Gov't Shutdown Over...For Now - Dave Levinthal


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Dave Leventhal is with us from the Center for Public Integrity in Washington the shutdown is over it's back to work and David turns out that talking stick played a role in ending the shut down Susan Collins making negotiator shoes at talking stick like they do in kindergarten maybe you have when your house. And people sit sometimes and that the I think that that third graders could run the government better than not the people in the government. Here we are using talking stick the F were they asked the stick around and order to allow people who were in the room senators still have their turn to talk and apparently that may. Started using up a basketball sort of mom hall style if you review if you remember your elementary school days. It was just easier to tossed around that's pretty much the level of discourse that we have here in Washington DC on Monday. Republicans are very happy of course set up a I've got the better end of the deal but it's a leading steel to leave we can beat. Couple weeks from now you've been talking about the same darn thing because there's only extend that funding for the government until February 8 so we could be doing this. All over again very soon and there are a heck of a lot of negotiating points that senators enough people out so well market app to work out and it's all really coming down cute immigration what to do you with with soccer recipients and a broader immigration bill. Possibly or maybe not as as part of the mix here. Very unclear where the ball. You know that fact that they had to use a talking to sit there resulting to grade school tactics to try and talk to each other that can't give you much hope. For a deal to be made no within these next few weeks. Portrait at Bryant and trust among Democrats and Republicans and even some Democrats. Within the Democratic Caucus and Republican within the Republican caucus. Israeli it Quidel right now there were on a number of very prominent Democrats. Who ended up voting against this deal now name a couple of names. Elizabeth Warren. Cory Booker. Come let terrorists. Pure and Gillibrand. Bernie Sanders who what do they all have in common and how they might be presidential candidates and 28 when he sat as a result you know you definitely have some people to work. Angling for potentially a political purposes in their approach. And on the Republican side he had Rand Paul and Mike Lee too conservative senators who also voted against it now. Other dark and get them even within the parties themselves truck is and it has very significantly right now but. And that's with a deal that. Ultimately was kind of built on trust and Chuck Schumer trusting Mitch McConnell at his word yet on the senate floor that. Mitch McConnell would come through and consider. Some sort of immigration deal has to go order and couple weeks until the next deadline again on February it's wet we've got to do however got. You know Dave and we've been to this brink so many times before I don't you think that. Fear of backlash from the public might be enough for them this time to get it done. And while eat it it very much takes two to tango they all add edit goes there. If you got one side that's holding out and another side that's holding out to let me just can't get to that point to middle. Then ninety you have a situation like that then yes we've been here before 2013. It was a lot worse because of these shut down last said. A significantly longer that they're really in in reality having them act government operations. Here in DC and elsewhere they have a government level by. You know I had in the public is just actually back up congress this poll numbers that we like to talk about Donald Trump's poll numbers the congress has poll numbers are. Significantly worse that they body writ large. Am I gonna be curious to see what that Donald Trump ultimately eat eat eat that definitely we get a lot technically at a lot but. In reality it was kind of sideline during the process was something that was very much between congressional Democrats and Republicans and Donald Trump well he has spent at some pictures of working over the weekend and various other things. Wasn't a key elements in the ultimate crafting. Of this deal and oftentimes it's kind of going back and forth those two what would I keep not acceptable and it's that it was interesting to see. Congress really taken the lead for better or for worse and getting to the point that they got sued yesterday on Monday where they could vote on the bill open back the government. It gave we always appreciate the time that's Dave Leventhal what the Center for Public Integrity talking about the end of the shut down.