Government Shutdown Over...For Now - Brad Mielke


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The government is back open after a shut down that lasted just one business day but will it stay that way Brad milky joining us now Brad. And they shut down ends but there is now another deadline looming in its long term fixed doesn't really seem like it's ready to be reached. Oh that's right is this this agreement lasts through February 8 that's just seventeen days away and Chuck Schumer the minority leader. The Democrats in the senate made a point of that in his speech. As he essentially told everyone that Democrats were blinking your Democrats are gonna go ahead and vote for this continuing resolution. Essentially in exchange for simply a handshake deal from Mitch McConnell the senate majority leader has said. They will consider an immigration bill between now and February 8 they will put it up for debate there will be a vote at some point there's a lot of variables in there. And Mitch McConnell says. As and he went from Merrick Garland two Jeff flake who had been asking for doctor deal well before the snows. Mr. Connell can be rather slippery on some of these things and that is why some immigration activists are rather frustrated with the Democrats saying that they essentially. Gave too much ground too soon. But now we will see a lot of this play out again over the next seventeen days. And brand isn't there another deadline that's coming up four of the dreamers. Will that's right and early march that is when it. President trump gave dreamers. Essentially saying that that your time is up perhaps in this country by early march now that is being. Changed a little it has been messed with a little if you will. By lower courts who have essentially said that this program will go on that doctor recipients can continue renewing. Their papers for right now AA is please seek legal protections in this country but. Everyone of the immigration community has been saying that's not a permanent fix what you know just like president trump we are awaiting word. From congress here to actually act on nest. But that is kind of muddied the waters as far as it is frankly made it rather confusing for a lot of immigrant families they're not quite sure what their status will be. Beyond the deadline for congress and beyond early mark. I Democrats surprised at all they're getting this backlash you know you we've seen in Trump's tweets we've seen it from a Democrat pundits who say you caved on this. Once talking about down aka. Don't they have another shut down to hold over Mitch McConnell had to say hey. If this doesn't actually happen we're gonna go through the same thing again in just a matter of weeks yet that is the hope for Democrats that that date in in this moments. The Democrats all of a sudden we're waking up to headlines in local communities in. Important states for the mid terms in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan. And some of those headlines and some of the calls that aired that there local representatives were getting work Democrats are holding up the government. Because of illegal immigrants essentially. That was not the messaging they were looking for that's what made them a little bit nervous you got to imagine it in three weeks if we're doing this all again. It will be because Mitch McConnell has not presented any of these doctor bills even the bipartisan once to the senate floor. And then you'd imagine that the conversation would not be Democrats and hold up here it's look at how disingenuous Mitch McConnell spent that is the conversation Democrats would rather have. That is that conversation they are counting on. If they're considering this any bit of leverage but. For for a lot of people who had been told by Chuck Schumer just a couple days ago we will not back down Intel we we get some sort of a concession on doc got. This just seem like very you know too little too early if you well Ari that's correspondent Brent milky joining us with the latest on the shut down.