Gary Olson, President, Daemen College

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Monday, July 23rd
Olson on college costs.

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I'm with Gary Olson the president Damon college. And go with regards to the cost of going to college. What has been the trend with regards not just to wish and brought to things like. Room and board textbooks. And other cover our expenses. Well a bigger question Tom and you know you know everything nowadays is getting more and more expensive than most colleges are doing everything they can to try to. Keep the cost believe it or not. So for example. Given college just last year we lowered our cost. Boarding. The little brother and that the the residential. To make it a little bit more affordable for students. We also tried everything we can't succeed. Incidental cost like treaties and book club should in fact a lot of college. Professors. Are doing everything they can you provide instructional materials. That they themselves create for their students. Instead of having them. Purchased expensive textbooks notebooks are. We're getting more and more expressive. Both in the high school and college levels so. That's another way of controlling the cost. Receivers coach and scared into. I. Has the trend been increasing as far as the costs that have no matter where reversed a tuition nub of the room and board on the line. Well generally speaking. You know cost for anything. Whether it's in college or at at your local store. You know turn to creep up all the time. That's simply because. It well in the college setting. It's simply because. Missing the college needs to purchase an order to do things it does. Keep. Creeping up as well. So you you don't see every year at most colleges. A small increments. In the tuition in most colleges go find a way to keep. Those cost. Rises pretty low in order to preserve her. Obviously varies from place to place. We start out our budget planning every year trying to keep. It for goal. Rough ride whatsoever that particular year. And occasionally. You know it'll it'll be clear that well we'll have to come out of 0% or something. But we had and I say a good many colleges do everything they care to prevent. To tuition cost form rise in whenever they care. What advice camper parents. As far as trying to. Keep. The big ol' down its curve as far as they are and for paying for college Webber's tuition Roberts reports. Well I mean out pictures thing. As far as the cost to themselves obviously. You know budget in advance when you when you know your. Your your daughter daughter's it is approaching. College years and start putting money aside. And obviously it's important trip to shop around. Because different colleges offer different different things in there at different prices. But I will say it. And because this is never or rarely talked about. And the trust's. That it's not just the cost to equality you have to you know it's almost you get what you pay for. So you have to look at what you're getting at a particular college. So you know. College game day costs a slight bit more of ecology. But you're getting so much more. You're getting more personal attention let's which is what. Leo it's David college. Or you're getting a certain quality program that you would never get. To ecology. Just important to be your very mindful. What you get for the dollars. That.