on WB Ian welcome. Welcome that and though. Yeah 94 I by Turkey we applications to work jurors the and ultimately. She became my wife. But they wish you took it to the list clam a restaurant everything and I had too much Jack Daniels and whom understand clams. And old boy for the next three days. I was bedridden or whether vacation. And ever since that I can't have a clams casino in knots and. Seriously. Table of what what role do you think the whiskey played and it wasn't was it more likely too much Jack and not enough food. I think too much to Africa had about a apple port. I don't mind CI a joy southern comfort on the rocks of so called on the rocks and then Mike clamps. But. I've been told after that that you can't drink whiskey and when view he claims and and I believed that's true. Is that really true or is that one of those urban legends or old wives' tales Phil I think we need some research Phil is gonna do some research for us and WB yeah. That'd be good because is still an aching and he does things planned Iraq plan. Then I'm. Or even clams casino which is basically bacon in a shell. I I know it and my wife could she could lead to treat doesn't at a time they sit there and I'm just. Salave'a now an old boy percentages have one. Now bro bro. I did not appreciate the joy of the buy valve until this summer and for whatever reason I've gone into a clam frenzy I actually know what the reason is it's one of the few things I can eat and actually enjoy and not feel guilty about it. As good. So you take care my credit and both video people who. Server but it at least about congress save the texts if if yes it is that coming up on 555. News radio 930 WB and hourly and relevant we're gonna continue this coming up in the I've. What did you use to like to eat Petit had one bad experience and it is forever taint your view of that particular food and yes were talking about food no we don't want the names of restaurants and no we don't want anybody calling it with stuff that is real actual digestible fu. Haven't made that we ever have I made myself clear because. Hoped to have any pudding if you won't each at a meet. Are right it is sorry arena and again I've been known going to Pink Floyd things it's really bizarre.