Hamburg Police Chief Greg Wickett

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Thursday, May 17th

Wickett explains a bear sighting in Hamburg.


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Last week a some wild boy if coming close to some residents in Hamburg please tell us what happened. Yes some residents in the garden grown area apparently so. The black Peter in the air expert Chad and that was a picture taken solely verified that the carefully wasn't there. How often do you see something like a bear. If in neighborhoods or in Hamburg. It's very rare art remember incident needy for five years ago what. Since then I think this is the first one that I can recall. Any word on the sign is a bit bare how big it borrows. And it don't have no was for the pitcher and it's hard to tell. There was any perspective but Pollard told it was probably. Not a full world airport to. Try to Bibi or somewhere between. If for someone to see a bear in Hamburg it's rare sighting but. How potentially dangerous could it be for the rothmans. I would think it could be dangerous to probably out looking for fooled and I almost certain natural habitat has been disturbed or what reason they would of one to a residential area but. Are places generally just leave it alone. And not provoke it and anyway. And it's it's an idea that people don't you garbage cans and not leaving food outside. Anything that would be attractive to there.