Hardline Hour 1 4-15-18

Sunday, April 15th

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Hard line this is Kevin Hardwick back for a second straight week this the ice storm addition of our program. And a great program this let me let me set the table for you in about half an hour I'll be joined live in studio by a couple of these students. Who sponsored debt the gun control rally a week or so ago. Those would be indie culture and Georgia via underwater Andy is a senior at Clarence high school Georgia a senior at East Aurora. Unlike the reality though they'll be joined in studio by a a gun control opponent. The chairman emeritus of scopus. Shooters committee on political education. But Schroeder will be joining us and we'll have a great conversation. After that will be and the debriefing indeed graver from channel four will be here live in studio and will be probably taking Samir calls. We opened up the show however with a few people that I just love. It a couple of social studies teachers bill Conrad who is a social studies teacher at ten more Westlake school. He's also a democratic member of the tunnel under town board and Hank Hughes from God's country the city a town of one high school. Hey is and it is here. And they teach the the government participation classes and also joined by one of my students Ignatius college a million green and Emilia is a senior. She's also the student government president there and what I wanna do is go around table and talk a little bit about student activism because since the park when shooting it's it's been in the news quite a bit both nationally and in here locally. And of course will follow up and half an hour with the students but the scarlet pregame show. Bill let me start with you you teach the participation in government classes I teach the US history in government class but. But I am familiar with the course and and and Hank you teach urges Beijing government specifically correct I do I mean. Let let me ask you guys he's in and either you can jump in and this is conversational. What do we what do we want our students anyway what are we teaching in this do we want him to the jump in head first or do we just like given the tools to participate if they want. Well I think what you make of what's going on the Y I we always want our kids to to be civic minded. To be. I think empathetic. That's what's going on and it's it's it is seducing. It it's one of the struggles being teachers trying to get kids engaged. And certainly this is is cause like it's to get engaged this particular point I don't know how. And feels about that. I think more maybe to give them tools I think we have a huge responsibility is educators in a republic. To prepare them and I think if you read what the founders want us to teach. I accusers three major points that they usually outline when you read like George Mason and George Washington and one is a chance to be virtuous living republic and immorality and actually I think. Agency these type of events happened in the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds sending used to be able Tora. And a gun and Sears Roebuck catalog here and they delivered to Arab Hamas are tougher than ever so I think it's them morality problem a second that education. You know as a discipline and I think sometimes are lacking in discipline in the public schools I think that brings about the little but the trouble and the third thing is and I tried to emphasize that my students. Understanding of your history and your country and expression of the constitution and sometimes I worry I hear the gun control debate I don't hear too many people come out and realizes president it's a natural right. The only life for our panel so I I like get to Emilia in and that in a moment that but Hank didn't and Biller social studies teachers out there right now. Is it tougher to engage kids in talking about government and learning about government today that it was a thirty or forty years ago I I. I mean here here's what I'm thinking you go back that when I was growing up. You know TV was where was asked him and if you wanted to be around TV you know the same way you know my my three year old grandson will play with this tablet in all I wanted to be near the TV and if you didn't hear the TV. Between 6:30 and 7 o'clock. On any and a weak guy you're gonna watch in my house you go what Walter Cronkite you're gonna learn something about about. America and about what's going on current events. You don't have that now I mean there's so many different channels are so many different. Other places you can go the Internet you can you know you can stay totally away from losing government in any knowledge at all. And sometimes when you guys bring it up when my social studies brought to two run opposite I heard about that war that's going on from Walter Cronkite last night. You guys is what we're we're where we go there's there's there's something going on in Syria where's that. We are definitely competing with a lot of other things in the classroom. Trying to get kids to be engaged. Aware of what's going on it is is a constant struggle. I do find though when we when we get into specific rights of students when it applies to them. You get a lot more engagement I get the kids willing to go out there and an express opinions and things. Look like it give me an example like net neutrality you talked. Or are so if it is just did there come up us all more of my work is more often not relate when we get into some of them you know First Amendment cases or you know we talk about search and seizure and things like that they definitely become more animated. Especially when you're in cases like New Jersey vs yellow. And some of these other cases they'll definitely give their opinions those come and they'll they'll feel you know we'll do we get a lot more hands raised a lot more kids talking. And it's really tightly we we said before it's a lot how how we re engage in that comes Hank. I love my students so we have really good engagements. Especially the semester I think every Friday we have a debate. And I try to emphasize all the time. I don't know if this can be your favorite subject to might be your worst but no matter what government is all over and affects everything. From the light bulbs you use to the drinking age so we can start office on the debates like drinking age and things are kind of apply to them which you are and then gun control and both. I have pressure early show. Amelio let me let me let me interview you are again astute reminding these you know its viewers senior graduating senior year the student government president there. Now you're elected student government president and and I think they made a great choice but I think you were unopposed you. Yes there originally and was contested and then my opponent after that race happen yeah did you did you have some dirt on them Iowa. No I don't know if there was it. But but. I mean how. How involved how engaged our students. In government beyond just your political science majors wall one of the lawyers. You know is there are a lot of apathy and and on campus the student body. This thing in Portland went down I think sea ice a lot of high school students doing things blocking out what that. But it is a technological and then on campus. Well it's interesting. Because you know my circle of friends I am involved instant karma and political science metres I see the people who are really. On actively engaged in politics and care and it you know it matters to them. I'm however on campus you know there's always something that group is smaller than the larger population however. Standing or sitting in sync are we had students come before us saying hey you know we wanna go to this march for our lives event in Washington DC can you send us on a bus with. You know mayor brown and then. And so we do have students who will come forth and say hey this matters to us and we wanna actively engage in it which is great to see by you know across the board it is a struggle to get students. Engaged in that you know the political round and it's. Is it difficult however I mean you get frustrated. It is frustrating and they'll be actually the greatest collective participation in student left rights yet and it's actually funny because the first class ever had left after hard right. He taught us that politics matters and I'll never forget that and I think it's really true and that's why it is frustrating you know to see people. Not actively engaged because it really doesn't matter who we elect mattered then how in the course the agenda goes. And so it's frustrating but it's also important to get people in Jesus name as we possibly can. Well oil that was if if if you're wondering that was indeed the sole reason I brought Emilia and this morning with the throw breaks my. Which we have to take a quick break but what we combat Emilia green in this student government president that these discount will still be here as well as social studies teachers bill Conrad. And Hank Hughes in the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick. You're listening to hard line a news radio 930 WB EEN. Yes them some weird bump that music. Joseph beamer speaking of government Joseph beamer producing this morning Joseph. Tells me he's the former student government treasurer for men die college. Which you know I used to have a high opinion and the guy I don't know how they would like anybody. Controller much money anyway I'm joined in studio right now what I'm much money they have wasn't that much money says. A million green and from kinesis counties he student government president over there Hank Hughes from tunnel on the high school he. Teaches a social studies over there and social studies teacher can west. Feel I read are joining me in studio we're doing the up. The other end of the pregame show it. At the bottom of the hour I'll be joined live in studio by a bunch rotor. I'm chairman of scope shooters committee on political education they'll be joined by a couple of students Georgia being underwater in Andy coltart. Who were at that forum recently in clearance so. Picture of the conversation or social science experiment but I I I don't know I don't make a broader jokingly yeah. You know bill let me let me start video element or around the journal let's let's transition and talk about what happened after apartment in those kids getting involved there. And and having their giant really down in DC that we get kids locally. And taking on if you will be establishment. And holding events com. This is this a good thing for our democracy that are young people are getting involved do you think that the kids in some cases are making some mistakes. Going too far I know there's been a lot of criticism of them from my own feeling of regarding it is some of it might be ballot obviously some of it is just garbage goes you know it's just nasty and venture and has no place but as a social studies teacher in and being around kids their age all the time. Are you surprised that the state I have. I haven't seen in a long time or if any have been teaching for eighteen years I haven't seen this much engagement. In the classroom or outside of it. Belittling on if I can speak of feeling they're really references may be like the Lancaster students walking out with the Redskins and was at risk yeah that's the only thing I've ever seen worse today than they were in favor Redskins yes I learned everywhere -- enough from their community but I know that they had don't want yeah I think about 500 students Marco. On that's the only real engagement I've seen before. You know that's a that's a good point think hey this is obviously there's the ongoing debate now and what the kids directive about gun control specifically. Is something a lot more substantive than the name of name of a mask yeah without a doubt do you think that the kids. Kids are are are good. Do you think that the kids should should be subject to some of the criticism that's been leveled at them. Obviously some of it is gone too far what are your thoughts about everything that's gone. I yeah I I think when you step into the political arena and I think you're fair game and then you can I even thank you very early. 1716. Years old well I was impressed very much with the students who went to the White House shortly after I thought it was a very civil debates and news civil discourse and I always tell my kids listen. We're gonna debate she can't scream over people you can't just called names in news glittering generalities. And I think the people who went to the White House were very very impressive whether you agree with that or not just talking about to eat should you purchase certain weapons at 21 instead of eighteen. But that I think it was the same day with a CNN town hall. I thought that was it. You know destroyed civil discourse in a way. I think what you love what was it that bothered you so much about that I can reminding me of the two minutes of he'd seen from 1984. I mean I thought it was a lot of glittering generalities I just. When you attack us senator rubio. And just you know compared to a mass murder and that's what the want kids that I I think it's ridiculous and I think when. They attacked a ma her out of when and the Gonzales detecting a lash and so edgy it's either guns are kids. And I just thought there was a little over the top Steele calling you learn do you shock. Some of that up to the youthful inexperience or or or well there's no doubt believe me Andrea I act. Couldn't understand what they've gone through there's no doubt and sometimes passion and even anger is is necessary at times. But at the same time I just odds on the it was that was definitely over the top. A million Euro you're in the the room here with three old man who. Well. That killed two with them and an older man and he but. You're you're elect closer to the age of those kids have you were there just a few years ago you're about to graduate college. With the these discounts degree which by the way guys you know you can't get there degree at. But but these are high school students you know you can relate to them a lot more what are your thoughts and what they've done in the U do you admire them you think they've gone to fire are you. Emotions. I think Alan I think it's very impressive to see if impressive entry just to see that these kids are so brave it and I'm using their voice of an and fat and happy that they really care about. I'm at the same time I think that I think everyone has their voice and is important to use it for what you care about. But it does seem time making sure that you are. You know secret compassion and your accurate in that way your meeting you for your app where they're at and getting things done. So I think it's really impressive that the students are using their voice and I thought it was interesting like. Mr. O'Connor at mr. Hughes set about making sure giving the students the tools that they need to guilty you. I'm engage in politics and use their voice but also make sure that it's effective and you know appeal to speak with an informed opinion. And the only true that your precise and accurate and compassion at the same time you speaking. Well one of the things about the park when students. That I didn't get originally is how effective they work. Again regardless of which side of the gun control debate you're on. What year what a year for more control or against it. You have to admit that they got a lot more done in a short period of time. They say the parents. Much older much more experienced parents of those sandy hook kids. And you would've thought that that you know senators and congressmen and state legislators would have been move more. By the parents of kids who would lost first graders then about your high school kids but. You know there hasn't been the case there. Does that surprise anybody else on the table or does anybody have an explanation for that. And if I have an explanation but I have to agree that I mean again it's amazing to see that the amount of be the outpour that. The the definitely the opinions coming out both right and left on this. It certainly is gotten the whole entire country engaged in this conversation and it's it's it's something that's happening more and more okay. Do you think that this is gonna last. You you know they're good to them I haven't seen the kids from park London a week or so on TV do you think this is. Google is the new cycle and five months from now it'll be yeah I remember something about Saturday thing it's gonna handle. I don't know if you come up with a real concrete solution I thought the one. Father lost his daughter mr. Pollack I think his name there. I think he was totally right list and after 9/11 we revamped airport security and we should do the same schools in this. Simply about keeping our students safe I think there's some things we can agree on one way into a building one way out. I have some kind of trained police officer. Somebody train their I mean I think that's the first steps I think sometimes. The gun control got to slow your. Our focus focus has been at least the last few weeks and high school shooting that I mean campus there have been to not a soft targets saw a soft targets and and a million I mean is that something that does that the folks that Tunisian student got. Minutes talked about. Yet you know it's actually come up especially with outlets happening right now on like I said the students coming before us and saying he we wanna be apart of us who monocle act you know educate. On behalf of Kenny says at the march for our lives and things like that. I'm but I do think at the same time getting more specific awareness what are specific ways that we can protect their students and make sure that this really doesn't ever happen again. Yeah that's I if I if I may one of the biggest things that we've been saying their classes is okay what's next. You've had this walkout you've had this march what we're in is at stake is going out is what what is next what is what is part of what tools we have. Who if you're against this we're we're is your voice and that's those are the things that we we we can kind of harness the social studies teachers to work on. But at the same time and Hank and I were talking about this before is not interject your bias. You know both of us have you know different opinions you know I'm a gun owner and I don't know if he is but you know we we have to be careful not in rejecting her own opinion and that's that in the classroom mr. yeah. I think I think the important thing is we got to rip the discussion up now because Allan Harris standing nine in the news with the puppy our news. The important thing is that the discussion be civil and and we've started that way off today and hopefully in a few minutes we'll be doing in in studio by a couple of students. And a gun control. Opponent. And we'll have a civil discussion and that'll be when we come back in the meantime Allen thank you bill Conrad and even if you're familiar green and thank you can't get enough to show forming. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hardline on news radio 930 WD EN. It is 1030 your mornings and the WBN newsroom I'm Allen Harrison here's what's happening in the eyes still causing headaches this morning. Numerous reports of lawyers now Walden avenue into the gallery has been close many accidents including one in the park in lab Clarence service senator in the three way is sent one woman TE CMC. Going to be awhile until he gets better according to meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the airport. So as we continue to add to add weight and we still have this rather brisk northeast wind there could be. An increase in damage is to go through as we go to morning. With more on the way to treat coming down power lines coming down so as far as damage potential huh. Hi we could still face some problems McGill the morning of roads should improve as countries begin to creep up and the I able on angle begins to warm note. Road surfaces so I think after at a eleven road conditions should improve. And brutally list of the advisories and closings would WB EN dot com. The whole bills great Jim Kelly's been released from new York city hospital where he had extensive cancer and reconstruction surgery Kelly will remain in New York for the next two weeks for his recovery. The lawyer for porn actress starring Daniel says it's possible she'll be at Monday's hearing into the FBI raid on the home and offices of the president's personal lawyer Michael Coen. Whose own lawyer went to court to temporarily halt any examination of the material. That was seized claiming attorney client privilege as leader may BC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl troops attorneys are nervous. Legal team for the president. He's more worried about Michael Cohen and they are about Robert Mueller and part of that fear is what they don't know they truly have no idea what or in his files. And part of what they do know Michael Cohen. Was the president's fixer when the president had an issue or problem. Co wouldn't fix it no questions asked. That's Jonathan Karl. Ursula forecast for today too windy freezing rain this morning and can lead to slippery roads and sidewalks can be. And a vice build up on some trees and power lines to cost some power outages we've had that but. Later this afternoon temperature goes up we'll get up to about 45 they say tonight it's literally cloudy and breezy with some rain becoming said he. And then tonight the low overnight as in B 42. Right now though winter mix 32 degrees. And on Harrison news radio 930 WB yen. Line this is Kevin Hardwicke kicking off the the second half hour and I'm joined live in studio by Indy call chicken he is a a student a senior at Clarence high school he's been involved recently in organizing the recent forum. Also joining us is bug Schroeder body as chairman emeritus of scope to the shooters committee and political education. We do a low round table on on gun control and student activism. We were hoping they have in studio Georgia they underwater a senior at East Aurora but unfortunately. The ice storm has gotten the best of assault here and there she is going to be unable to make it. Candy let me let me begin by we would you would you. You've you've you've you've told me already next year you're going to you be that you didn't even apply to Tunisia which again has one strike against Cuba that's okay will will will continue on. With the interview where you. Were you politically active before this whole park one thing I mean that stirs something in you or were you you know involved in. In in public issues before that. I would describe myself. I would discover suffers politically interest and not necessarily active but after apartment shooting. I would say that's when I really decide to take action what was it about the heartland shooting that impacted you was defected and I mean kids obviously got shot there have been other high school shootings there was a shooting a few years ago and see in the book where. Bunch of little kids get there and get mowed down. Or was it that affected students were selected there and today inspire you how did I did that all come about I would say initially it was mostly just as kids my age when sandy hook hadn't I was twelve yeah I mean I heard about it but. Count one of my head where here years you're right and it years. The same ages of these kids you know that it's possible that this kind of thing could happen to you so that's kind of wives keen interest in so. So the kids down in the kids the students down in. Parkland Florida got our organized in the day that he that he. Head edit impact on almost immediately at least in the state of Florida in. In the legislature there. What did you do here I mean you had that form recently I mean that it just didn't happen. What we threw that I mean did you talk to your best friend and one thing led to another mean obviously there were we were we were hoping to have a Georgia here. From Easter roar that went beyond. Clarence high school. You also a string of answering sore right after the the day there the night of which we heard about the shooting I. Sort of looking at my representative Chris Thompson looked out his stances line. Gone issues. And found that I didn't necessarily agree with them. So I kind of started letting people know around me and we decide to do something about it so now is Wayne I don't know if you heard about it we there was. A protests across from his office yeah. I organize that. And then there's the walk out which I also helped organize and then it just kind of culminate with the student forum which I think has just been building up to. And in the thick that you were able to get other schools was because of social media or or yet people call you or how to yeah no I think he's just a common interest it was restart doing events in which we found ourselves. Associate with people we necessarily wouldn't get the chance to initially. And it's kind of just down from there don't know expert for those who are listening audience who aren't familiar with your group. And in what you did that the form what what sort of specific things are you looking for what's or actions would you like government that the state that the federal level to take. While I would say it's largely. Right now looking at it at least from a gun violence. Portion would be at the federal level because New Yorkers already relatively strict with the state acting where we'd. Definitely wanna address that background checks in my address on stocks party and interest Metallica to those issues on a federal. So where are you comfortable with the way things are in New York State right now but I bet I would say I'm comfortable but they're gonna have to add a disclaimer I've seventeen years old and I've never handled a gun in my life so I can't say I'm the most. Informed on it but I've tried to do my research as well as I can I think I am comfortable with that night. Let me let me turn to my other guest but Schroeder chairman emeritus of of scope. Someone I've known for a long time and I I asked him on this morning because. Blood is soon but for those people who don't know mishandling everybody's grandfather he says he's a nice guy he feels strongly about what he does. But I think unlike a lot of people out there who have gone after the park when students I think everybody is very responsible advocate for his position. And we can have some civil discourse here so. And don't be held don't do it don't make me a liar bud. What do what was your reaction when you heard of what in the end his is a fellow students were doing putting together this forum. You know did you say well you know let's let's have a nice debate or did you say those. Those darn kids what are they doing what was what was your reaction. The actual was one of the field and that you don't ask me to come and talk to him and I had a chance to talk to Andy a little bit before row we went out here. And again I feel honored to be able to come here with a young person a young person that disinterested in politics and activism. I wanna go to a group that is filled with activists if they have any here at all it's great. And it's militants firing. To see a young man that as the passion. And India time and the designer to come out and make things better we may disagree on the subject and how it's done. But I panic at the feeling. That our end results. Are similar and it's just that we're using different paths. Well we we all want schools to be safe yeah absolutely. In the is is you know going the the we got to do something about guns route. You would argue for something else. What IE of usually do when I I don't like to call it an argument that are sometimes and so that way. Is that my side of the issue is we're against all violence. And the term gun violence is too limited and should matter fact I kinda think that it's misnomer and it should be labeled as. To criminal misuse of firearms. People who only if he accused the numbers and Tippett of the emotionalism and well. One quarter of 1%. Of gun owners in America are causing the problems show the criminals and crazies. And that's where it has to be addressed that in 99 and three quarters percent of people who own guns there I certainly standing there. But there and let that one quarter of 1% can do a lot of damage he certainly camp and and they have and obviously that's why we're here today. You know you make as he makes a nice balance of un Indian and and admiring him for being. Involved it at his age that's. That's a good thing and I would I would agree with you on that. Listen we've got to take a quick break now about the planned for the next segment is they go on and get to get bug in Indy to flush out more of their opinions about gun control and student activism. Beginning after the 11 o'clock news however will open it up to some phone calls some responsible phone calls so. If you wanna get in line the number to call eagle three on 938030930. Again we won't be taking him till after the 11 o'clock news but. I got a feeling that the linesman Phil can quickly. So we have to take a break down when we come back Indy called chick student from Clarence senior there. And but Schroeder the chairman emeritus of scope will rejoin me in the studio. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line and news radio 930 WB EN. And welcome back yard line this is Kevin Hardwick just sitting here on this. IC Sunday morning with a bug Schroeder chairman of scope the shooters committee and political education. Also Indy called chick a senior from Clarence high school talking about that gun control and forums and student mechanisms. But let me ask you. You know Indy Indy would like to limit access to guns and two more background checks and and the like. How would you go about stopping the violence we've seen in schools of mean leading up to the park and shooting and you know Portland is the first and unfortunately it probably won't be the last what what's on your agenda. I think perhaps the list and most direct approach would be school security. That. It's Kennelly the airports they had a problem prior to world 9/11. And they corrected it. By having more security kept coming in and I think the schools to do at the same way that one way coming in May be heavily made my Internet though. Knowing all the politically you're you're a conservative your registered conservative however. Yes I am and but obviously that would be very very expensive that you would you would view that is justified expenditure. Well I don't look at it this way that there has been some controversy of putting on resource officer in the schools to protect the tips. Now I've been around the halls of all the knee and then up the halls of the politicians areas in the Monmouth county. And everyone at home has security. That though the judge has a bailiff then you go into the rift building and you have to go through the process of going that way. And it makes me wonder why the politicians think their life is worth being secure. By giving the guards there. And not the children who are more vulnerable than they could. Andy is there any it is as you talk to people about gun control. And and how to stop the violence in the schools have you found common ground with folks like monitor other people think. You might be wrong and running you know they on this weapon or that weapon. But guilt some of these other measures mean. We're we're where do you come down on something like more security. Schools. Basically I'm thinking that. I can understand that idea that we need to and says in a sense Harden the schools like we do everything else. And I understand why we want to do that these buildings are. Very safe like like the courthouses like those various. But the only concern I have with that is that. At least I knows seventeen year old don't scored it feels like go to prison. And in a sense not I gotta I gotta tell you unit not the first seventeen year old feel like that but so I think having that is only gonna amplify it an idea I've learned to. Lot of teachers saying now we're having problems with attendance. Bigger and bigger with all like the subjects being online these days kids don't do it to come to school now they're gonna go. Well I definitely don't wanna go through those men metal detectors at that we don't want to add extra work just to go to subject and get. Let me ask ask this but follow up abundant and it's solution. You know I'm I'm circling and have no problem then I think would be a good idea I think resource officer sure we should have more resource officers no question. But you can't have a resource officer everywhere at the mall in every place else and if you know what what's. You know what's the end end game what's the solution for shootings elsewhere other soft targets. Here's the whole problem the other side of mine is that they're focusing. On guns. And the real problem is people sure. If I hit a hammer and I used to build a house it's a tool. If I use that same hammered crush your skull it becomes a weapon. Alec Hammond an animated denominator on all of these events this person is the one that did it. Now they say well they end the missile went personal list of misnomer. Because though. For all practical purposes assault weapons have been in since 1934. But the thick that I wanna make out is a person has to be involved. In order to blow me disaster like office. Since the second generation of man we've seen evil. And we know that Cain killed able we don't know what he was no guarantee it was rightfully or. Q do you think do you think we need to invest more of our resources in mental health all of definitely so this is the real problem is it. It takes an evil person or a crazy person to create this sort of me and that's where it should be focused now banning guns. Or any type of guns doesn't work because criminals don't Obey laws. And if bands work we wouldn't of the albeit Perot movement in America that we do there's no plea she can buy the drugs legally and yet. Eleven people there or more are dying from home for those. Any date I I looked at Samir press clippings or maybe it was your website. And I know that you're trying to branch out to deal with other. Problems including I think the environment but I think I did see something on there about mental health someplace. Yemen off is definitely a huge facet in this issue and if you say it's only guns issue or if it's only a mental health this year I'm gonna disagree with you because. I think such a complex issue ranging across our whole society. Can't just be determined by a single thing so it's a look at all aspects of it and decide what do we need to do. So you would find common ground with blood on medal help what you say it's not enough we get we still to do something about guns yet out of the my view on it. Let me let me in in the three minutes or so before the the top of the news hour Parikh. Let me and I hate to broader question about. Student activism in in general. And criticism. You know you and you put yourself out there you're like you're like Parkland students a local version of that. And they're receiving a lot of criticism I mean there's some just nasty mean stuff out there. But there's probably some criticism which I might say is is is ballot. Do you get a lot of incoming and how do you deal with it and you think any of it is is justified. Yeah we get a lot of it and it's understandable I heard when he addressed though earlier on the show saying they want to onto the political arena you're subject to this kind of thing and I. For me I completely agree like. I don't mind that people. Are not afraid to come after my views and it I don't feel threatened by it so it just comes down to believing what you believe in and not letting other people. Try to bring you to one of. One of the criticisms of the park and students. Is that they've gotten to political. You you know people on the right will say that they then they they're being used by people with own agenda. And as anyone. On FaceBook or anything else throw that things are criticism you. Especially I am thinking of your year spat with congressman Collins I can imagine that there are a lot of Republicans out there today. Well the Democrats are just using these. These kids. Two you know for their own purposes. Yeah I mean I think there's a line to I think I heard. After the shooting at the YouTube headquarters there was 510 minutes after we've heard it and there's already cop calls for gun control and that I kind of disagree with just because. We don't even know the victims we don't even know their names so that in my my idea is politicizing a tragedy but. What department students once they turn it on its head they they were the victims and they managed to say this isn't right and they stood up what they've leaked. But we got about a minute before the break you're your final thoughts in this segment before we go to break and get after break we'll start to take some phone calls. You know one of the things that concerns me is that there at the media being leftist liberal in the mainstream. As the one that always goes to the negative on this and offers their solutions of gun control. When there's no. Balance from the other side that signal it is a mental health issue. That is not the gun it's the person holding it that makes it dangerous that's the only thing that makes an object a weapon. Is the person. Course course there's also criticism coming again today at at the NRA and other. Anti gun control groups saying the only time they seem to worry about. Mentally ill people is when something like this happens and people go after the guns of mean. Do you have a response to that criticism. As a matter of fact I served on the NRA board of directors for eighteen years. And everyone there agrees there felons. And criminals. And the mentally ill should not have access to guns and actually it was the NRA they came up with the idea of the instant background check. And that is the one where is supposed to weed out those that can't go purchase or all of them gone and that has worked out. And when that'll have to be the last word for this segment Ellen Harris is standing by in the news with the top of the hour news. When we come back but Schroeder from scope will be here in the Baltic from Clarence high school will still be here. We'll begin to take your call so if you wanna call 8030930. As the number in the meantime I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening hardline on news radio 930 WB ENN. Well got to wintering mix in 32 degrees and 11 o'clock good morning from the WBN news room I'm Alan Harris top stories weather expected death get a little better later today and call me on TV tonight. WEB and first alert forecast calls for freezing rain this morning with windy conditions. This afternoon temperatures will be rising change in that over a plain rain a high of 45. Well Walden avenue near the galleria mall has now reopened after reports of a major lying down and had been closed since just about 5 o'clock this morning and O'Hare rollover accident of the 219 a three car accident in the parking lot of the claret service center where a woman. And be taken EC MC it's one of those days or shall travel advisories in Erie Niagara Genesee counties according to meteorologist Jon Hitchcock. Out of the National Weather Service. Just a morning run through 2 PM horrible to Western New York with the exception of the southern tier during the winter weather advisory there until 11 am. And that a free and are able continued throughout the morning. Democrats in the country begin to rise above freezing and I were at rice is on the trees will begin to not talk. And meteorologist Kurt Campbell told us it should turn to rain later this afternoon actually everywhere should be about certain things after. Our ports are more. Or. And arson cancellations this morning at some advisories you find all those at WB EN dot com would want to mention. -- blog essential schools and now canceled the 2 o'clock performance of Beauty and the Beast no word yet about the 6 o'clock performance. Bible bills great Jim Kelly's been released from new York city hospital where he had extensive cancer and reconstruction surgery Kelly will remain in New York City the next two weeks for recovery. Spectrum would cable subscribers since drivers will have to adjust the way they watched TV. Slow some of the days of exodus simply plugging in a colossal cable from wall greatly to the back of your TV to receive the cable. Will be in the past the press room I have to plug the cable into a digital receiver this upgrade could cost customers from 699 to 1175. Per month. Following a brief period costs by the way. All the applies to one digital receiver which can only be used on one TV multiple televisions will crier multiple receivers. President jumps mission accomplished tweet Saturday about the Syria air strike has been drawn controversy White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders on ABC's this week explain what that tournament. A mission carried out via the extraordinary men and women of our armed forces partnered with us. The men and women in the UK and France certainly. Successful and what they set out to do and accomplish their objectives. And a new ABC news Washington Post poll shows the president's a report approval rating climbing to 40% from 36% in January. The boost coming his former FBI director James call Lisa do appear on ABC tonight in his first interview since he was fired by the president back in May. In every comes as goalies mob memoirs featuring harsh criticism of trumpet his administration rise in bookstores. ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Looks at what that book could mean to the president's approval ratings. Really it's a scathing assessment. Scathing personal assessment of present from scathing assessment of his presidency what he believes. President trump is doing the institutions. And the rule of law in this country and will that convince people who are already ongoing mess I'm not sure I mean there but we do know this there's huge huge interest. In this book and in the interviews we'll see what kind of effect that has. George Stephanopoulos the full interview with co leaders at a special addition of 20/20 tonight ahead of the release of call these new book called a higher loyalty. WBN news time is a little for the first look forecast next.