Galbani Italian Festival Preview - Mark Sciortino


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Mark short Tino joining us now the Italian fest. It's kicked off. Today on the outer harbor one of the the main festivals that people look forward to every single year. In the city of buffalo mark thanks for joining us she got to be excited today opening day. Absolutely thanks I mean this is great the secure weather report the weather gods are in our favor of this whole entire weekend. It's an absolutely beautiful place to be. Yeah you're absolutely right you're right down by the water to the outer harper becomes a little bit of Italy. What is going on at your opening today at eleven. Well today we open up at eleven we have free admission until 3 o'clock today and tomorrow. And it's a completely new and transformed area that you wanna you know wanna mess it. If you wanna get out of the heat does breeze coming off the lake is absolutely beautiful we've transformed the outer harbor into. Western New York little Italy. In beautiful. It it is kind of the place you wanna be did beat summit he said the whether there should be perfect this weekend it would a lot of people want to know though is. Getting down there getting out of there with a all the construction going on on this skyway. How tricky is that going to be getting to and from the ER. Well after 11 AM to skyway is open and into the open all weekend. Getting himself as not a problem. Coming in from the north. You know after Lebanese capital be open all weekend which is great getting out we have a whole new traffic pattern designed we have a ton of new signings going and it's going to be one way in in one way out. We have it police working with dust and redesigning our parking area bringing in the parking closer to the Italian festival. We now have a huge handicap parking area right next to the gate. And once you get in the right when you're ready to leave there's one way out there should be no congestion down Herman boulevard is really simple. Have a driving in all week there has there been any issues. And if it's just you know at an event that were you we're in the growing stages we've just you know our second year we we. Taken there lumps and learn from our mistakes and I think we've made it a lot better. You know the mark to you made changes even from last year right at the site. Oh absolutely we have a whole new design. As far as commanders are concerned it just as you walk and you'll notice we haven't. This spring and all the entertainment. It's all Italians singers we got Salmonella and Eddie coming in on Saturday night at 8 o'clock from America's Got Talent. And then Friday night sponsored by a pack in games collision we have a fourth of July spectacular. Fireworks display going which is something a lot of that. It Butler some of the what was some of the feedback that you got from people last year that you kind of took into consideration and they'll notice say wow. You know they were listening and this is different. Well mostly and it is there any complaints you know it is based on changing changes top but you know. He issues we've encountered where traffic which is circumstances beyond our control we're you know we're running out or not the new York state highway department but. We've done everything in our power to make it simpler and easier to get to an end shelled more direction. That was one of the main things the other thing was the parking we brought it closer we didn't really realize that you know how far out it was but. Now it's right next to the thoughtful so that that was probably the one of the biggest things. We've patch any holes so that it's easier two. It around and move then drives they have to really worry about any of those things. But as far as. You know as far as the change it was well received. We think that residents of north buffalo forgive us the opportunity to be here for so many years but. You know once you're in that space you'll understand why we're there we outgrew hurdle avenue in. And the outer harbor just gives us so much more ability to roll into other things that we couldn't do like. Are in this play this manager saying for people who. You know our main may be a little bit leery about all this construction that they'll be okay once they get there. Absolutely there's going to be signed all over the place we're gonna have you know in the long we're gonna have a lighter side there's going to be direction there's going to be police there's going to be part of parking company directing traffic into the parking lot. There's a roundabout and also Italian hospital parking you know it was perilously really there's not going to be an issue. Are we appreciate the time markets mark short Tino of the gal Bonnie Italian festival kicks off today one of the great summer events here in Western New York. Hope LeBron is good time with their head now there and talk a little bit about some of that construction which could make. Coming back from the festival a little bit difficult.