Have We Gotten Carried Away With The Use Of Certain Service Animals? 5/24 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, May 24th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. First we are going to honor the fact that we 63. On the popular. Hundred and but you know I will never get a proclamation would cares drama that's right no one cares that certain week here. It's combo hourly they would if they can't picture my way through a rule that directly lie hull I am. With a big pledges to and David Bellamy I don't know how it happened or what goes into it but I will say that yes volley envelop the 63. I'm heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty they're a really good golfer. You know like the PGA tour golfers like humanity is 63 in the masters like why now why. Look you know this golf and guy its hourly and they'll be. How adult but on news radio nine didn't. Now it is at nine minutes after four news radio 930 WBE and cowardly and Sylvia. And that that you might be getting older. A lot here well oh but green surface animals. You know. There are listen. You gotta you we have to have court the here's the disclaimer right. The disclaimer is. There are folks that are rooting it for people who really need service animals. It's always the people that take it too far. They have they have these service. Great gain. I mean c'mon. You're a great day out off light we you know we. I hear from people who have service animals and David you know when I was growing up when you were grown up you know the only service animal they're really was was a seeing eye dog. A very expensive and very well trained animal that is basically a guide and the eyes were people who cannot say the blind. It was seeing eye dogs but Powell David we have taken service animals to the next level. Tom EE emotional support. Is anybody in our audience does does anybody think that this whole concept of the service animal has gone. Too far maybe you bid to sit on a plane next to somebody with a service hedge hog. And I think the greatest clash of rights ever would be for somebody to call a peanut a service food. And be forced to sit next to somebody with a peanut allergy of it and you've got conflicting interests it's in the hole. Thing is just it again yet folks that they treat you know this is. To go to school they get these animals that are trained. And then there's someone just decides I wanna hang out and have a juror all they be cooled to just be a feel good when I have my journal at me. And and they root for everybody and so now guess what both airlines have to make will. Thing of the past policies to say that a goat should never be of service and what all and we do we really need. Delta did dictate to us there's probably a bad idea. To have a war combat as your service at McCormick Oman. Lomb rose and alpaca isn't so stupid like that time I brought the kangaroo with me to Florida that didn't work out so did. Have your your your dog could use your service animal ever was happy and if you see other people abusing service animals the sense that. They're just do it because they find it ironic or they feel cool. I'm sorry but I I think they they're the ones who should lead they should clean up zero. Maybe somebody can explain to us the whole idea of service animals and that we get the seeing eye dog thing okay week we get that and we also get the galaxy the service animals that are used by the military and law enforcement for explosive work and for drug work. I mean they're working dogs in there they're working dogs but. I don't understand win as a society people needed to start carrying around hedge hogs. Or occupied. As as service animals and you please explain this to me because. Honestly I'm laws mean. It seems to me that. If you are so freaked out. About life that you've got to have your service turtle with you everywhere ego that may be flying might not be the way you wanna go oh I I don't understand it at some point whether we give up on alcohol and switch to service animals. Again you you know we we've seen what it could do with people with posttraumatic stress the idea of caring for something. There's a whole new way to open up relationships and deal with the it puts you back into that that time when you were needed and it psychologically when she that the studies it does amazing things old people in nursing homes. You know we CPU they stopped caring that are there out there and their health declines in the all of a sudden zone brings an animal and and it's like they're alive again have a purpose to live there's you know this meaning in their life. This is what the entire program is based around if you find that meeting with a sea turtle. All too aware that she turtles swim. But do you not bring you that out of southwest flight to Orlando but see we're right get lost David and and I love. Animals and I've got a long and documented history of luck let's. At. Very unfortunate. So you guys have been in my youth and feel about it now but I have. And we'll just give it. Should care but now maybe but long story long story short that David is you know I get it. Having a having a cat a dialogue I mean hell even a turtle a pet rabbit I did it. But the bottom line David is there animals and if that means is really necessary that people bring it. Here dialogue or either cash or their goal in the wegmans. Worked ops were all these or wherever as these service element that can't be apart from there are emotional support animal for an hour. I mean that's eight at that level of dependency well I think it transcends what we were considered normal. Again there are legitimate individuals there who. If you noticed there that that usually the dogs are. They're not there to be touched or are there to get sympathy there that there'd be cute they're there to do a purpose and job and then there's other folks and evidently they read the pamphlet. Because they're just you know there there entire purposes is to like meet chicks would like cool animals and it almost seems like what bill. You know having your bringing here and it's always crazy animal that you think you know it's by. My comfort peacock might comfort boa constrictor he exactly this is this is the animosity. It's a Burmese python. And it squeezes me into you know like. I don't. I don't understand it and I honestly there's an up a lot for a lot of people that genuinely depend on these animals. Because felt there's four different airlines and change their policy is a very. You know a viral video of a death couple. And a guy like punched the service. Great game. Right the person attacked aide allegedly attacked the death Koppel. And the couple couldn't hear their death. And they Hattie service great game what would it was like this in the offense which are great gains. Testicles were in the were in my wife is. Large dog. It's a small plane we ordered our tickets way and sat in the back we were aware that. The baggage. The when we asked for a tea bag from the flight attendant that's not quite where we're ever going with that. If it all back should go to the overhead compartment melt but the silly that the woman's allergic to dogs and I'm sorry but. When you go to as a service dog academy. They're not going to tree traditionally that give you English master whose great gains right. There's a certain type of dogs they give you because of the accessibility and how the size and the upkeep. Why would you get a Shetland pony. And why would you decide to bring that shipment and it makes you feel better. Make you feel butter on a flight Q and all I try to fly nude. Yours and things I'd like to bring with me and play but I couldn't get him through TSA. So gonna happen by the who the boy did I just think if your outside of the Border Collie. You know you're going with a really big dock your goal would like you know a star finisher something ridiculous. Service to our because you need to be stopped someone asked him Sullivan didn't love you. Needs to step in and say okay here's the deal you're being ridiculous. And you're really running it for a lot of people who served honorably and really decent people that need this. You're ruining it forever a hit but the people with whom you served. Who had service animals what percentage are service dogs. A 100% 100% or service dogs. And these is your your guys and ladies do that absolutely positively need that animal with them 24/7. I don't know. I mean outs at I don't have any guys had I served with people that service dogs but I don't have anyone in my my inner circle. To ask you know those types of questions. I don't think it's a matter of like if I'm not with the dog them and go into. You know I'm not to be able function. But obviously they want their dogs you know working. When they're out Republican one. So we'll hear from people with service animals and we also have you seen anybody on a flight or at a store with a service animal that you thought was just highly inappropriate. So you have to educate me at least on this because again when I grew up it was seeing eye dogs that was the only service animal there was and then well actually there were also law enforcement canines have been around for a long time this is from the independent they're the word go through a list of all of the service animals and kicked off planes in the last five years you're you're not gonna leave that have animals we were trying to pass off. As service animals like a pig. A service paid. Shot out well pigs come at all sciences are we talking pot but you know that a teeny tiny miniature pager are we talking about the 700 pound shouts. Well it was disruptive as it was that hard. Watch what this pig and Emma flight well I mean he was sorry but you don't win it when I think about being on a plane. And seeing the rear end of the league or eight goat. There's one thing that you learned very early about pigs and goats and that is that they're very unpredictable. And very seldom do they Wear diapers. And they don't clean up after themselves it is a twenty minutes after four news radio I'm in the nuggets everywhere it's 428 news radio 930 WB EN. Service animals have we gone over the edge you're good bad and ugly service animal tales no pun intended so have service animals or emotional support animals gone too far. How we want to hear that list David but that Ricky and I don't want to wants to chime in on this and from what we're reading on the screen it looks review like you've had that may be a bad experience or two with somebody in a service animal. Not really I've ever had a bad experience by. There's too many places outlying they condolences tight in some information in your heart that she's saying haters are service animals. I'm a better and I'm a better representative of writing claims as ultra better disarmed or better all the time abroad our friend our veteran perhaps or remorse. Give the perfect I want doctor. Alec I mean so you're you're tell me right now Ricky and thank you for your service by the way. You're gonna tell me right now that there are people who legitimately need these and then there are people that are doing for the robberies. Oil the most outwardly calm. The VA hospital you have to have a special special credentials for your animal to be a service animal to coincident VA hospital. There's that other servers animal in there because historically bad we have to understand there's different kinds of service dogs there are therapy dogs they go to late. Arm. Old folks homes and public dead asleep boarded up their days. But that matters to dogs are working dogs that are there that that are small she patted they're there for it but to each yes yes. Four. Right and they're supposed to be there to count down the person comfort them and all that good stuff. Which you've got doctor is that are like just prescribing animals to people. Like rent like like this one woman was flying from Charlotte Asheville, North Carolina that has got to be Allen a 45 minute flight. And she had to bring on her duck. At the David duck was Daniel Turk duck game stinker by. And she got hit by a taxi cab 2013. The shrink gay neighbor PT SD animal she chose to name him mr. stinker but. And takes this duck. And to duck the largest Doc Rivers in my life just take it everywhere. And it's like her comfort dot late that type of person. I wanna hitter with a K okay the sounds absurd to me. I'm sorry it's sounds absolutely absurd and then Ricky is over there doing his job he's got to be like yeah you've got a service to. Well so relatively calm. Got that wrapped and you actually had his observers dog I think in many also of those servers that are. But he is Perry is often as girls to burn. I'm sure is awesome but we're making a mockery of the kick it to the coolest Ferrer in the world that I get them to fight and like bowl -- form one big giant fair it it doesn't matter man okay our veterans of the united states military let's show a little bit of grace here -- tonight -- dogs or service dialogue stop the other animals and I think the guy who asks the question. In an era where we have an increasing awareness of PT SD and there are approved medications to deal with PT as the why not medications why service animals. Well almost the better it is better targeting over automatic that's right so if you can have a dog calmed down and that a vote so that's gonna ring no last via these men are. Are your pennies all the other stuff. I let him have a dog. Ricky here literally the best person we can have a line right now. He's literally answering all of these questions from his own experience in and working in. And and it's it's so true it's like if you if you don't wanna be on all these drugs. You know and I docket handled that great but there's always going to be some Smart ass has got to be like where if you bird dog why don't larger bowl walk. Curious about the service parent situation you just brought up but I do wanna hold on please feel free elector I'd like bigger I'd be worried that Curwood mock me and everything I say it's gonna learn in Shubert for academic. We will love you back up our ability to service animals and have the emotional service and locals and gone too far. Whether you have one or have had a weird experience with somebody with a service. Turkey or something. Let us know and frankly I think that Turkey and climb road was in need of a service human last I heard that Turkey was put into some kind of Turkey Rea. And. Your. Kids are gonna patent over peca. Well I would not wish Sean Murphy a very very happy birthday he's fourteen years old today. Which makes him two years more mature than right now he's 25 years old annie's had a birthday in. One which monitors have sir all I won't say thank you can see. Doesn't have much. We are I'm asking you guys about service animals we wanna hear from people with service animals and as anybody at eight disturbing yet. Unpleasant experience with somebody else's alleged service animal. At the way. What should service Turkey before I would just like they can have an animal got out of my r.'s and there's actually put up with a relative FaceBook page showing it. Picture of somebody with there's oppose it surfaced jerky. Yet Daniel heard doctor in stinker by. Who is the service docks of service to argue guy's service paid without US Airways flight in 2014. The Dalmatian. Was so tall it is put into applause. On the overhead baggage. We did a pretty large there's always the service catch the service monkey. We've seen a service Turkey which actually sat in business class. Achieving more mileage. Throughout the third Democrat operative exit current and though the horse the item the service a blonde moment actual floor to begin using miniature. Horse after losing to guide dogs old age. And the horse called confetti. Was photographed. JFK airport okay to ask a stupid question me. I just a stupid question on what happened to the idea of service wolves as well as coyotes didn't server we will with its service turkeys I mean you know when worlds collide. But I am just just a question here that I have to ask how well. What we used to call back in the old days threatens. That we're replacing human companionship. And friends spouses or significant others with service ducks in this little messed up. Again these are the people root for you know the vast majority vote I've been able to see just you know guys would all dogs. There is something unconditional. You know especially. Like guilt survivors you know after you were the only survivor of a situation you lost at ease when you're losing guys. Italy combat these are guys that are like everything is dramatic. Nothing is natural as a natural cause deaths in an economy it's a nineteen year old kids twenty year old kids and you walk out of it. You need unconditional love from one. You know source and it that source could be a dog that's autism or pad of and but the idea that like a duck or at Turkey coma and it could snuggle with the Turkey there's a personality to a Turkey. But I see I disagree about the personnel everything but made my point it sort of animal even a dog is still at the end of the day not a fur baby it's a dog get is they canine. Okay my my cat I love her but she is an animal she is a feline. Okay with a human being I can engage in conversation. If I am feeling particularly happy or particularly depressed a human being can offer human insight into the human condition. A Turkey. A service may even a service dog is on able to offer the kind of companionship. And interaction and human being can offer isn't so. Many better off for the human being but again I don't know if if there's a position that you know out if you don't have a spouse or you don't have a sibling. What does that Diego or just hire someone to be with you. 24/7 if you if you're a person there's other people out there that lost their legs and a blue line. That that they're going to be dead care if you can not get out with a dog and that veteran or that person is is better off for having gone through that trauma. Probably that. But these these are idiots these these service pig people. Have literally ruined because now there's always ruled what these animals that they were before. Now you've got to do all this courageous and also you know there are also folks at C service dog and automatically wanna rub its belly. Which if it's a work in our guest post touch working dog out and out there for you to write this the how narcissistic are we at the culture to think that dog is there to make your travels better. Right I Kerry and his dog around me just to make people. It's using this is a stop over from Cleveland to smile. Should it should businesses and there are stories tighten up policies. Net service animals in particular emotional support animals. And that let's get back to what Ricky in total one bit. Ricky. You know what are the things that concerns me about people being. It invested in let's say even a service dog is. You know unfortunately dogs had an average lifespan depends on the breed but typically you're looking at ten to fourteen quality years out of the dog. And I would imagine that if if somebody has that kind of emotion invested in 28 canine. When it is time to euthanize. The effect on the person who has been so dependent on that animal has got to be. Traumatize and and and that person is gonna have to go through a five or six times depend on how long the patience of ups. Yeah most thoughtful and only got about I got to go art help them are all good dogs and might ever wanted to compliment each action now like that diagonal to detain thing. But. That singular stable person animal. Sometimes you just need to tell your story can not get anything back unity that book that says yeah I understand it aux. You don't you don't is somebody your colleague judge who weren't so that means your dog and judge your dollars in public and heroes are do you view the corporate that you why. And it's really about the comfort of the individual at the end of their most up. Let it. Is there any I mean I don't know if you know the answer this tricky but is there any evidence that a service dog is any more or. Affective for somebody with PTS do you. Then somebody who is AP a Psycho therapist or licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who is supposed to listen with the unconditional positive regard. Yeah most importantly Tom advocates are an old COLT to a Serbs animals. And you can always goes theater and continued he's somebody you can always got your dog better. Let's be honest the dog isn't treating anyone. And made it witnessed that stuff executives of these people are not different therapists they're going to dogs. You know Arabs want to give the rocket barrage in my dog to me. I'll give you that conference that you need and so you can get seniors Sarah. Exactly. But I don't think he's that it it's working. And whether or not people understand it it's working it's effective but now we've got all these jackass is run around with you know Shetland pony. Somebody rescuers were here's where I see your source in contradiction. Because our our society were used to dogs we are used to cats were not so used to Shetland ponies so all. If somebody is getting the same benefit from their pot bellied pig as somebody else gets from a dogged. On what basis can we argue that that individual who gets the pigs support is any less valid and the person who gets the canine support. If you wanna step and all those soft. Tylenol pills that are now in the first class section of the like the New York did have bad and a pig goes the bathroom is a mess. Yeah take up pick programs break dogs. But parents to worthy back to win the first and the way it might bolt on my dogs or don't do good I don't know it is. Doctor Kosher to know and doctor samurai. Com will now be sort of war two wide beta. Beardsley. Domesticated error. Or for that. Second opinion sent us. You can you can really the people is well aware of protocol play and an act at all and added. That scene in the cattle out of here it's war by. As Jessica. I know you're actually right all these pigs and we want birds either they're great way if you got kids and got a duck it's like. On the bathroom it's great way to just spread. Every disease known to man. All right Rickie thank you we got to move out of some other folks are where we're glad you called an 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WBE. And and you know the idea of a parrot on your shoulder always sounds really cool. Some. Analysts say this delicately you start getting them through our Chiapas Avian friends and yeah the expression crap like crap through reduced if it kind of it applies to parakeets. And I and can marries and that parents as well. They've got a very fast metabolism thing him. Can't think of a better way to record suit. Our let's get to it Debbie in cold and on WB yet have we taken service animals too far has it gotten out of hand. All out yet hit hit in terms of the emotional support. Animals and let me just. By saying that I'm a big problem where I have 010 Labrador Retriever. Only challenge here and the SP CA constantly program. It's over 400 dollar and a few at bat or. Why. It's a story. I look like Beck I am at about twelve firm Richard Elliott at Christmas and her work with a couple. And they had little oh emotional support Ike's now you can stand one. Not. And at this camp because they eat that is most support and making it speech cards. If they're not that then airline charges them like a 120 right galaxy Tway. Well. What am I. The a Pekingese they grapple Pekingese. Little lunch. Right and and Lee blood was pouring out of her. Yet that's cool. And sometimes again dipped by a smaller Doug who works. Who would that not lovers out. But will remember what I am a plane again we're not I'm playing because she was attacked by. A he. And been a incorrect howl of what is pouring now. And and our flight attendant but. Sterilize it yes yes yes. That can. And then charge six dollars but it had to be in cash. She might hit and it's. What they make up I was a lane open at that you tobacco and Hewlett actually championship at oak apartment she. Who looks. Well. You know. Who who gets to hit her. And what should not do not know the airline I want to hurt should go to. Of course. Now she wouldn't have to what looked like a box she did not mention how well. She had all but as she gets up it would have settled here and she need it she got. Capital. At an addict. Well kept every I. I'm not taken that dog with me all of us if you would because that we've we've got to take a break it is the idea of service channels has it gotten out of hand emotional support animals out of hand if you had good bad ugly experiences with other people's. Service animals on an end here would get a situation were that these friend. Was bitten by a Pekingese and that dot com and when there's no way am and a lot of dog that bites me out of my side when I got bit by my own cat that half crazy one half Farrell won my hand swelled up like a big balloon animals at the that the ER urgent care center get my antibiotics and everything else I was industry leader at least as shocked as gushing blood and everything else has put affiliate out of the ball it's is it the whole idea though that your dog. The walking around public with just beat someone ams are going to be accountable. Service animals have been absolutely gotten out of hand emotional support animals. I honestly don't get it. ID I guess I I I just don't peca is as close as you Marty your dog it's pretty hard to have a conversation. With the dog. You can talk to the dog and talked to look at it. Has a lot of times were might cap me now and I think I know what she wants but I'm not sure because I don't speak. I have much broader conversations with humans. That I do with animals and that's not to say the animals are stupid and differently now is can mean different things but. You know especially when it comes time we you've got to euthanize your pet you wish you could talk to your but you can't you gotta read the signals and read the signs and you know try to figure out oh my god to do it today or wait today. And honestly I think it's better to do it a date to earlier than they too late but that's just me. Here's Debbie in all a cold and get a WB and her friend was actually bitten and gushed blood because. Eight Pekingese. Alleged service dog. Bit her friend it. On route from my California what the touchdown and a Chicago and the woman went from Chicago buffalo. And immediately went to a hospital for treatment. Yes I hate him or clear distinction between. So. Who. Go. For training. And camp a specific purpose I eat the night. Not what they asked. Not for our maybe. Posttraumatic stress syndrome and the emotional support dark so people were no training. Am I if you can get a letter from eight MB EK. Met you know. Britain is never you know seeing them or I'll beat this emotional support. And four K at or parent or whatever else. And and you can bring that. At odds that happen and not. Just like everybody acts like people do that they black two of flag with the animal fur pretty. And they get it would be not to be it animals where. Trip aimed at not you don't attacking people and do we various other things that they do. I've never seen a service Pekingese. That's that's about the breed. Oh. Support rye. I thought it was a couple whip through. Yeah but again that's there to me that's abuse and they'll point I Debbie thank you very much you know it properly train service dog would not. Of attacks him but I have never heard I mean it is sorry if I never heard of somebody seeing eye dog it. You know mauling some innocent person of the murder or another dog either no other very meticulously trained in how they're real member. Since it is our interests. David can save the ability of news radio 930 WBE.