Free Tuition Reax - D'Youville's Dr Lorrie Clemo


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We are joined now on the line by doctor Lawrie club mode the presidents of do you bill college to talk a little bit about. What just passed in the state budget the new plan for free tuition at state schools that doctor comma thanks for joining us when we begin with. Your thoughts on the plan as the president of a private university. But Martin Bryant. Thank you and I am pleased beard attack about the program. We're pleased to have you like your thoughts on the plan. Yet while we are last like many they didn't seem campaign says there are just getting to sort through the plan. That we appreciate it. A bit confused about. What plan actually couldn't hail a bit unpredictable. We understand that it will opt out situation. It it's into the currency. The state or most concerned about. Is that. It it really does all of our first student a predictable way plans for our count expenditures. And the cost of college. No an innate independent factor we have always tried to keep how to. Order all hands offer students good financial aid packages. And that helped to keep their costs down on the new program either under the enhance chapter. Now your program. That's not allow Stanley you're really plan. Mind totally about what they're expensive they're going to eat because there are many many restrictions. There are in the plan and bit in the Tammy you're the damage and making decisions for their solemn moment. On it's difficult for them determine whether or not there. Eight to two of you receiving it's going to be unrestricted grants or whether or not at all because efforts and wants for. Well doctor Carnell we talked yesterday with senator Chris Jacobs who said they have increased. The amount of tuition assistance for all students across the board not just Sunni students he says this is far different from the original proposal from the governor. Does it help isn't that different from the original in your opinion. To some extent it does help in the past kept will be increased. The typical is that it restricts an airplane. Doesn't that make it very difficult such ailments can determine whether or not that it will be available triggered her time. And whether or not going to be that great a caricature him he can't student will require. You remain spokesman students. And or perhaps make a commitment to remaining in your state opt for the full length of time they receive it after they have completely college. And for many of our student. At or go. Well armed arrangement because our student more than that are on the flexibility. In moving in the outer education because there need to work. Impeach and internships. And in. Work toward more respectable credentials that allow them kill. Teaneck koehlke education. At overturning. And found that new program will require them to be full time throughout the year educational experience. That aspect of having to stay in New York State kind of just being revealed after this was passed. Do you think that. That in mind when students look at it maybe this whole thing won't hurt private universities as much as originally thought. You know we're still very. Turned out what impact that this is going to be our enrollment. Not only our opponent but also what it will mean short. Job loss for the old subject and cats or are colleges and universities across independent sector and we are Eric actually independent. And it. Students. Are. Moving away from independent colleges. Are on. Do you see it drop in enrollment that also mean a lot of our job and in the impact on the economy absorb many areas across state that in Japan done. Television universe is that that the slow player in their preach it. So we are concerned that. Students. My age are choose to be at hand scholarship. Our hand swept corporate market sell your program. Simply because they. Our isn't there something that is not a street without really understanding each shell out the program. We are taking on number pepper and make sure that we educate our and I don't yeah it it can get better. A prospective student body. Offering them additional financial eight educational workshops for them quote in buying preached not our students so that. In my aunt they do begin to. Think about there are moments and hours they planted it wrong moment they have full information I need you or make enough to say. Yeah I'm thinking that this is taking effect in the fall but those decisions are being made right now. Right by students and family. Error it's been in the next couple weeks they are so. Most and intelligence. Really doing. All out for right now can make sure that you might get as much information. As we are receiving information and sort of trail. Many children are kept coming up that program. And tried to get information out to analysts at that they can make the best decision possible. I'll I'll I'll want OP actually they're handling it in the very technical financial position. Our that is doctor lowering club Moshe is the president of do you built college reacting to. What's new in the state budget free tuition for state schools and we'll get kind of the other side of it is SUNY buffalo state president. Doctor Katherine Conley turner will join us at 8 o'clock.