Gov. Cuomo On NYC Terror Attacks

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Wednesday, November 1st

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First. Our thoughts and prayers are. With those New Yorkers who we lost today. Reminds us all how precious. Life sure is. They left the house this morning they were enjoying the beautiful westside of Manhattan. On a beautiful fall day in the not gonna be returning home. And that's shocking that penny is going to be very real. And our our thoughts and our prayers are with all of them are first responders did an extraordinary job. The NYPD. The FDA and why the FBI is the New York State Police EMS. They do we have the finest. Security. On the globe. And to see them in action today proved that. Once again. The new terrorist tactic. Which they've called for publicly. Are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. This is all very preliminary it's only been a couple of hours but at this point is there's no evidence to suggest they wider plot over a wider scheme. But the actions of one individual who meant to cause. Pain and harm. And probably death. And the resulting terror and that was. The purpose. We will be vigilant. More police. Everywhere. You'll see them in the airport to see him in the tunnels. It's not because this and the evidence of and the ongoing threats. Or any additional threat it is just. I don't vigilance. And out of out of caution. And the truth is. He New York is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. That's what we are and we are proud of it. That also makes us a target for those people. Who oppose those concepts. And we've lived with this before we felt the pain before we feel the pain today. But we go forward together and we go forward stronger. Than ever. We're not gonna let them when. And if we change. Our lives weakened toward ourselves. To them. Then they win and we lose. We'll go about our business. Again there's no army growing threat there is no evidence of that at this time. So there's no reason to have been the undue anxiety. You will see more security forces but that's only because it's an abundance of caution not a signal of anything else. And need to do be continued investigation. And justice will be done. But again to those we lost there and our thoughts and our prayers. Through the first responders. Thank you thank you thank you for the job you do you put your life. On the line every day he's doing better than anyone else. And two New Yorkers. Being New Yorkers. And live your life. And don't let them change us or do terrorists. In any meant manner shape or form and thank you.