Gov't Shutdown Over...For Now - Karen Travers


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The government shutdown is over after just one business day Karen Travers shorting us live from the White House Caron while it's all over until that is. A few weeks from now when we might do it all again. Yeah I mean use your notes from this one because we could be talking about a lot of the same things in the lead up to February 8 this three week measure would from the government through February 8 but you know there is. Still that chance that. If they don't do immigration like Mitch McConnell told Democrats he was that the Democrats could insist on once again drawing a line. And not voting for any funding bill after that point at the White House is not promising what happens next the president will only say. He'll make a long term deal on immigration if and only if it's good for the country. He did go to treat me last night scene at the negotiating table so he's indicating a willingness to restart talks on all of this. But still strong sign from the white house on. What they're exactly looking to see in a veil and Karen if they ask the question is whether the president will be an active participant or more on the sidelines like he was over the weekend yet here really is stayed out of the final negotiations are some tweets not reached a Republican lawmakers in the end it this senses that it allowed lawmakers to work out a deal amongst themselves. The president was calling it a big win for Republicans he says the Democrats caved but now by saying see you at negotiating table certainly suggesting he wants back again. For the big picture the big immigration conversation but of course the last time he did that with that contentious and controversial meeting in the Oval Office. Yet there's a lot of Democrats saying why should we believe Mitch McConnell that'll bring up doc but. Now with this his threat of another shot down looming over his head and wouldn't that be enough incentive. Certainly will. Because by then we'll have maybe a more clear sense of some public polling on who gets the blame and what the public thought that three week shut down I mean I think you certainly get a sense of frustration. That congress can't get something done whoever to blame it on not just did broader principle. Some Democrats saying mr. Connell made a pledge he has to come through on so they'll be certainly. Putting a lot of public pressure now that's Mitch McConnell there has been no such pledge from house speaker part right and and that's where things get complicated. And Mitch McConnell can they were gonna take up immigration the president could say it there's got to be something that by and let that happen of course house. I can't get enough of this Susan Collins said she had to use at talking stick up during discussions is that for real. I it is yes. There's a talking stage given mediated shifted to abolish at some point I I have a four year old and two Euro twins it's like I didn't know hunt at. Goes at dinner when you're all trying to docket once. But it also apparently applies to the world's most deliberative body that in order to get everybody under control one person Atlanta Doug once in these meetings. He had thought and it in fifth agreement against nine Karen thanks so it works it works yeah. I guess sober Garrett thanks that's Karen Travers joining us live from the White House.