GOP Tax Plan and Roy Moore Comments - Chris Collins


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We're joined on the line by congressman Chris Collins talking everything going on in Washington and I Chris we have to start with the Roy Moore read the allegations coming out over the past few days. Where do you stand this far is Roy Moore is candidacy do you believe he should bow out of the race. Are you know trying to beyond that it's Alabama special election could ever. You know I'm a new Yorker I don't vote there and House of Representatives focused. No almost every day right now and tax reform and everything else pulling out so other than watching the news. And you used to be used to Wear an allegation and thing happening forty years ago it going to be after the Alabama voters. In the senate so. It's yeah I'd rather talk about X reform and other things that I don't really ever been following it that close because it doesn't impact. Well talking about tax reform I mean it's an important seat for Republicans is moving forward if you wanna get things done in the Senate's your colleagues some Schroder talking about this. Oh will clear out and house they're not. Just like that the senate has the road version of actually form. Who we always say we have to do what we're gonna do like we get helped here to remind your listeners the House of Representatives did. Repeal and replace obamacare. It did not pass in the senate sort two separate. Bodies. Of legislators. We have to do our job focus on what we are. Able to focus time and get asked and then. Dissent that there things so pretty sure we need sixty votes in the senate I don't I'm not sure where they stand right now. Let all we can do is what we control what we control. Is our own destiny in the House of Representatives and the legislative processes such the senate have to pass something and we go to conference. We don't we then have to repay half whatever comes out of the compromise. In a conference between the senate and the house. And were intending to get this done yet this year I didn't pick working state this week. As long as we have to stay even through the weekend. To get the house version. Of tax reform passed we're gonna bring it up for a vote on Thursday Elmo more later this morning but our conference meet. But were bound and determined to get it passed. 95%. Erie county residents are gonna see attacks caught. You can't read it believe anything you read in the bustle of the who's the last few weeks. Based body and Andrew Cuomo's. Falsehoods. Saying people are gonna pay more and when the dust settles everyone's gonna 95% of people are gonna pay less. That's going to expose our governor or senator. And the upload loses it is being nothing but a news well as the fact they ignore the facts. Chris there are big differences though between house and senate version right. They're hard differences I'm not sure I would call them big differences. From what I can tell the differences low impact. Western New Yorkers much at all. And there's always going to be some differences but in either case it's to extract from 95% of Erie county residents. That tax cut we need more money in everyone's packet. Bills and that it then multiply through the economy and help create jobs grow the economy. So there are differences that. Susan they're not that major. If he could take us through the process here that the house and senate are gonna go through as this market continues we know that the goal. Is the end of the year to have this on the president's desk. How long might it take to get there. Well we we have completed the mark up in the house. There's there could be an amendment that comes forward who are rules committee. Were intending to vote on it on Thursday let's say they're counting votes right now. Whipping is the term they use have a definite yeah. And the senate like war is is starting debate. I'm Baier bill. With the thought that they're going to bring it for a vote. You know again sometime. Maybe slightly after Thanksgiving our vote with these this week. Then both. House's point what they are conferees. Who then meet to. Compromise between the two bills. Knowing their two chambers. In the mood then and where people stand. Then this conference. Compromise goes back to the senate and the house identical language. To be cast. Again in this in this compromised formed in if that happens in both chambers. It then goes to the present. And they are intended to be done before the end of the year. Ari this congressman Chris Collins joining us on the tax plan. And when asked about Roy Moore wouldn't take a stance that he's not paying attention to it.