Gov Cuomo on Ellis Island and Government Shutdown

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Sunday, January 21st

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Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to battered parts failure on this beautiful beautiful day. It in full view. Are beautiful statue of liberty. She has the day off today she's resting she deserves it. Hughes had a stressful few weeks. But he's gonna go back to work tomorrow. And that's what we here to announce. You know the federal government shut down. Part of what happens is that the tourists sites closed the department of interior. Manages the tourism sites of course the country the federal tourism sites and the federal tourism sites closed. One of the sites that closes is the statue of liberty. With Ellis Island. That is an economic problem for. The State of New York. Tourism is very big business here in this city in this day. And when the statue of liberty closes and disrupts. Many tourists. And it's. People planning to see the statue of liberty were planning to come home. We've contacted the federal department of interior. And we worked at a hearing room where New York State won't follow and the federal employees. Whole operate the statue of liberty. So it will reopen tomorrow pat. State expense. We whoa. Had a in ends the federal employees. Who operate the statue of liberty from our point of view it's a good investment. Because the revenue we gain from the tourists it is. Multiples. What noble cause to actually. Pay to open the statue of liberty. And again we want to keep tourism flowing we want people coming and we don't want any disruption. So our arrangement with the federal department of interior will last. For the period of shot there. We will pay to keep you know this statue of liberty open. Every day. I'm joined by on my right. Lindsay Boylan was the executive vice president of the empire state development corporation. To my left is the secretary of papers numbers. So that's good news and we're excited about that occurred when was he planning to see this statue of liberty York. Anything come to see the statue of liberty tomorrow. It's going to be open and running as normal. I also think in many ways the statue of liberty is symbolic. For what's going on right now in Washington. The issue is about immigration. And this sense that some people have that this treaty should close the doors and stop immigration. And speaking for myself on behalf of many New Yorkers we this statue of liberty and our armor. Statue of liberty America in New York are all immigration it's all about welcoming people saw about bringing people here. The concept of closing the doors to immigrants is repugnant to the concept of America. And that's what we've been arguing for years where all sons and daughters of immigrants unless you're native American you wore an immigrant. I know people like to think what I've been here long time I'm no longer an immigrant you are immigrants. They Ellis outrage life strategy guy. An immigrant migrant parents were more battalions uneducated people who came here who couldn't speak the language. Who couldn't agree to. But they wanted an opportunity to work. And they did it bath. And they gave back in this country bears who became governor they immigrants who became governor. That's what America's all about. And in many ways this judge in Washington to meet takes his back to that fundamental answer. Which is they are against immigration. That they want to close the doors and we want to keep them. Questions and comments on topic. We. And twice thirteen which was the last federal shut down. We all so. Made the same very true with the federal government where we said we would pay for the workers. I think the initial flaws that 2013 was it was going to be a short lived shut down. It wasn't that we're on number of days and one point we stepped in. So we learned our lesson this time with stepping in immediately we don't want any break. In the tourism schedule. And we don't want any disruption for tourists or here to see the statue of liberty. I don't remember but I can get to that information. The only way it reopens. Is if the state pay its right. How asylum and also be open gas. No this is about the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Which short tour of our main federal attractions if you work. And cost us about 65000. Dollars. To. Heard today you took pay for the federal employee us to open the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. And that is one of the best economic investments we've made in a long time. Via the the blame game in Washington and shut down. First aids. Somewhere between depressing and frustrating to me. That. It's hard to even understand. What this specific issue is causing this shut down all. You know what was the actual breakdown. People talk about. Doctor they talk about the military budget they talk about the child health insurance program and they talk about the president's desire for the walls. What exactly. Is the issue among that those cost her back cluster of issues. What is actually causing the shot down. I think. That's our find that frustrating as an American that you just. Such a dire results. And you can't find the definitive. Calls. That actually ruptured that talks. Be on that general cluster of 45 issues and some are wholly unrelated is it. Health insurance for children or the military budget or is it the disaster relief for the west. Or is a doctor or is it the president's desire to have a wall. So I think that's frustrating if you look at the president's commercial. Where. The president has an opportunity to. Communicate what he believes it's about. What he's saying is I want the wall. That's what he says he says I want the wall which is interesting because for many months. The Republicans and the president were saying they were sympathetic about doctor. They were saying we understand as close to a million children. Nobody wants to send them back where compassionate. We feel for the children and doc. That's when they were strike. Well then bring new dot com because he's the one who and dated in the first place. You know how it sounds like he's saying well too. Save the docket children. I want the rule which means we're right back to the campaign rhetoric. Where just right back where we were. Where president trunks and all throughout the campaign. I want to build the wall by the way were actually in a worse situation than we war. Because in the campaign he wanted to build the wall. I was gonna make metric Albrecht. Well you want to build a wall and we have that kind. I mean if you believe the press reports the Democrats. All bird. Billions of dollars to build the wall. Which. My opinion is if they did that they want to wait too far. Why are we now paying for Wal-Mart. Would we pay twenty billion dollars to build the wall that you don't need. When the president said he was going to bring back the doctor children. So if the president wants the walls that that's where we are certainly should stand up and say. He should say I'm holding the dock that children hostage for the wall. It's not about our doctors about ship it's not about the military. Budget it's not about the friars. I want the wall. And by the way Mexico won't won't pay I want that depending. Let him say that. If that's what it is and I suspect that's what it is because that's what he's saying on his TV commercial then I think that Democrats are crazy. If de perceived to that the man. It would be craziness. To give the president a twenty billion dollar wall. Just so he does what he said they wanted to do which was elected doctor children's day and twenty billion dollars for Walt. They just talked eighteen billion dollars from the people of the state of new York and their tax bill. When they eliminated. That so called state and local deductibility. Everybody's income taxes 125%. Everybody's property taxes go up 25% that's eighteen billion dollars that they took from New York. And now we should give him twenty billion. To build the wall that we don't need that Mexico was supposed to pay for. It would be lunacy. You've got another governor. Under a part. I've not spoken to other governors look I don't know the economic. Consequence of their federal. Monuments. I know that the statue of liberty is a federal. Federally controlled. Memorial. But it's a major income generator for New York State. And we don't want to lose the income and symbolically. Using shut down the government but you can't shut down the statue of liberty. And symbolically. I think that's in many ways what they are really trying to do in Washington. Is they wanna shut down the statue of liberty. You know if you listen to their rhetoric. There is no statue of liberty there is no ammo Lazarus phone. There is no give me your poor give me your huddled masses. Right. If you listen to their rhetoric they don't want anyone from those ass hole companies. Just Norwegians. In the army is actual revenue but little plaque just Norwegians welcome the very simple. Thank you very much.