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Good afternoon thank you for being here and I am. Very pleased to be. And sheriff's office what's your power and senator Jacobs. We're here. Per if you're serious movies sheriff's office. Has worked and number of years in this particular area dealing. In trying to count it sex traffic and number years ago. In the legislature about three or four years ago we actually strengthen strengthen the laws and New Year's Day. To deal with sex trafficking more penalties holding people accountable. But we still to come up to part with federal law and that's really the reason we're here today. Is to talk about legislation. Can't fault senator Jacobs and I sponsor in the senate. And we passed. Just about a month ago on this planet and calmly assembly. To do something this and then of course sure we'll talk a little bit about. What it can mean for prosecution in dealing with dealing. With the individuals. That are sex trafficking. In real simple terms federal law provides. Any child boundary teen agers and commercial sex. Is considered a victim of sex trafficking in any person who promotes benefits. From exploiting that child is considered sex trafficker that's the law actually and that's the law in the eighteen other states. New York State is one of only two states. That there is that but it. We have to go further in New York State nor sustain a prosecution. What the state asked to do is prove. Either force. Fraud or coal or coercion. When somebody younger teens and bounce essentially that audiences. Sheriff's office and there sex trafficking and does its job that brings in custody and they have to have this person was under eighteen years old testify. Against the person that essentially this course and it's very often is like to hear about it. His older than her family is no. I'm the only one terrorism. And you can see the difficulty with that. Young child. In many cases. If they might immigrants refugees some sort. See her unwilling to test that affect them witnesses and your problems of prosecution. So what a lot simply does illuminate what our law does that pass in the senate. This eliminates the need to prove force fraud oak or coercion. When a child under eighteen is about us. Very simple aligns with our sex offense laws. It will make it much better for law enforcement much better for prosecutors. To do something this week asked that we're commons and we did this thing. And I'd like to us energy costs. Thank you senate Galvin thanks for the opportunity to be here I'll be grief we have. Next to two professionals and law enforcement professionals and the sheriff and former shares senator Galvin who's now has the crime and corrections. Committee in in Albany in the senate and I'm doing great job there this was brought to my attention this this it's. Loophole a law that's antiquated law by senator gallons seemed like is very simple fix a something that was long overdue. 26. Adequate antiquated law that is out of sync with what other states and the federal government hands and I was through we passed it. In the senate but again. And again and again we have instances where's seemingly common sense pieces of legislation. That deal wit. Do you have law enforcement. Hit a roadblock in the assembly. And we are coming towards the end of session. And again we're having some problems with some other pieces of legislation including this. So I'm happy to be here to raise awareness that this needs to happen. This year this session so we do everything we can't protect. Children and my miners. From predators and abuse so thank you again senator Galvin for being on this happy to be. Here. Which to share this year. And add my thanks to people whose editors that are there touches in this certainly attic richer. Hole. All. On the law it that it accessible oil closed and is. So here. The deal raising awareness more we talk about human trafficking accepting more people look for sites that on the list the better chance we have. Of learning about it into its slogan it making. Prosecutions. On easier due to eliminate loopholes. It was a great thing. Questions. In the backyard at that late and it won't you join us like usual sunburn and let. I'll let that she actually does this work well for us we are very proud all the time. Things are sure a lot. I'm hearing how you wanna first. Our company's first areas in the and the nation. You. Or me. My sense that he had taken pretty much leadership all that her with her artwork. We're very proud of that but he opens their awareness how did you. Safety these days my for a few hundred feet. State or. What you come up and talk about. We knew we were kidnapped us and sharks fan so. Yeah I like golf and I don't want her to answer your question absolutely. You know tip required tiles to actually testify in court in these cases really re traumatize them and so the better wrote the better perception this hot cases. Actually prosecute. Where they have the actions they don't have to test by their users that you. Sure it's detective Teresa THE RU SA. Neitzel an IE TZ. Eat out. Well and you. Interestingly enough in the assembly speakers get a little bit of pressure. He's indicated that he's willing to discuss. Which. It's more than a number criminal justice matters just died there. So I don't know he just spoke out over the weekend that he's willing to discuss that would sponsors pulled from the senate. And in the assembly and hopefully it's some progress this week. But it's but it is at least he's willing to discuss many times I guess that's us. Thinking if you look at this from a kind of sounds kind of approach. Nobody disagrees weakness of the sex crimes. That it it there is no offense active person gates. It's sex with eight under each person that they did that all that the person was underage is not the press home for them. And it's this law very much parallels that. That is in this case would be sex trafficking. On the same luncheon plot that person engaging in sex with these individuals. Can still be there can be convicted of sex trafficking without us having to prove that they. And personal outrage. There does. This mean what you call her. Why. Where speed. I would suspect yesterday when the detective. Am absolutely it's a big factor. There immigration status but they're actually protections for them if they are victims of human trafficking. There are programs like continued presence in or team are you visa that can be applied for on their benefit. To continued presence is it is a very temporary immediate effects left to be applied for and so basically what it does it allows. The victims to be able to access services. So that we can provide stable housing. You know safety medical needs those kind of things that are often needed right away. And then after that down the road that would be actually application currently senate trafficking visa which is TVs and and the U visa program so it. It's. And that's exactly so if somebody isn't acumen doesn't have legal status here those are remedies that we can see on their back half. And then as a thirty year they're able to have services that were actually able to you know continue with our investigation and prosecution. Oh that can't threatens one of it's being used by individuals that controls people's the way it's all about. It you know this this is born to clear cases. Where the American dream has become the American nightmare. People are only occurs to recruit club here with the promise all the American liberties that we enjoy. And only to come here by the person that brought them hold back sir or exit polls they'll light. And the outlook for times or more in effect along the individual by using.