Gun Control & Mental Health Interwined - Aaron Katersky


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Correspondent Arendt could terse Qi is joining us there's a new poll out and gun control and mental health it's an ABC news Washington Post survey. Aron what to the polls set to find out. Well it sought to find out attitude that Americans have about gun control about mental health about responses to mass shootings and whether congress. And the White House are doing enough to the American public's mind to try and stop the next mass shooting and what did it find out. Well that the result I think tell a story of the book frustration in the national frustration. On guns nearly six in ten Americans believe stricter gun laws could have prevented the massacre in Florida last week. 77%. Said congress isn't doing enough to stop the shooting and 62% said the same about president trump. But when you get down to it a little bit deeper. What do you want to do what law should be strengthened or changed that's where. There's no clear response. Americans are still evenly split on an assault style weapons than they've been that way for the last two years according to our polls. And visited the one thing that most seem to agree on is that arming teachers. Is not necessarily the way to go just 42%. Support for that. Are you also looked into mental health. And asks them questions about that as well right. And there is a preference in our poll that shows. Eight days desire to do more on mental health screening and treatment but even then. If it isn't really clear what that looks like Americans still tend to see. Nash shootings through the prism of mental health rather than through the prism of guns although that percentage. Still it is is dropping a little bit but more Americans clearly would like. Something done about mental health screening but are polled didn't make clear what does the exact. Being should be. Have these attitudes changed over the last few years. Well you know it did give there is still by and large. Based tendency in this country to see mass shootings. As a as a problem of of mental health and stability. Then it about guns and and that preference continues in our poll but as I say that that tendency is shifting just a little bit. BP used to be. In the in this 60%. 62%. Range beat a mental health over guns. Now it's dropped to about 5758%. See mass shootings has a problem of mental health over guns so still a majority. But but but that does seem to be changing a little bit. Who was polled for this. I mean the serving with a sample. Dealer that the get it in front of me the deep hole loose. Taken it's a survey of Americans and it and it showed her. That. The cellular and landline telephone survey between February 15 and eighteenth in English and in Spanish it was a random national sample. Of 108 adults. Okay hundred. Right and we appreciate the insight on this Darren thanks so much has correspondent Aaron can terse in a new. Poll out by ABC news and the Washington Post on gun control. And mental health.