GOP Whip Shot Near DC - Reaction With Congressman Chris Collins


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We're going live now to congressman Chris Collins on this. A story that's developing Chris good morning. Good morning Susan boy it's not a not a good day in America. Any questioning your mind that this was politically motivated. Why I can never get you could never get into the motivation. Of both of the crazy curse and shooting that. He would have to expect the fact that our whip was targeted. Number three. GOP leadership team. When there were many other members there aren't I would suspect the answer yes. So who police were shot in the hip who capitol police we understand were shot. One congressional aide. You know none of them fatally. Hurt over it he shot higher. But what is your understanding of how this all began and went down nine AEE five wounded is what we're hearing so far you detailed some of the injuries. Hopefully nobody hurt. That's seriously or no life threatening injuries. What is your understanding of the timeline of events here. Well big congressional are based on game Republicans vs Democrats which is a way to actually apps on in congress and if people that may not agree politically to ever have a conversation. It's always occurs is coming up. On Thursday so you know they're the guys that play an arcane. MM Thursday it practiced early in the morning it's well known they do that. So. If somebody. Was targeting someone. You know that they're. As part of the problem and schedules there are well known this was he's scheduled baseball practice for the Republicans. You know early in the morning before that they really starts. Here on Capitol Hill and apparently this shooter was was waiting for. Chris we've heard a report that the somebody walked up to the baseball field and and asked when you know with this Republicans or Democrats. To set does that make you furious. It does. I can I can I always try to look for silver lining in any tragedies like that I can only oh. That the Democrats do tone down on the router. There that rhetoric has been outreach. The finger pointing the just just the whole. In the and in the anger. Directed at Donald Trump is supporters. Really. You know some people react to things like that they they get angry as well. Fuel the fires. I I can only hope maybe there's something here that would say let alone down the rhetoric we can disagree. Politically but we can be a light. Or. It's it gone too far and maybe this is a wake up call I'm not saying it will be good. It was let's hope we could disagree on a more polite. Conversation. All basis and not. Do things like you know. What they did it my office a couple of weeks ago they had a guy. It's it's it's gone too far. Now word is that Alexandria police saying as suspect is in custody Chris are you being told anything members of congress being told anything as far as. Things to watch out for you being told the shelter in place no matter where you are what are you being told. No it isn't it isn't that. If they're shooting that Capitol Hill they will put up a shelter in place until the it does the shooters are again outsider or learn new neutralized. In this case no I think I'm picking up the news. From some of my staff that. No. Staffers. Might buy one led to this system is very good friends who love those leases so I'm getting some of this. Second hand that are very direct secondhand. But I mean it just occurred. There's so there's been no official. Word. Everything appears normal and I came in this morning. Capitol police and whatever but I was driving crew. We're not seeming to be an extra alert or anything again it was just it's very much break. And Chris you know. You're a big supporter of president trump you're the first congressional supporter of of Donald Trump do you feel threatened. Well that this this is would it have been a wakeup call. I like I can tell you the worst news. My white screen action. I think you know our family. Who see something like this happen and you're exactly right on the most is a supporter in Washington. And so yeah of course I'm concerned. But I'm not gonna let my like any differently I mean that's. It's not gonna happen but I I do feel very bad. No my wife now. Hurt her concerns are ratcheted up the house old. Are things in Washington being put on hold right now any meetings there are things that we're going to happen that aren't anymore. Not that I'm aware of so you know I'm and a exceeded stepped out of a meeting that that I started minutes ago. I've talked to you guys. I suspect it will be because there's nothing we can do army leaker in the hospital he appears to be in stable condition. And so I suspect single. It be no reason that I know of to cancel meetings or hearings. I got a hearing and fifteen but the capital is extraordinarily secure. You know this is just outside the capitol grounds whether there really is no security other goalies travels with. Capital. Police as a member of our leadership team he always has. 234. Capital we traveled with him as does the speaker majority leader other wrestlers don't have any action. But the good news is there were capitol police there because he's Lee is our number three. In the leadership team that is. That the more sobering thought is hit he got it had baseball practice. It would have been no one to take down the this shooter get him in the custody. Well and really as a sobering morning. Chris we appreciate the time this morning thank you. Okay every great YouTube that's congressman Chris Collins from Western New York in Washington is this breaking story continues to unfold.