Golden State Killer Captured - Brad Garrett


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An arrest in a 25 year old cold case. Police believe they have their man in the murder of seventeen year old Mandy Stein cancer of north tunnel Wanda the case has haunted retired north title wanted detective. Gabriel deeper and are now. They would come after being retired now for almost twenty years. I worked occasionally 1993. To 1998. Five years removed. From her focus every day can be put to good strong case. At that time we test our DNA at the time just to not 1% decrease in grand jury. Now that announcement coming just hours before law enforcement in Los Angeles announcing the arrest of the Golden State killer. Brad Garrett joining us on the line right now I brag here it's crime and terrorism analyst and and Brad looking at these two cold cases sound yesterday. When it comes to a cold case investigation. What is it that typically leads to an arrest is it via. Tireless work of police or is it often just kind of one thing that just appears after years and years of searching. It's a combination of boat. If he is the Golden State killer case. There's the district attorney and this year and Sacramento county California. Decided to dedicate a couple years ago resources detectives. Agents. DNA expert they've brought in the FBI to work task force. And I think they'd get more able to collectively. Hold these cases together. The idiot idiot like you're talking about a number of jurisdictions in both northern and Southern California. That was one side of this but the problem I think they haven't set ministers that the bad guy mister D'Angelo. Was not a database. Because he's not a convicted felon. And I think this year says yesterday's. They're basically hadn't figured out this guy what until last week. That suggested me they had tea. That you need to take a look at this guy they've been got. Its shelves like discarded DNA and there was a cop something that the Angela has probably touched him now. Got to they swapped it and it matched all of these currency. And that's what led to this arrest. And and with the local case here of 25 years they didn't say exactly what it was but they did say that it was forensics and DNA. I mean these Serb resource is now that just weren't around back when these cases were active right. Right so yes it is the combination. Of determination after. Technology. Having dedicated resource used to work on it. And a lot and the lot seen that somebody give you the net final tip. That pulled together. Because let's face it either itself like this guy Italy been dormant state six we're not there yet. Are there other sexual salts maybe maybe not a city. But that's a long time obviously. Between. 86 and obviously it doesn't change. What has been going not why did he stop. All of this things obviously they need to answer in picture. They've got all the crimes they think he committed. Brad we've been hearing this morning Cynthia bone chilling tapes of recorded phone messages left by the Golden State killer and how prolific he was. A disturbing to say the least how different is this case from other serial killer cases we've seen in the past. So necessarily different you have to keep in mind that these guys are all of the bike is extremely. Rich. Fantasy world. It becomes an obsession and the whole idea. Breaking it and attacking people and killing people at torturing people are talking now. It's all part of the sick twisted fantasy in his head that sort of one leases that you get hot out one that you go to and others to compulsion. That's what they ultimately get caught in his case. It appears she stopped and that's why it couldn't get caught. What did you make of the fact that he was a cup. He worked for two different departments over the years. Well and surprisingly. In the eighties and people understand also that in others the people get in the law enforcement that shouldn't be there. Is that are bad. You know it happened it doesn't happen a lot decadence but it but it does happen occasionally. And it probably gave you some additional tools how to get into how. Try to elude the police. There's an indication in the near at a police radio. At some point I guess it does turn our that we coming my direction or not. Either get on building this caper are currently in unlocked the doors and windows. So he could easily get out out yet very you know X. Or a chilling details that's Brad Garrett crime and terrorism analyst joining us too cold cases. Solved yesterday of course that Golden State killer in California in locally a 25 year old cold case murder. Finally resulting in arrests had them murdered seventeen year old Maine beats dying gas or in north tunnel want to.