Future radio minds 930in716 March 20, 2018

Tuesday, March 20th

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It's 930. In 716. Something different on the podcast. Of peek into the future. Of radio and radio. Slipping into a couple of different fields and news fake news. Is only real if we let it be through the eyes of too inquisitive and promising students at SUNY for don't yeah. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. Our director of production here at Entercom radio wears another hat. Todd Brody is also an instructor at SUNY for don't yet teaching young minds and their communications program. The art of radio programming and production. He shares his wisdom his talents and on occasion he brings in other industry folks who offer their experiences. Well that's where I commend last night I went west on the thruway and visited with the students and Todd class. We talked a lot about radio media and the audio industry podcasting. And while they offered them a lot of input and insight on where things are weird they may be going. I wanted to hear from them what's on their minds. Weird that they see all of this going. I Jeffrey and I think is interesting to talk about am radio because it's. A die younger audience is counseling and particularly experienced less. Me too well really any radio that's the pleasant voice of harper Horton. Sounds again great radio name right. How about this one Dylan jock. Seriously Dylan jock another great radio handle. After class I held both of them after probably not the best thing to do to students at once weekly night class. Well harper continues our discussion. And my dad listens to the Yankees games on am radio that's not all I was exposed to it growing up. So it's always interesting to hear about the different ways that it's being utilized and especially. Because I work. The country decision here and that's a music station so hearing about talk radio is also interesting because it's outside mine not elect kind of experience. It's in the way I look at it and is I don't think of it as an am radio station I just think it is in its history just action happens behind me and island. But that that's a perspective that we talked a little bit about my classmates it's interesting that that's when your takeaways. I don't know what you do well. I'm very hardware oriented when it comes to technology supposes fascinated Viles gizmos you brought out to show us like via. The Lucy phones dongle thing you could used to and I'm wondering how that works like do you have an ingests server that you like and Blake. Broadcast suits seeking on the air from your phone like anywhere you are is is really into staying. He is connected Internet and here on the airs long as people at the station know. And I wrote on the names of like all real toys. Are. So first of all I'm I'm impressed that the other day it was the first day when that little. Adaptor away aero Cullinan make Apple iPhone. It broke in someone in our newsroom called it we used it you crowd went dongle wrongly. That's the name for everything's got a name is that the real name and in the end that is it's called uncle and I was also fascinated by your mustache. Oh thank you think that you only describe my mustache. At gulf wars. It's about. Three inches on either side handlebar mustache curled it's nice pattern for a grown assist when he thirteen likeness signature. I think you probably. On everyone listening we'll probably see it's and they when you your famous and you Hugo go beyond podcasting. And radiant and very in a very limited circle and famous O. I. Yeah I do tell me about why you're famous or just anyone out there just searched. It. As she acutely fourteen cringe in Simi and that's all I'll say about that all all I want this day. Aren't we talked a lot about. From my perspective about media about radio. I wanna eat your perspective because your future. You know you too. Are part of part of a class its unity and graduate and you're gonna go out there you're gonna do do whatever it is you want to do and and I did that was one of the messages saying even do anything you wanted to do. What he see this all going where DC radio going. Missed I think assert review harper. And radio. Splitting into a couple of different fields. And it for me it's. General broadcast and then for the other aspect would be casting and I think that that's still a part of radio just in a different way. Absolutely broadcasting. Everything he always technological things and you're talking about you know broad strategy you but it's. Things but it all comes down to better ways to get cheers. It's odd signal on a broadcast and out there the way that it always has and where is your podcasting which is you've got a lot Marv production heavy and you need to add things. More easily. And I'll cede it to export kind of different fields like. My favorite part castles to our audio to us which is muscling museum traditional radio as much anymore which it by the a way to bring that back to traditional radio is starting in this place very can be more easily edited and they you can do like alive which are. So in my world I would hope you get car you wake up and you have this great radio by your insider and you dashboard. And you click WB and you don't really care where your content comes from deal you just care that you get. Good audio what you're looking for you don't you don't necessarily care where comes from. As part a station or. You'd you'd rather just yet and you seek out the content you want. And that I care about where my content is coming from into custody source that I trust has to be like every. Source has its own different style has its style that I. I enjoy listening to things like that and what the trust thing is a really big one especially in warmer talking news content. There's a lot of sources that are completely untrustworthy or you know that you're not getting. The whole story or the best research story that you could see you want to find these sources that you know. Are going to give you the best content that you possibly can and. Dylan how about you I you know where he where do you see this whole radio or audio content thing going I mean. The things Beatles say you know vehicle the radio star I don't know if that's necessarily true if anything I feel like now the opposite is true and I feel like. Like visual media assertive. Getting eaten alive by the Internet whereas the radios not going anywhere it's like terrestrial thing that they just exists as late waves so. I don't let Lindsay radio getting smaller if anything like it larger but it's never going away. Alms cars podcasting. I feel like podcasts served in each of beating each whatever your particular interest is like from Alec pro wrestling I listen to the wrestling observer radio podcast. Every week comes out with like three times a week I was into it every time never miss an episode but that's because I know that they know. What the talk of I need to know that whoever I'm listening to is an expert in the field I don't really care. Beyond that like word comes from I know work comes from a comes from a slight before to my teams but. On the source is important. And feel like for every one's particular interest that slate there's a podcast for it. But you're talking about this sale boning like his boat racing podcasting you wouldn't how nations that that's. Very. Precise like targeting and you are that audience and just as I'm the audience for a century ago but. I had to step there and wrestling thing I'm so proud I am surrounded in our newsroom by. Young wrestling Brian is there a ski you know who who might be listening to the podcast. Mike Bagram and whatever reporters wrestling freaks and here Kamal it down for Sonia and I find an. I don't know it's it. I mean but when like only nineties could look at this but wrestling used to be. Huge. Eight used to be like the absolute. Dominant like thing that kids lighten a young boys like twelve to sixteen watched that died like. WWE lost. Like a 100% of its viewership they went they went in used to be like number one in sixteen meals and now looks like if audiences like fifty year old male somehow. But bomb my generation like the people who grow up watching it and stopped. All of a sudden. Like in the Internet age it's cool again and like it's like a secret club that everyone's coming in on some. That's a secret anymore I'm telling you that there's a lot of I seriously am surrounded by people who it's funny you bring that up. Talk to you both a little bit about what you want to do where you see yourself going. You know climate that quietly dispose of of my career probably. Maybe sooner than than I even know who knows. But don't wanna talk to you guys about what it is you think you wanna do what you think you may end up doing. Harper we've read where you wanna go from SUNY for Sonia. I'd love to get into radio. I mean I'm in the class for heat then. But I aid and definitely I skew last words on your side of things I and I don't think I don't like mine my voice and but I'm just. Kind of over. Putting myself out there in that sense I that was it's kind of entry level way to get into Ricky radio station campus here is you get a show on there. And I did that for years and I'm kind of over it. I'd rather get into the production side of things are I was producer for. One of our big talk shows for a year and a half and I briefly fell in love with that. I'm in a management position on the new stricter. And so I'd love to do something more management oriented like that. I'd like to stay in news as opposed to switch or renew music because I've news and talk content as much more mind. Kind of area of interest. As opposed to the more like music oriented shows that we do so I just loved his kids something even remotely in that. Area and they kind of go from there into your take me. We'll pitcher as media there was talk to talent OK because you've you've got a lot of assets that that I'll be looking for Dell what you wanna do what you would you wanna get out of for pneumonia and and now fly away. Well Tom I love doing live audio whatever I end up doing I'd prefer to be alive. On my like mixing I'm the comments on services and equipment manager here for his sponsors as well. On I like looking at something and saying I need to be louder and it is to be quieter I don't know. I don't like I'm not a big music guys right now I'm looking origin in the television ironically because it says it was dying but the mom that's what I like to do like to be behind aboard I like to be making things calm Alex in Ohio things work. And I just I wanna be. I aspire to be a cog in the machine book I want the machine to break another. Big news. Gets thrown around. We only have a couple minutes but I I just some perspective from me I deal with a lot in in what I do. I hopefully don't produce it but it's it's one of these things it just gets I think tossed around a lot. Is is this is really weird question is fake news real. And. To a certain degree I'd say yes I think it's a Basra gets thrown around to scare people. And more often than not things are called big news. Isn't but you also have to be aware that there are people. Who are you know doing things like framing an agenda setting things like that when they're twisting and narrative to. Suit their own purposes or they're even things we weren't passenger in the relate. Faced a cut a lot of problems during the election season where people were writing. Completely fake news stories and you know that's one of egregious you have to pay attention to the source it has to be a source that you trust that you know. You have to double check if you are there other people talking about this. And just make sure that you don't believe everything you see or hear immediately just look further into. And this thing when you wouldn't say don't but when I when I say fake news you say. Fake news. Is only real if we let it be all that's what I think I think. Fake news is the term. The certain individual we'll know very well he used to discredit. A certain news organization that may or may not be liberally biased. He's he's calling it fate. He has ball of the deal and it is now. They. They like fitness term news. To convince people that. Lake criticisms toward the president are wrongly that is what fake news is my home meet personally. I don't. Get fake news because I don't really subscribe to any you know traditional news outlets the way I get my news is if I hear about it. And I just I follow a lot of like various not necessarily news outlets so I hear about it from them. It probably. You know happen. I do male. It's nothing fake about these two that's Dillon jock with harper Horton. In time Rudy radio programming and production CM 456. Class at SUNY for don't yeah I'm feeling pretty good about the future. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.