Hardline Hour 1 4-22-18 Burke vs Bohen

Sunday, April 22nd

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. WBA. Welcome to hard line this is Kevin Hardwick glad that. Start to show a little bit us news after we signed off last Sunday a few hours after we signed off by via father in lodge on Mariano. Passed away in nor which New York fortunately my wife Debbie was I was there with him in the nursing home. This is all by way of saying it was it was a heck of a week we head the week in Norwich New York carefully between Binghamton in Utica on Thursday. Funeral on Fridays like been a little bit out of the loop tonight. Started. Started looking at my Twitter feed and news and I see that did during this week I picked the week that bill Albany exploded it was a it was a crazy week ahead. Andrew Cuomo apparently throwing Kathy vocal under the bus. It may McMurray can confused as to what his role in the congressional campaign was. Given the fact that they're trying to slight vocal and that. Of course you have a lot of people on the sidelines wondering what's going on. Were they try to sort through all this say in the course of the next couple hours. Half an hour from now be joined live in studio by capital tonight's. And Specter news's. Correspondent Ryan Whalen. Ryan was on a couple weeks ago he's gonna help me break this down. In an hour from now it did during the 11 o'clock hour I'll be joined live in studio by a couple of minor party representatives who have a role in all this. Erie county conservative cheer Ralph regal will be here. As well as we'll Jesse let me guess he is and he in upstate organizer for the working families party. Whose fault this probably all is because they had a convention a week or so ago. And they endorse Cynthia Nixon for governor which apparently set that this whole string of dominos in motion. Anyway. Perhaps you've heard there's a special election that the field Mickey Kearns all assembly seat. A coming up this Tuesday that its April 24. If you're in Mickey Kearns is old district were eligible eligible to vote for this. There a couple of candidates. One is one of my colleagues in the Erie county legislature pepper the Democrat. We have another Democrat Eric Bowen who is also running but he's running with the endorsement of the Republican Party. And we open up the show within eight with they called him Eric welcome to the program. Are you I'm I'm well thank you Erica let me I mean I guess start with the obvious question what their possessed you to run for the seat. Or Kevin a major prayer in my personal professional life has always done to help others on the classroom and the community. On my intention of running referee. Is to represent people on its space and quality experience or interest server. Why why should people who are listening to our program who live in Mickey Kearns as. All district vote for you on Tuesday. Why it's any teacher for thirteen years and I just had firsthand experience with your friends and family. I have been in their homes or tutor them I've done a lot of what charitable work in the community. Particularly in our neighborhood of south buffalo. I'm a lot of things camel mercy academy and this time of high school. I helped start dealing crystal foundation where we are still want to get acute determined and very proud of what I don't. If you're a little bit late to being in this morning and speaking now with the Eric Bowen Eric is a candidate endorsed by the Republican Party. In the special election for Mickey Kearns old assembly seat which will be held this Tuesday. I'm Eric now you are a registered Democrat correcting your running as a Republican. How did how does that all come about. Well I went in front of the democratic committee and they they chose not to vote who. And I have had some experience working where it people or all parties. And the Republicans reached out to me and I'm able to work with them and they bought what was he on independence party on people quick Democrats. I mingle with everybody. And they keep you airline as soon as well as the Conservative Party. And be independent colleges. If if you're fortunate enough to get elected this Tuesday with whom will you conference what's once in Albany will you be with the Republicans career. I will conference where beat Democrat with Democrats okay and the Republicans are OK with let I am very independent he had. I'm I'm going to put him meet other people. In his district easy I would like to talk to all the constituents before and make it isn't on it are not bought installed in the Democratic Party. Nell Nell. If if you are not fortunate in a few boos on Tuesday. In about six weeks or so the petitions will hit the street for the regular election. Which is this November if you lose on Tuesday will you run in November have you made that decision. I ever made that the you have to analyze unpopular. After two. Icy icy. Well well let me let me let me run down quickly if you wouldn't mind your position on some. Issues that are important to a lot of people some so called hot button issues. Start with the start with a one that's on a lot of people's minds abortion where do you stand on abortion. I am here on collect candidate. I was born written Catholic church and I heard from the simplest. So you would not favor governor Cuomo's. Position Ares is is built to codify Roe vs. Wade. When I'm okay how about gun control. Do you think we have enough gun control New York State not enough for you happy where we are. I support the effective manner of the United States count which. Okay. You know the governor came out with a proposal or eating about the polls leaked humility executive order this past week. Allowing parolees to vote in New York State elections. Is that something you would like to repeal would legislation or our our herb do you think that the it's a good executive order. I do not believe that I believe that it's called on the Newburgh. 35000. Parolees will be arm under on the voting block and I think that is just a political incurred as governor. And let's let's talk next about. Marijuana. Marijuana currently we have medical. Marijuana legalized in New York State that was a big battle a couple years ago there are people calling a lot of people calling for the legalization of record marijuana for recreational use such as some other states have done where where you are net. So rigor and marijuana into ice and I just support right now the study and watch what the study proves I'm so that it won't. OK so you wanna wait and see what what that it. Now there's also bill. Floating around in Albany that the eleven news outlets have picked up on this week involving. Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants is is similar to something. Governor Spitzer when he was governor exploded back in 2007. Have you given any thought to this. I am against that well okay I'm against that he should be illegal. An attempt to get a driver's license in New York. Let let let me let me ask you finally before we have to go to a break. How. This is your first time running for public office. How old how is that experience been housing campaigning going. I've. Been a little hairy arm. Lucky wired with my my faith. Went gold in all pertinent. And find that emirates is strong serve as a little different but aren't the people at the people that truly know me know that. This is crazy. And especially that. My own union. Is continuing to attack acne and instead of them being so focused on Carl Paladino they should be focused on my priorities that supports American Cameron. Don't know they union would be nice that you remember a nice set. I am I am acute pain and number of nice that I get there Mallard. Every single day on. So that the latest one it's sad that we need to stand together or Westchester. Value. If anything get our neighborhood street and what we are representing. That was Dell is someone that at some way I tell my students to proof read all their work an infinite thanks and other tweet this morning that I didn't proof read before a senate. County executive picked up on it that's very embarrassing. I'll ask so is it I mean is the is that it is the campaign have been eye opening for you. Teachers be outraged by. The money that is being spent on these Mallard on panicking aiming to and Alice are easy on another one that we need. A politician in Washington fighting. I think that picture looked at all the. Yeah. There was another nice it mailer I assume okay. Listen I'll give you I'll give you. Thirty seconds does sum up your candidacy because we do have to go to a break and after the break LB. Talking your opponent pepper so what would you like what would you like the voters of the 142. Assembly district to know on Tuesday as they go into the the voting booths. I would like them or they were at an independent candidate going in city assembly and I am certified teacher and I think he's so awesome to have eight. Actual certified teacher sitting on an education committee in Albany that did not happen. The wire cord on the loose and then I would like with them. Very good Eric thank you for your time and and and good luck at UN to pit on on Tuesday. That was Eric Bolling candidate for that 142. Assembly district special election to fill the seat vacated by. Mickey Kearns when he became our county clerk in a moment I'll be talking to pat Burke here's a democratic opponent. In the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hardline on news radio 930 WB EN. And automatic guard line this is Kevin Hardwicke on Tuesday this Tuesday April 24 the residents of the one or the 142. Assembly district that's Mickey Kearns old assembly district. Will be voting for someone to replace him for the rest of the year to fill up the an expired term. Before the break we talked to the Republican endorsed candidate Eric Bowen. I hit my producers extraordinaire. Joseph beamer. Who when he snapped calculating the mets' magic number to clinch the NL east. Was timing. Eric in the first segment and they rant about he said seven and a half minutes from the time he first spoke. I've got on the line pat Burke the democratic candidate and one of my colleagues in the returning legislature currently. And will give him about the same amount of time in and Joseph was fantastic movie commercials around there. Joseph beamer and have to give all the credit in the world. So ballots let's call pat Burke pat welcome to the program. I'm I'm well listen. Why are you running for the seat are you not happy being my colleague in the Erie county legislature. All I know it's always my fault. Now I love what I do you know it'll. UConn notre but it may be much else you know a lot of passion her for public service. And pushing forward policies that I believe people. And this is an opportunity to do. At a higher level impacts more people. And Opel Oakley pursue an initiative that. Yeah I tried to do in your current legislature or always preempted by state government give me an opportunity. Personal and shoot initiatives at a higher level. Imagine that things I've been known or you know like the micro beats though. Even like conversion they're built those are really you know what most people talking about. They were state initiatives such a young didn't have good does. Yeah political push behind them so we did it I was able you know we're public people you. It would get that done and the Connie look on. A great impact both but I I think they're they're great opportunities here to do more good. People art community. I'm than your status. You're just tuning in we're talking to pat Burke parent is a Democrat running for the 142. Assembly district special election this coming Tuesday. Pale white should go voters didn't and in south buffalo west Seneca Orchard Park in other parts of the 142 district both for UN Tuesday. Well I think people have seen what I've done I think it'll. Accretive world politics the lead integrity and and you know loyal to my constituents and Michael and and they are known me you know they yelled at the job some belief. Being in assembly person no lock people up there they might not an early mall look dated a activities are. While support if you don't you wouldn't need. I don't really know dated activities Lee County legislator are. Well. You know might know the person you ought to go into cities assembly the same way I haven't legislator. And that's I would go there every day. With honesty and it encouraged so. You know a minute I'm gonna beat air would be from direct people. And I'm gonna be direct with people are power. And and make sure they know that that. My priority is always to to open people. Public people like me in fighting come from you aren't in a wealthy background that we pave the week for me. Everything I've ever gotten in my life I work load and I wanna I wanna help people who couple. That is you know. This election on Tuesday is to fill the other expired. A term for Mickey Kearns and had only runs through December 31. There is going to be a new election regardless of the outcome of this one in November the petitions for that hit the streets for for candidates Republican Democrat whatever. The first week of June if you should lose this election. A do you plan on running in November. Yet it's our intention to run. But either way the special election you know it's important to get someone into that seat right away duke represented people. 142 district. But there's another election for the people are coming we're fuels. And that's why intention to two run regardless of whether I'm out and. That they'll let me let me run down some hot button issues your position on them so the folks know same ones I talked here about a few minutes ago. First one abortion. Personally pro life but you know my position has been and always has been. That you reduce abortion rate early access to contraception education and uplifting people out of poverty you know. You know portion has been. A major you know growth or capital of buffalo. I don't know your if you remember this but when I was growing up there's a guy treated archer trial that a turning. All I was really into that at the time but I variety as I get older have policymakers. And I love for others even Ireland for a title and higher portion rate the United States in that the legal there so for me if you really care about. You protect life it's about you. Increasing access to contraception. Uplifting people are poverty and. So is it fair to say you're the pro choice personally pro life but put your pro choice and abortion. Okay. Gun control do we need more control are we happy where we are do we needless. Think they're they're selling should be you know improvements to it I think there are problems with C back certainly think there are there issues a critical part of bit. Also who you know gone capacity. But I yacht has a daughter you know put it amendment but also I think reasonable gun control measures. I need to be put in place starts. You know yeah. I've never actually fired they are in Sumpter hit either a lot to do judges are haven't and I liked. I know someone who would who would be willing to teach you atom atom here we can go. Listen I'm movie and recreational. Marijuana. Yeah I think boosted it people imprisoned for further the casualties of marijuana. I'm of the I'm of the belief that government and people people's lives if what they're doing isn't hurting others. So the idea that people are earth or prison costing extra extra on the money also costing you know costing money were not able is to tax. You know marijuana as a product. Yeah. Our source speaking of people in prison people coming out of prison parolee voting the governor signed an executive order this week. Yeah I mean I. I think I think people should serve a full sentence before you know I think. Certainly. You know after their their their their patrol I'm certainly support I'm getting what Erik think what euros. You don't you do your your order. Your your your time and part printing and and you know you become a member or member society and then you should ever hurt the. Governor Spitzer went to do back in 2007. Oh I'm a sport of the citizenship I'm not a oracle just a welcome parliament on your butt. I guarantee there has to be illegal. Which. I got about half a minute left before I have to toss over dale and Harris in the news house campaign going are you satisfied with the conduct of the campaign. I mean no but I don't know of any whatever you get through you get a champion you know a lot of Jerry tactics. You know it's frustrating but. I don't so years so you aren't I I expect that going into it. It is keep Parker to the binders on a talk to voters. And all the other stuff I'm not gonna whine and complain about and keep moving on trying to. Some aren't you know. Pat thank you thank you for your time and good luck to you and good luck there again Tuesday night stock India. All right it's it's top of the hour we have to throw it over dale Harris is standing by in the news both. In the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line on news radio 930 WB EN. And welcome back yard line this is Kevin Hardwick a inning in a moment I'll be introducing. Capital tonight a Specter news reporter Ryan Whalen who loses CX means studio now. But before I do that if listen if you're ever interest in what's gonna be on the show or you have any comments about the questions we should be askew whenever. You don't waste tweet at me I am. Even on an old guy in my on Twitter. Handle is asked Kevin Hardwick just mind my name it Kevin Hartman. So feel free to do that but I am joined now in studio by Ryan Whalen and half an hour LB. Joined by Ralph we'll read go the Erie county Conservative Party chairman along we're working families party upstate organizer. Jesse Lenny and we'll get to the bottom all of what's going on in Albany this week. But before then that Ryan helped me a ramp up the first half hour when I talked to the two candidates. For the new York state assembly seat that's open. The 140 seconds trees. 142 district seat which is open them Mickey Kearns is old seat I talk first half hour. Derek ball in the a Republican candidate and Q pepper the democratic candidate. Does that there are three special elections on Tuesday certainly that's the least significant because it is the assembly the other two of the senate. But is there any interest in this race around the state. And there's enough interest around the state that you're getting the mailers say EU and American and pat talk a little bit about from. Nice and nice that connected packs mostly on. And they're taking an interest in it and but why not you relate he said the history special elections they got the I'm. They if you're to believe Eric here at the they may not even be paying that much attention when they're cutting and pasting and the template. It is well I I you know there is it's nick laying worthy Republicans share went on a Twitter storm last night. Tweeting out copies of the the nicest. Pieces that landed in the if they're there were some problems they they didn't do their proof reading the way they shouldn't. And and immediate. This that's one of the most interesting things about this race is that that phone is a member of nice and a member of the ETF and really giving. Getting hit by the state a union pretty pretty regularly during this campaign. Do you what you hear about this I mean you know you talked to a lot of sane people I do I've heard two versions one that Burke has been the bag. And the other that's 5050. IA. Would not feel confident making a prediction in this race because you and I both know that turn out. In in special elections is very well. And we both know that this assembly district is very pro he'll come south buffalo. It really could be who is well Eric so barely older and came out more Eric bone is trying to do making currency a Democrat running as a Republican and and wins against the democratic establishment. Ray and and he'd receive endorsement from Mickey which I thought was. Very relevant in this race because until that point pat had been Rickie up all the endorsements that are probably would have liked. Don't like from Galilee and every union in the world with the exception of maybe you know where did the iron workers doing this is Eric's I believe it definitely has lead they were Americans has been his campaign offices are Itar. Because his his father is is is big in the network was I I don't know all the hysteria as other but I believe he was he was the leader for real well. Well Melissa the let's let's move on to what day it happened in Albany. This week was NN in buffalo while I was my idea father in laws funeral in Norwich in York. And that is that apparently. Mark or. Andrew Cuomo. Did some of them pretty gutsy stuff. While he was here in buffalo I mean it all goes back does that. The last weeks working families party convention chair yet I have to mention that their their conference or where they had to. Or Cynthia Nixon chair around this time last weekend I believe everybody was making Collison Naimi query asking me if you really wanna QB running for congress right now. Thursday. Eat a lot of people have made I don't know if I can specifically make the leap that when the working families party earlier that weekend I endorsed. Cynthia Nixon for governor and your money limbs for lieutenant governor the governor's office. You know. It's certainly more happy about it in the might available worried about it so so they still apparently they decide to throw Kathy local under the bus and they beat Murray along with their. Well their then. And whispers for a long time that the governor might be looking for her a different lieutenant governor on his ticket. Because he'd like to bring something different to the campaign this time he doesn't. What went Kathy local replaced Bob Duffy time the ticket for your air was four years ago and I'll. You know she offered. The gift that Erie county buffalo that that that the governor struggled live when he ran against Carl Paladino. I think that this the general sense is the governor doesn't need get the local for buffalo anymore he needs someone for near exit I. I'm I'm hoping yeah because he's got to run to his left because he's got the working families party polian double threat. And Kathy local isn't it is too conservative. If she's not liberal enough for. And for his base is democratic base there. Bet he would beat you could you could go that way air I don't know I I don't know majority I don't I don't know it's rendering are because. Because that hole it administration has pulled to the left a little bit. But they certainly can still be this here's here's but by the way if you're just tuning in them I'm talking to. Ryan Whalen Ryan is. With Specter news buffalo. He's also the correspondent from Western New York on capitol tonight with Liz Benjamin which is one of the reasons to keep spectrum if you're thinking of dropping it is as I have toyed with. I mean it's just it's just great programming. Right Ryan I hope in the not too distant future Kitna playing worthy. And Republicans shares eureka and Ian and Democrat Germany's elder in studio and talk to them. I'm wondering about Zell Miller's world now it's going to be a little bit crazy I mean he's. He's he's cleared the field for Nate McMurray to run against Chris Collins for congress. He's a big ego hopeful for lieutenant governor backer and the governor comes in here apparently while I'm I was bitten or which attending it is definitely manners would nine. Wipes. Father passing away. He comes in and he geek and I just drops a bombshell yet. Let me let me start by saying I'm not talk much would Jeremy is no matter personally in the time this has happened I've reached out to. Them a couple of times haven't gotten my body has been they they McMurray yeah he cleared the field he has ban. Com pretty steadfast and open in his support for name McMurray for congress and against Chris and Kathy local as lieutenant governor. Which is interesting because he beat. He's not. Openly going against the governor's office but he that they other news feeds into his backyard and it says he would make it the congressional. That's got to drive Jeremy crazy. Now did ultimately though the governor may be end up helping out naymick query because the governor came in after. That acclimation period and talked at camp the local. And I think a lot of Democrats in this area. And felt a little angry for an arraignment wearing. He it's certainly brought Haiti's. Profile the and so I you know it you could say it actually did grow under the bus at the Davis. Thrown under the bus in good company with good company and get the local was thrown under seeing us listen and we're gonna pick up on this after the break and certainly we're no one talked at length about this. With their guests were joining us at the top of the hour that would be working families party upstate organizer in it it's all their fault these are analysts. Where he Finley's upstate. Organizer Jesse Lenny as well as you recount the Conservative Party chair real regal. But in the meantime I'll spend one more segment after this break with Ryan Whalen. Capital tonight Specter news. And well if you can squeeze in a few phone calls before the top of the hour if you wanna get on board if you have a comment or question. For rock and her myself give us call it eagle three on 938030930. In the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line. A news radio 930 WB EN. And welcome back yard line Kevin Hardwick here sitting with Ryan Whalen of spectrum news and capital tonight in a few minutes after the top of the hour news with hail Mary Pierce will be joined live in studio. By Erie county conservative share Ralph lower Rio also Jesse Lenny Jesse is in upstate organizer for the working families party. Before we go to the phones and again if you wanna get in line then there is a line available eagle three on 930 is the number. Ryan before we go to phones the EU. Wholly voting. Executive order this week from Governor Cuomo what was at all now. Well there's a lot of as speculation only said this would be directly. I have. In reaction to move the campaign he's getting from Cynthia Nixon and from democratic primary that this is a move. For that to Alaska and. Who would've thought that Cynthia Nixon could create all this buzz and all this movement the New York State politics. Maybe you would because you cover this thing that's your job for a it I wasn't sure bets that she would put that in. Eat you know she. In the in the same era really that's effort he chatted is is pushing the government to the left a little bit she just is starting earlier than projected. I'm as a member can check out of that permanently warriors didn't do this all benefits of Republicans and specifically Marc Molinaro who seems to be the chosen one yes. Aids does it benefit the Republicans that the governor is moving more to laughed. I don't know how many conservative votes was the governor again this year anyway good point good point hey let's go let's go to the phones let's bring in Bob in buffalo Bob welcome the program. I've lived morning gentlemen about a question would be from the gentleman with two booster shot. It is true are all occur to you by you're out much later. Easy Erie county executive. I mean while you're parties it was sort of talk about what I was. I married those pictures we're Culpepper go ahead yeah they later found it difficult to talk what you saw a mark Pope urged joint appearance in court. State to children because you're out of she PS workers and they're not worried about slow global warming exactly. Reaching a degree temperatures like Obama port worked eastern edge BR sort of clears we talked a Little Rock would have left there was elation I thought they had low. Back in trouble because you court history or the state wards she wears. I did not give a question about New York State politics. Yes. Actually this coming two. Chew our state as well. Asia hurt the I agree W what should receive let's take it to a larger level of what sort more people. In our politicians world watched I'll show that the people order shall racially reality. When you talk about. Her. I thank you for putting them on the table will cut you loose in Ryan and I'll talk about this politics is losing. Touch with the reality. It's. Well it's a particular question Howard how long have you been teaching political assassinations. Kevin well I'll tell you yeah it's is it to and not long enough anyway to their questions been around know I had fan you're right there has been around I mean it's it's it's always the allegation. And and I'll tell you who you win win you're a politician when you're elected government leader it's tough not to lose. Touch with the people from time to time. That's like regular elections are good they bring you backer you have to go out and ask people for their votes and do so you have to. Many of our cases knock on their doors and and and hear them. Cracked an air I don't know Bob lives in the in the assembly district he said that the palaces legislatively it's time if he does he's got caption gotten. Vote for whether you know if you liked the way his legislative news chopper not yet. You know I brought it up I was talking to the candidates. This half hour. I mean there's a case where there's. April 24 this Tuesday is the election in the 142 assembly district Mickey Kearns old history. So those candidates are gonna run and they've been running campaigns and urban mailers and we've talked to go there. Then whoever wins they only serve until December 31. Because in November there's another election for a full two year term this this term that were voting mannered people are voting on on Tuesday. He's only to fill the on expired term which ends December 31. So they've got to turn around and they the process starts with getting petitions to get on the ballot. Those typically come out the first week of June around June 5 June 6 whatever that Tuesday is this year. So you know whoever wins whoever loses you run you know you back to another campaign the only differences. This time there will be a primary because it's as a special election the party bigwigs said you're our candidate you're candidate needed them the chance to challenge yet. And and regardless of who wins it could be Boehner and Burke back there in the fall if it could well be it could be Bowen challenging burger and a Democrat I griner sat and certainly. It is it is interesting let's let's go back to the phones let's bring increase in Cheektowaga Chris welcome the program. They're guys that particular call welcome. A disorder that there. Thought there was any chance. In New York to do what they're trying to do note or near great show with regard splitting it stayed up because these stream political differences within a state. That that that's Chris thank you for the thank you for the question we're gonna we're gonna cut loose and and will kick it around here good. Good issue I mean it's been brought up from time to time there is a procedure in the new York and New York State in the federal constitution for doing just that for creating a new state. It's it's maybe my most fun political topic to talk about no way the answer isn't the answer is no I don't think there's any chance that'll happen. But I. I don't either but still as you say fund political topic to talk about Fisher and me we talk about the fact that he may be split off of the island great that that in upstate New York State would be one of the biggest states in the country. Winds one of the bigger budgets in the country. And we commander in presidential election we would man to have girls Lola so it would be automatic democratic correct correct. The you know the the the tricky part here is and we last time I was here we are about it. It's the interconnectivity between upstate resources. And downstate money. You know what people don't realize is that the money that funds New York State in much of it comes up our way and emanates from New York city's come out Wall Street transactions and traders in the big bonuses they get if that much much and it ends up here. Course so do the only the counterargument is so do among them many of the regulations. You know they're Vila more autonomy there mile mark freedom less restrictions on on a state governments and maybe you could do more with life. I think that you could figure this out if there is truly a political will to do and he you know. Ten years ago I was in Rochester covering Joseph Roebuck the senator has been there for real and the state senator. Putting out this this bill van and I I think every couple years you see a different version of this bill come back up in the legislature. So if they really wanted to take an on. They cut and so story is saying that these calls that did the deal by a robot bet that that would just political stunt to try to get some get his name mountain get they get some votes I think that the people that politicians would do that. I think that the people who break the spell probably. Would vote for if everybody else and they've they've they've probably are generally generally liked the idea of splitting of the state. Budget mostly I think when this bill is profit for the legislature. By whoever it's prop before it is to reignite a conversation. More about the differences between upstate New York City then to actually legitimately split up these days. That was interesting discussion we might think Chris from Cheektowaga for putting that on our plate. Listen hearsay is the way the rest of the show is gonna go in about thirty seconds we get a ticket over there Ellen Harris in the news will for the morning news. Then will we combat their Ryan Whalen from a spectrum news's capital tonight is still gonna be here with me. Will be joined live in studio by real flurry go Ralph is the Erie county Conservative Party chair. Also in upstate organizer for the working families party Jesse Lenny will be with us and you know he think they perhaps started all this with their endorsement of Cynthia Nixon.