Gun Control - Dave Levinthal


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With calls for gun control calls for increased mental screening following the shooting at a high school in Parkland Florida. Now let's check in with Dave Leventhal with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington. I don't know where we're going with this but I mean even a new poll out today shows that there's a divide among Americans when it comes to. Either increase gun controller increase mental screening. The end and that can be surprising season of the who's been an issue that has been fraught with petition for a decade. And one that of course is rooted in the core issue if the court a country. You have the First Amendment and right that that app provides scream the speech prima to assemble. Freedom of religion freedom to petition your government for redress of grievances likely means the lobby and the right after that a Second Amendment. Which of course has been I interpreted over that nation's history the right arm side and one that congress second can not go ahead and in truncate but there there are things that can be done our regulations become more than. It's pretty much been about 25 years and we had congress do any bank NA aunts are great sweeping way in order Q. I controlled guns than any of demonstrable way shape or form so. I would not expect the congress is going to do all whole lot at least in India next couple months. There is talk yet enhanced background check and that doing something that is that going to. It palatable to both Democrats and Republicans but. There there's not a whole lot that is going to be helpful to vote Democrat and Republican. What is considered a win for or the anti gun activists there mobilizing is it stronger background checks or does it have to go further than that. What ever heard those two feel that gun control I should be something that isn't outside who don't believe that that there should be freedom to. Have guns and owned guns possessed that night in any which way you want once you either they're gonna want a lot more absolutely a lot more I think you could look at. For example of that new political committee relatively new political committee led by GAAP real gift for former democratic representative from Arizona who herself was. Shot and almost killed in mass shooting you gotten political committee reaching millions of dollars that. Want to go much much farther out wants a ban certain types of weapons wants to I'm most notably press of voters Q. Vote out lawmakers too are supported by the gun industry in by gun lobby to keep the NRA out. There's aid they're they're looking for a political price to paid for those lawmakers particularly Republican lawmakers who support gun rights and support them in an unabashedly. And how does all of this tie in with the mid term elections. They've tightened very intimately I think Gary you know what you have right now is there. For a I'm very curious. Tipping point or at least potential what you see students themselves here. Wanna go to school and not feel like they're going to get shot who want to go to school and not feel like. They're walking into some sort of a fortress or a president and with armed guards and teacher armed. And in their mobilizing in a way that I don't think we've seen quite in the same way wet. Previous mass shooting specifically school shootings and whether that turns into something. Into a political movement whether that's transmitted in any political contacts into the mid term election. It's unclear right now but with various rallies that are going on including some protest demonstrations and rallies that are typical for next month here and watch it in DC. You're you're seeing the speed at bat again in a way that we haven't really seen. In that the app previous tragedies that hit people in the country. What about president trump DC he's shown us this willingness. To look at stronger background checks do think that deck goes even further. Yup you've been in use today in the past there have been opened to the discussion and doing something legislatively. Or politically that what it. Limit. It is not guns themselves the access to guns by people you on they want to do harm to you like it to those two are innocent. Any I tell I think the specific narrow discrete issue and enhancing background checks could be maybe the one thing bat. Congress is willing to talk about particularly. If the president today in a directive to congressional Republicans that what this is something I wanted to view. That they may be more willing but you know you have a lot of people do. Are in congress right now who feel very very firmly. That the ability to access to guns you own a gun. Should not be a bridge that by congress or should not be truncated. It's the area ideological debate that an app right now. In congress as to whether any thing should be done regardless of what Donald robots that it. Aren't very good that's Dave Leventhal joining us from Washington. With the Center for Public Integrity.