Gun Background Checks And Balances - Miguel Rivera


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Retired buffalo police range officer and firearms instructor Miguel Rivera is joining us live this morning Miguel runs Rivera investigations and but it Miguel we're talking about gun control in the wake of the massacre last week in Parkland Florida the president has indicated a willingness to consider. Stronger background checks for gun purchases. So we know we're just wondering from you what is a background check like right now. Right now and in in especially here in New York. Aren't there a better. Yeah. Accra. You've got people hurt. Struck her record or regular car I was out I sure. And the other day. It can be a little bit different. He's really you can have background check an arm or in public. Went under article that have to bear crop up on stage I think. Could it be improved do you think. Now. While the results of improvement you know we we welcome crater. Their decision paid at Cochran correctly. Or that they are two or eat. To work quite content decided it would use our current. I don't wanna be too difficult could blow to wanna make it a little to work you don't want to hear pop. It. Sure I mean. It seems to me that. Discussed debated it comes down to being a binary choice you're either. Pro or against the Second Amendment kid should be pro Second Amendment and for common sense gun reform. Yeah a lot darker it's tough I term. You know we talk about. What can be done better. As a dictator who started all I think I look editors who are well. And and this is just one little piece of the of the whole picture of the on all of but it there's a lot more that he's done as. What else should we be looking man. While it would weeks. About. Alec ordered our other. I look there's. Are you need to go deep into background. First. You know what we're doing how we're acting. It is here's how our could recruit good. There were there signs are. And all of a courtside was. There are you just walk up to a school of what I want to door to door and had our open. You know security about content to work. It seems like there were many missed science when it comes to this this kid in Florida. You know they're Colombia to the background checks Miguel how long does it take roughly. There are more hardcourt Circuit Court you are in there and or federal or. Hurt our Gordon. Pick your employer pick up where you or your credit. Because our other background check. Who let it go have a cup what a bit. I'll want to put on a cold practical. And it has become great aren't carpet and if there are don't think we're prepared it to this page. Depending on what their point ever where you can't. Okay it seemed neither there's in some confusion for me you need a pistol permit to buy a pistol right. In New York State but furlong gun it's different but if you have to have that pistol permit ahead of time before you buy a long time. Well that the Kurt Kurt Roethlisberger the blue. And in the background check our our. Talk about look better and wreck our partners are. There it is at all that background check or federal are like I bet on it grab all your condition called it. An eight track record on. Our own. History. That would cougar EP purchase of the longer. The better I'll walk out of a federal I liked him without a couple of wood off of what Shaq like. But not conduct. Okay did it strike you when you heard about this nineteen year old who had an AR fifteen hit a what does a nineteen year old doing with an air fifteen. Not. I certainly it's my outlook on. Your. A couple different Albert where. Are you eat. The ball aren't on our. They're from elk I look at it like them all. Autocratic. And we could acog. There it really doesn't make it upon. Because again it's a bottle as it's not a matter that the type with a Arnold words cartel. Who are so. And it Edberg also on earth partner elk and so it's that kind of replicate because I call who. Harry Miguel we've learned a lot as we always still the that's Miguel Rivera. He is or retired buffalo range officer he runs Rivera investigations.