Glad to See "Moving Day" For Children's - Kaleida President Jody LoMeo


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Margaret Jody at the Mayo you mentioned children since moving literally yes literally. Everything is on the way to move has begun just about fifteen minutes ago. And everything goes smoothly so far. So far so good everything is smooth first patient. Right on time at seven in the one and should be at a shy Children's Hospital by now. And are we seeing everybody kind of move the court to plant as far as the public goes of people listening to you know staying off the roads. Had a community's been great so far so good with that too as well and so I think the community for for you know kind of helping us out by casting away. As best they can from this neighborhood over in the pressure campus and then downtown towards you'll shy. Just so everybody you know 7 o'clock was kind of the big switch moment for you guys so what needs to be done if you have an emergency. Anything like that its new hospital from now on. It's the new hospitals up and running so. The emergency the. Hartman at Bryant street is closed down. And the new O shy Children's Hospital emergency department is up and running at 7 o'clock so in the event that anyone needs. Any emergent care go right down to the new medical campus and now will be ready for. Is it strange to be in this building every obviously there's a lot of activity going out right now. Definitely not the type of activity you're used to seeing here. It's a little strange though it but the best part about this morning and really the the days leading up has been to see the emotion of the staff concede. It really the memories that have gone through the conversations I've had with them through their minds. And I've heard every story imaginable and it's very touching and it's very real it's very rot times. Lots of tears I think those tears are tears of joy from. A really great past a building that served this community while and the tears of joy of going to their new home on the medical campus which is just. The tech parties have lots of tears that wasn't exactly sure what I was gonna see year this morning but I did see some tears of teary eyes. Especially over here or there is sick out of some words being said a little prayer before. Everything got going. It's emotional for a lot of these people have been here for a long time it's exciting but. Sad to see that he had as it you know eat you have to think about it a different way where. You have nurses and physicians and any of our care givers or staff who really spend more time aim. At at work with their colleagues and so on than they would at their own home and print on the beat a position to heal the community. And I've heard stories relate to remember faces from forty years ago where patients come back and say hello. It's it's incredible babies. I've heard stories are all my babies have been born here I don't save lives here so. When you look it in you think about it net contacts that's the part that you we always remember it is always about the people that's for ever about. People delivering care house care for the community. You know we have talked here with exit contrary it just. A few minutes ago and did he was their as the prayer was going on now with a lot of these nurses who have been there for a long time he said. He was getting emotional he takes over this building in about a week. When you hear that out of him that he's getting emotional has to give you hope for the future debts this building will continue to be special. It well and I I think this area to we don't you think about it it I mean this is our I'm not sure. Others in the other facility like this in in Western New York that has this kind of a lower too at this kind of context of people's lights. Where every one everywhere you go they've been touched by children's tough hard toward five years a long time this neighborhood this community has been tremendous. To this hospital and so. What we're gonna do and insuring that those. Nixon archer in the Paladino Zell can are gonna do the same thing. As just make sure that were respectful to the community we don't wanna leave this community alert when to leave it better than we found. It is you hospital which opened now by the way everybody. What's your favorite part the hospital. I don't have a favorite part that's like asking what's my favorite son there's three sounds like I wouldn't similar spirit is there are all the same I'll say this the best part about the possible for me. Is just the colors the feel of the hospital when you walked in the hospital. It's it's. It's a beautiful place it's comforting it's colorful. So I look around that hospital and I say as a father that in the event I needed that hospital. I would wanna be there so. It's it's beautiful I don't know I I Peter said this in the past I'm not sure ever been in the hospital. This beautiful this nice so I forgot the technology and all the other great things are going our own and do a better in the hospital. I would just say that the feeling that you get to. Is second to none so. All the apartments are great all the floors are special. And all the people are even better than than ever. We spoke with doctor Turkish pitcher earlier he said that he's taking a lot of our work you mentioned the colors says some PR worked up by children who have been treated at the hospital take met with him from here. Over to that you hospital. Take any mementos from here you know media brick it's lying around somewhere I get out. I think some DI know a lot of the I know a lot of the employees are. Are chomping at the bit to get something we'll do that over some time now I owl. I'll latency and and you know for me I rather see all of the employees all the people who really worked here for years. Get whatever they need out of the building in the that he gets they get great comfort in knowing that they did some really great work. Watching out for you hear it up EP yen it is worth its. Right now sent its coal out there you know I've been saying this and it is cold but it's tackle for buffalo rights and we were buffalo audience. It's it's hospital moving whether I'm saying that's my new and it's a child a convincing myself for this its hostile moving whether. Look at it could be much worse you know we could have another November super October surprise or November storm what have you. It's just coal and the cold isn't gonna prefer an officer or stop us or even delay us from. From doing a great job and really insure the patience to say I take it match before when you look back at pictures this is. Kind of how you want it to. Yeah I know I've been joking lease is saying and I had you know maybe a couple snowflakes in the background what would be a bad thing and we we are buffalo and this is who we are in. And this is a historic moment I think it adds to the moment I think. Eighty and sunny would have been kind of boring for a church so we need we need to be who we are in this is. This is going to be a day that I think will look back some time ago where were you land. When Children's Hospital moved very low we're looking forward to the rest of the day a good luck you're staying busy stay warm I'll I'll stay warm and you know we're so excited and and really appreciative of you guys for. All your coverage go wanna say thank you to the community for all the support it's been. This is the communities hospital and now we're proud to deliver.