Four journalists join Patrick Burke to discuss changing media landscape


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You for being here. This is the second installment of our important conversation series. The first conversation. With. The topic suicide suicide prevention really goal of the series. Is to address very difficult topics in our community in our society and open them up for public consumption. Because what we're seeing right now instead of actually. Breaking down an issue. Talking about it it's over way. We're hearing the screaming everywhere we're seeing on social media. It's not productive and it doesn't help anybody. So this this goal in this endeavor it is due to take on these difficult topics. And hear from experts. Subjective. What this afternoon. Why it happened and is set to open up for. Okay. So today we are discussing attacks on journalism in the face big news here it's and we have great speakers here. You all for attending. Omaha formally of the Buffalo News. Currently at SUNY for don't know the department chair teaches television production in euros. I think he's journalism and I'm not to department are the car industry news and our. It was a test. And we'll thank you for being here armored. Like I don't oriented to reach your seat currently Nazi regalia. I don't wanna I don't give you a title that that is inaccurate this is the best book an assistant professor for custody predominant. Emery project. Formerly of business first currently at buffalo state college. And fully described as a former formally of the Hamburg son correspondent for the Buffalo News and and it editor of good ones. Crack all right we got a job and currently. Working in the you're kind Department of Veterans Affairs. Think. So. If I just think if you own reconstruction like I wanna explain. The structure of the discussion. So it hurts went through the goal of the series but Orson you know. Tax under journalism and stayed in music and we all kind of know or talking about but I want to break down really into. Three parts so the first part of the attack on the truth. The consistent attack and the truth got the opposite. The for. Smoke free what truth is and and how that breaks our society. Second with the actual attack on journalism and journalists we've seen obviously physical attacks. Also the political attacks. So we're we're. Maybe now more obviously journalism. And journalists have been. Holes into. The political us here is its influence obviously you know have always been influencers. Over public spot in the hours really there treated now actor in in politics. And then third is really the business model of media and media bias so where there actually exists and how it influences. Public. So bad and after that you introduce yourself through it here brief boss and the world a little today on this subject. And that will will take audience questions. We've been taking questions from the public for a two weeks now and the subject. They were overwhelmingly. From the NC. Wrote. Wrong position. I immediate position which is not surprising given that pop. But we try to answer Whittle that down so we were just repeat the same questions over and over. We've are so taken three I think clobber. The east of Mosul questions to him. We do have one person here I think more tests. Question. Liberal media so. Mike you can start and you know social divide yourselves and your position. And or use up so. Athletes ever thank you opportunity. Those who don't. Tell me report thirty years point which we spent. Oh please professor. And you know ethics or something strongly I just because where it's also like obviously tree next generation. Factory. States. By yours by both taught overseas. Years. And write programs such as you it's full right some people fellowship and stuff but. China to that wrong. And her. So you don't want us schools forced textbooks for that it's the get stuck my theory that basis we start. You know nowadays social media certainly industry change what it's nine years ago. By these games. But the big thing now of course is that people that were accessed in people terms platforms. Both in terms that now. So good thing is just about anybody can be journalists. Bad things just. As well. They personalities I think a lot of people get confused about what actually me. And that's kind of art by well. Because if you think about it as bad today but dangerous. IndyCar itself many years ago during the time she was eight rest but what exact journalists. She was of course design company sources. And congress tried to come out definition want. Journalists. To see who get protection. Sources and nobody could agree and it died by. It. Answers. Our cart president and future. Sources. So I think it's happening now ICB. Journalism is about today. I think the Republicans kind of confused about what is real and what's not. And consequently it even intelligent. People. What advice if god things are very intelligent person and as well smarts. Got who likes something while back in bombing vice president acts. What about your parents Markham wash. Very well. Well one of these supposed news sources say it that might suppose that's a bit more when Martina. They should be home cooking cleaning. And of course spoke. Like. FaceBook and outrage that's how it is. And I totally pointed out source you know again which is what's parody ads that. Keep my reads but that's exact problem. Is that a lot of people just can't distinguish what's right what's it. And talk a little about what suggestions from like. Iran. Also know that these ads the industry has changed. The idea what if you're so that's also changed. The fox news network in particular. Has got very. Basic earnings. Well true journalism at least right here what I. Was immediately and ask eight. It's supposed to be based. It's the fact that if you were to decide what's thought. But fox horses pretty much the picture isn't as yet people like oh right what else shut up shut up and up. My shares of box that grew up so consequently ratings drop it this way and so on seem. Everyone else's and if you're. But that's which was all about it's supposed to present the facts when he was wrong. But journalism isn't journalism and let's face to face. And that starts description of what's well. So raise revenues and media and I think it's been successful in journalism ethics act. You know another thing in an effort to connect with audiences immediate. Which track. I think just about every newscast like. What's different. Very often something like you know it sees things like. So this world orders we. Or some guy debate a good idea to whose work them like man. And these recipes. Brings to an idea but a lot of things that people. And different hero. At the corporation whose future it. We've seen many many things be that and just yesterday the news out there getting rid happens. And few months back and injured. So yeah it would not. Change. And even people themselves picked up about here with some. And cut and you have your movements four yeah opportunity for us is is error. I don't think there's a lot of people purposely leave it is correct. But when you have people in two days the opportunity for mistakes and young people aren't in the business. Press television journalist in 98. But anyway I basically to report it up researcher guys young people that report. Issue. Get it also for you FaceBook players' lives are at least as to what. So the opportunity for errors and don't even know it's because of these young people. We're pretty much what area are coming though it's an excellent job. Better. Some people don't even so there'd be here I think coming it's what happens. Think that would like to share is in this record books I don't be counted legislatures. Our public awareness and she sent out postcards six. And recycling drive from electronic bracelet went. I think one of the things you legislators could you please get out there anyways people can't figure out what's the real deal. And what's fake news there are many of these sorts you know the good thing about having accessed via. There is an opportunity for people to question he's actually had some out. You know years ago immediately variously. Did not hat much access and be letters together. Notice. As you so much media piece of the pie strong cup. For example by my hat 2000 mistakes like eight. But the point is all all the media out there competing for the same pop. And what was successful heart rate is much less compared to what was happening everywhere in the 1980s. We had had to ship it. Never. Because so much more and be lots of places you can go. So here's what I recommend recommend that people you do it themselves breathlessly you know our. There are many many sources think you can check out if you think news you can make your voice over. One of the men who serve reverse images and used it many times there's that famous pictures of Donald Trump supposedly rescued victims of Houston plus. And he tool reversed and it takes you back to your original source of the image and usually public course was couple businesses. Helping some that are wrong. Houston what someone else but someone else. But of course some people it. Everybody other sources snows. Quote public. Front line first information. Ho see you're spending more courage legislatures. Did you get out or people that if you have any effort not only check. But also the thing that hurt because I mentioned before that a lot of people are very interested in what's Freddie now it's added. I think voices are being hurt because in the general does not lose that first and small part ways. So that's my basic accounting legislators. Here. Mr. ma. Chair period. It. Hey thank you legislative work and one of the things I've learned today is never file all broadcast channel when you referenced. But I will try nonetheless job. My background is those hit spent 43 years for the Buffalo News when he seven years in print journalism and for the past ten years I've been teaching journalism have forgotten him. And does that professor as soon for pneumonia I teach fledgling journalist about the craft business reporting. And the importance of integrity. In journalism you're only as good visual word. And if somebody who spent 27 years in journalism I can tell you that I've rarely met anybody who purposely slanted history. Fact if anybody tries to tell journalists what to report. They're probably going to find out that there's no more sure way of getting the exact opposite result. Herding cats is probably good metaphor. For directing journalist. To ask an editor and you'll find out. This place so disappointing. To hear people. Including the current president trying to undercut trust in the mainstream news media. Calling them the enemy of the people. As they do the report. And it doesn't end there and it extends to the local levels and it has caused problems I mean. Just three Garrett than me. For better or worse was able to be me. And outside observer in ways that are probably never will be again. We have a subject to the story. Who ends up killing multiple people in Annapolis because he was unhappy with the news coverage. You have a the disgruntled employee in Virginia. Killing two people on there and even locally channel four had. C news team attacked in Niagara Falls while they were reporting a feature story. At the and so the way people in general look at the reporters when there out there has changed in another good way. I do think most of them are simply most of the reporters and photographers are simply trying. To do their track. I wish I could offer a solution to help solve the problem. Probably he. Beginning might be to chill a bit more respect or understand that reporters might do that is well. Probably every elected official has been unhappy with the news media and some pointer other. I'm sure you haven't. Most probably happen. And this mistakes do get made we're all human and journalists were renders them pretty intense deadlines. Though the 11 o'clock news comes. And you've got to be on there the 930 deadline to get the first pages off the floor comes. You gotta get it to him. And with the cutting down the numbers of copy editors the safety of me but. They are not intentional mistakes. And so when you see a mistake like that. Not taking it personally. And I think perhaps. Encouraging people not to give up on the media. And to actually communicate with them from experience when people actually know or reporter knows somebody in the media they send. To be more understanding of paper about Kendra is counting Yemen next door neighbor is a scary firmer. Who was interviewed by Sheila Murphy one time for news story and after that he swore by everything. She had report on anything. And any might have disagreed dream it welcome to three weeks to keep him in the insight into what it was like to be reporters. And the fact that he felt that she represented what he had to say. Fairly. And unfortunately isn't as the news media shrinks because of financial cutbacks and I do think that's probably coming to TV. NASA has in many respects already to print journalism. There going to be few reporters out there. And threw me important. To try to establish those. Connections. Between the media. And the public. I'm not sure there's anything you can do to help for that but that's what the media companies in the public need to do. And determine. Everybody that we're all humans. So. Though some of the basic. Things no 11 last thing the needy. Legislative action could help work. Is protecting people in not to sure analyst. Coming up with the ways to protect people from social media harassment because. That is one point three journalists are frequently out there they're encouraged by their employers to. To put together social media accounts and to interact with the public. And then quite often end up being harassed particularly women reporters. They saw a lot of harassment online. It has seen a lot written about it have topped the one that through experience that. And the media outlets themselves should probably be. Emphasizing transparency. As much as possible. Unnamed sources may be necessary for some stories of especially through named Seymour Hersh in your reporting. Abu period. But. Trying to stay away from unnamed sources train devious is fair as possible. And everybody needs to take some steps toward that and probably. Trying to stay away from. My side your side. Kind of approach. To everything in politics we've seen in this society to have reached that point. Where you won't protect people tend to believe within their echo chamber and that was than the other two chamber. And somewhere. Hopefully. There is some middle ground for people to me and maybe minds can be changed. And compromises can be reached. By the media. Like politics itself is sort of caught in a bind great there pretty. Who'll throw back to you that. Thank you missed putts. This pressure. Some night. Ask. Which my it was a newspaper man on my life six it's newspaper business. We lived care in late fifties and me I'm Erica Myers at the carrier extra. And he prepares. And he went to work opinions and he was working there when he died from my. I you know awful journalism. Life. And I followed my father's footsteps and went into print media. Tea was going to college and Michigan State. Excellent thing from them. Equipment you think. So I I guess I grew up when newspapers on my life and we actually even comer houseful we ran a German and English. Newspapers. My father's. Slogan Myers. Violent you'll find weekly bank family it's great. And anything in my top. Really known as. I was trying to to realize that the history of journalism as we are. Journalists being attacked have always been attacked. Added. This dates back to pre revolutionary days when people did not like what. Then reporters or the newspapers were printing an appointment like prodigy. People are saying I mean you're supposed to be. In unbiased. Unless you're you have alliances. You have to be aware what your eyes ears and take steps to act and beyond things. Formula yet to work correctly and have to be fair. There I mean. Well why answer. Schools are teaching the students at this point it was time to me about Michigan State and my birthday and my my time there. You have to do both sides an equal chance to represent their side of the story anyway to do a disservice to everybody and bomb. What's happening until I see is that he plans taking the time. To go out and do to get the story. And I understand with a deadline some things like that I never wanted to work really for a big daily papers that tonight it. So I went completely anyway because I want to do you have a point. To write them into story. In K take my time to be able to get outside of that particular whenever. Right now. What my tactics. Everybody gets a knee jerk reaction it seems like people write things. On the social media they don't have to check their sources they kill me to get the underside. You see that with reports hair and two. Different legislators. To two controllers. The parents act everybody everybody. Just writes what they thing. And the area you people are actually taking the time. Too bad enough and the Israelis this that we can run correction later you know my father always used to strike. You may top. Ten people what your original story. And if you have a correction may get 1000 of those people to read a correction which is very somewhere else. In the newspaper or they didn't happen TV I agree on when that corrections group. It was always. Make sure it's right the first time. I don't think that's happening now. I think these jobs it's. Like god I'm sorry I'm putting it out here it's swamp accidentally. And I seen as what time it reads I here's and this campaign and China and that's. That's what it's follow through your response. Because. Deadline issues. And that's how are saying Everett class stamp saying what are things I was working our weekly years ago I think our our troopers. I really you know I mean people who put Iran stopped. Aren't going to see the mistake they made because you know when the math sack. Are you knew what you where thinking and your mind is still thinking what you were thinking and you don't think that you route. That there are things that have happened in the industry that is helping. This problem. And there's hundreds of laugh at me Marty to actually hammered right Afghanistan. And beat the pressure is to get beat the first one to break the story. Hand sometimes. And that's what we've been out there but it seems because now everybody's trying to be Facebook and beat Twitter. And you all the instant ram and all the rest of those things a lot of what used to be due diligence that to reporters Dan. Is you can't even do that because if you do that you're wasting time. And you can't get you your views don't yet again. Story out first. Maybe right figures for the latest. You know he's reading. I don't have cancer. Painful what's happening I think our. What needs to be dying and it's weird. Elected officials hand people who are power. Is staying need to be available for the crowds to talk to them. Where you have something that's happening. In the process trying to get ahold of you and they get is that no comments. Org this person can't be reached at this time. That's just encourages. Falsehood. And long opinions. If they want it where it is you. Want to have the truth and good they have it available. To the media to tell the truth to tell the story. You can't always believe in me coming up on the run stuff but there's nobody near to confirm tonight. Here. The legislature and give me. Now there's. But there's ways you. Picture. It up there and be fair there. The legislature. It. In and it that. There are differences people there isn't working up. But well our. Eight. Hours. That should be being here I mean if you had immediate. Yeah. Or. Is it. Eight port. Eight. They note. Very fine line after. Thought I think there's more open and more ability to war. Mike and I. And that's. In its profit. Thank you for for inviting me Paris pale. I am a I've been in journalism from 35 years. I move full time check in 2008. But I still continue to freelance I still consider myself a working journalist. I got into the academia. And of things because. I was heading towards that end of my career and I wanted to make sure that the people who are coming up behind me. Had a great idea about their own society. And I think that's. As a democratic society. Journalism is critical. And he seemed to have this attack that wants to undermine that foundation. And without the media. Reporting. Our democracy is really at stake I firmly believe that. I had turned things around here and I'm going to say that the media is doing its job. Despite all of the challenges. The cutbacks to changing in the business models. The financial pressures. Competition. The media despite all of this is doing its job. It's up to the individual. There's more work to do any individual. To make sure that they're consuming everything they need to know to be a good citizen. I found this great quote. This is from Justin. 1945. Every person must be his own watchdog. Of the truth because the forefathers didn't trust the government to separate the truth. From false in 1945. That couldn't have been more appropriate today. Because. Social media. Rule the delivery stream wide open. No longer do you need to own a press knowing all along that you need to own eight television station or own. Fairways and injury. Everybody's a journalist I think Mike he's been so I think. So the onus is now on journalist's journalist just need to keep doing what they're doing. Investigate. And and and getting to that getting to the truth getting to the facts it's up to the individual. And society to. That's why there consuming and that can't see. A steady diet of MSNBC. And it can't be a steady diet of the Wall Street Journal and can't be a steady diet of New York Times. Everybody out there it's incumbent every American citizens to do. I due diligence to get every side of the issue and then make up their mind about where the truth lies. As Elmer said. That is journalism is populated by human beings anytime you have a human being involved there's going to be in state. And I certainly agree with him. In the years that I been involved I've been involved primarily in print but they certainly have friends and colleagues in radio and television in the traditional media. Not a single person. Went into this with an agenda over the fires everybody just wants to get affects everybody just wants to get the news out and but being human. You know sometimes in Japan. Slip through the cracks there from Indian state of being and that's true and and and the media have called themselves out aren't land when that has happened. Vice because. The atmosphere we have. But everybody's a journalist on line. It's it's really up to the individual to be. Diligent about what they're reading and they should add consuming and it should be across several trains of thought. Now. One of the things that's. It is causing some of the pressures. I'm mediate is. Timely is that there are several news guys and wanna turn this into they come to attend class. They teach it to let's stay but Ferris several. Things that make. I've news story after news value in timeliness is one of them. If you can be first with the story then you are going to have a good news story and there are other things are going to have to the timeliness is certainly an issue. So I'm disappointed to hear from leases impressions about seeing and hearing. Stories have been better. Because. While I understand the pressures of timeliness and I've seen. Journalists make mistakes. I also have heard journalist say my editor my news directors says don't be first it's not right you read your second incorrect. And first it. So I think that people in the business. Appreciate that timeliness create the page a land mine. Thanks. But I think for the most part journalists really tried very hard. To get it right from the get it first. Now the wild. Individuals. Are consuming. Life advise individuals to consume as much this past weekend. I think they need to know a couple of things about about what journalists do now. My accent and I agree with him that you present facts I'll cite this story. And there's more very often there's more than two sides of the story that maybe three or four size story. And each present aspects. Then let the public side but. Journalists. The ones I know have been seen most. Interesting and intelligent people out there and there on the frontlines of the issues. And so who else do you want to add some context to the issues but the people who are understanding what's what's happened. And I think that's out in addition to the facts I think we should look to journalists to prove that to provide context. So that you know what you're reading you know what it means. I know what you're watching you know what it means our figures into democratic society. So. To me. The media should keep doing what it's doing it's the public they have to step. Thank you hate to exceed interest in the we're. Source for information. And people were. Me. It means. Talking about. And it said. Yes one persons. Outside and one person's. Or job. Can share opinions. If the report. Look out when. I won't say look out windows and report what actually happened. So. Why my my answer is always sort. Level of violence. Was off authors all. Differ that's this person says that. It's back but apple set but the presentation of that information. Allen's. Times op. That's the problem in Europe where. And armed. So acts the effort and energy it takes two to get contacts to understand the situation for human reaction that either. Like it's a lot happening now say human legislative chambers. Someone would report on what's happening here doesn't have time to be. They have to go to you ought to review it. Really give you a true. Feeling and understanding. Act it's beat people that things are. It seems that the global energy needed I'd just as there I want you beat. We have a model. That. Does lop off so. At least maybe reports I don't know four or mediocre. Team. The thing but what is what is the issue. This. In truth seeking. Journalism. And acts in the relay but. MIT and a very interesting study. On Twitter is specific big grant went back traced where he's been back to its beginnings. And went through you believe it every single tweet in their hands they found the vast majority things wrong. They check everything out there fight every single thing. Where over one Victorian but also when maybe some people in check and it says that people were bothered by that that was wrong right. That's even more so there's no excuse is that it. Or one of the definitions of journalism is assigned some verification. And at its highest level that's what it is quite often figuring out what is the truth because he who locked people will toll a lot of things. Sometimes. Basic levels it does become Heath. She's stacking quote that kind of thing but when journalism is done it without it does provide the background. And it doesn't have the does test of truth one of the pre things that has come about in the last. Ten years has been fact checked. Some politicians really hated the ones that. I find it more useful. When somebody saying something and electronic media have a little bit more pressure on all of us if somebody says something. How do you check yet. Immediately mean you don't know to challenge to somebody and say isn't really so is it being cherry picked out of a whole bunch of different. And it goes through situations. You need the time to go back then and look into it because you don't always recognize you don't always. No taking questions something like that as that's happening. Print as a little bit more of an advantage print tonight. Include online of that. Because. The least you usually a little bit of time to try to check into the background and find out what the person is telling you is valid. We had question from. It mr. Noah came. That's questioned subject. To sit down below the Mike please. There's something. I'm now here are. Sir I appreciate having time to ask a question. A two part question has to do. The power relationship between elected officials in the media. And the deer in the second part of the ability of elected officials to almost choose media outlets they want an air act it. He sees the federal level the president is disparaging CNN and the Washington Post. At the state level. You know we had. Davey Dave Doyle I believe his name was testifying that. Confidants of the governor we're trying to defund and and hurt the investigative post as much as they could. And even on the local level we have elected officials who. Avoid certain media outlets in seek out others. And you know without the B funding in the newsrooms and and let's must funds going to. These outlets. Basically the question I have is you know how to host power dynamics play out when you're trying to find the truth from elected officials. And it seems to need at the elected officials had some cards to play and there's only so far journals can go they want access. You know. I don't know if I'm explaining myself as clearly things like to but I think that's enough for you guys to gone. And wanna open it up to the whole panel on full disclosure I'm an elected official myself so we're now be honest with me here in your answer. Where. Content to a. I think. Power dynamic is a good description of remember. When I was covering our local governments. There are times when I wouldn't. Calling Tony legislature about the county legislator about an issue. And within the next hour. Two or three more road called me up because they wanted to get in there particular. View as well even though I haven't reached out to them. And so they needed to media because they wanted to have their point of view on this particular issue even if it was the same is the person I talked. So everybody likes to press books if they're good. And at the same time there are other times when something bad happens. They are going to probably try to only talk to the people that. Responses that have been covering him positively in the past and it is a dynamic changes. And ideally the stand up people will call you back one way or another. And they also have to know that if if you were reporting what the other person's if they want their side of to be represented the had better tot he was well. And by the successfully changing thing if they feel they can get away when is ignoring you. They well if they think you're not fair they might do that. And it was very interesting. The governor's. Office than their relationship with investigative both because investigators posed as a fascinating. Outlet. Doing great work in pioneering. A different financial. Approach to doing journalism is that the non profit. Probably there are a lot of politicians who and they see investigative both coming in the door. Wondering though that. When you know which raised exactly First Amendment issue. First Amendment course five freedoms freedom of the press. And basically. First Amendment which is often misunderstood in government interference. So you think government is cutting law. The case could be me to waste our government interference just ignore but on the other hand. If you can't get information you need the argument could be made it preventing him from doing object it was so irregular just sitting here. Dot and where. I'm very hands in federal court agree with one of my positions in my immediate Wallace. What happened was Donald Trump private citizen. Pop up ads as putter and he hears reports. That of course you said the presidency. He cut people law from the water. He's private citizen no problem because First Amendment issue with governor here's what Brian Price plunged into whatever they want. In violation of the law. So no judgment create an eight foot vehemently yes it's government interference who's cutting there first amendment rights free speech I think if you don't. It's a First Amendment right but it's got you make case but the Smart people know I have to be you know. You know one of the things are very happy about that after funny usage. And several government people say to me you know I do know it's like job because it made him they felt that it was fair and I think it from you so. But unfortunately we heard today some of the time breakfast and some of the other nation these days I don't think as. Our Mike Collins most the media is really trying to be fair I think it's time that I think is. Sometimes they'll season and into the picture which and he's been through especially violence it's an. Stated. You know the press. Try to manipulate sources. Sources can manipulate it. And that. And it. And also because stories where someone at a public officials in this case that's when companies decide that calmed me back story. And I went around and talk to people in the story atop the front page times paper and and it is here person on the next day it you had done and it posters phones. But then you did the press moves off moves a lot you can do you can you know procured. Taylor hi are you can. You know they ignored and and but it's not going to. You know act going to go way. I think that. In terms. The amount of work that it journalists have to you know it's it is tremendous. You know it used to be and that those of customers who spends time immediately had. Stories as to right we have stories to do film we had a newscast via now. Everybody. Has all of those things to do in addition to the other television reporter who's got to write a feature story about the report they just. And then in the meantime between you know going out cover the story correcting this. Feature story for also tweeting and there's there is different and anyway it did the amount. Pressure on individuals. Journalists these days is tremendous and it is to their credit that they're getting that they're getting the stories of every day they are right. I I think that. A public official who lives. Transparent that's that's that's really key I'm not sure how much. Telling official as you know has and factor local legislator. Islamist here upfront and transparent with documents with your staff when when necessary. With yourself when necessary. That transparency is really. Is really key try to rein that in the stories that corn growers gonna pop up in another direction you're not currently enjoy it. And it's funny two years that I worked in the news media wanted to things that we used that was the point out is that plan when he. Wanda trying to contact. Elected officials who did not want to answer Kolb threw waited until it's too late they would actually right in the story. Calls for an. Return or you know we tried to contact this person numerous times. We're never. In ever received a response. You put that in print enough times and winds up being that person is not happy scene because his constituents are saying hey. You know this really looks bad when you hiding and we would always try to tell them what if you tell us what's going. It's going to be here verbiage here words that you're getting out you're part of this your side of the story when they didn't miss burned down. It was almost like you could say not immediately but other people on the other side of the story were able to get a free rein things whenever they want it. So that was kind of an artful. Lies. Did return. Didn't respond. You mean knocked on the door open you know nobody answered the doors. Bad again like my. If people have sat near you have to be a crime journalist. Whether it's media radio Twitter whatever it is they're doing their past trying to keep you years' time. To give your side of the story. They do don't you choose not to respond if it is a free choice but then. As was an earlier you mean like what comes out because the story is no way. But more people no can't eat because in the public perception he's in no comment and perception that something. So I would say you know better to say something says nothing and that's you know. Effective running your memories you report cards free or yours he's going to be. You know what. Read something that lasts for thirty seconds and say nothing more all. A month ago. Exactly so because people think one thing. And hiding in the woods back at it. But exactly right paper trail back but I tell buses in and I'll see me now some in response should also. Got him. Because bluntly. You know my case it's too soon for some intensity. The false schedule it for classes that factory and a smoking commitments office and had seen again today and done that case. People doing business there beating so long going round what so let's point. Issue paper trail put it got taken multiple times call whatever and then Louis. You show people didn't step procedure to get story. It was fair to be exact price. For sure. Thank you Bradford for coming in your questions so I want to. Address a few questions like this sort of just picked wanted so acts the same thing which happen over and over again. Pick three I think that's cool it's time for. And in England feel free to jump in and cancer or on room. So here is any question. From aids or the president. The mainstream media is pushing an agenda. They were so tense second clips of trauma and then build the rest of further there. Why not report the facts and let people decide themselves. And no we sort of talked but. As as we've sort of talked about this is growing divide and injure journalism. That Mike and address. Wearer if people don't have a and information that the game because they believe this. Where they go to find objector. Where where if they don't have faith and CNN. Fox News MSNBC your really. You 24 hour channels. It. Probably don't have faith in EC NBC CBS. And have faith in the buffalo owners don't pay any of these organizations anymore. Where did you find most. Objective journalism where you say well we'll wait and yeah. This is an offensive second clip of the president saying something to make him look bad this is. This is these are fast this is the holes go. To people's ability they don't have access to that you know we're gonna go if they don't want me. Structure. She of that information in that way where they don't get that objective information. Well I. They. Marching orders to the public stand here eight. Consumes. Different sources. Information and then drop. The contradictions. And conflicts but. I just I. Going to be really curious. In this situation. Nation. Where. Most. It's. Sixers. So why. Those. Companies. Corporations. Against. Who is in there there are. I. It. The and it. Whether it makes its. I. The media whether it's a newspaper radio station television station is owned by somebody. And and normally lines up whoever arms they have together production. Has there own agenda whether they're Republican conservative Democrat liberal or even use that term anymore you know used to be when there were. Different newspapers like the morning paper and afternoon paper and they were owned by different people everybody out of papers and they met both papers. And then they figured some okay reality is in the middle here behind us one was usually very conservative and the other one was more liberal. Everybody wanted that was because it was nothing else that you've got both sides of the story and what and I wanted agree with either one of them. You know he was released from getting information from two different sides what happens now is to have won it you have. One person or need all the help I let it get him one person's. You know him quite. Not that the reporters doing it you know that there conservative Democrat Republican or whatever but I remember whoever is driving the bus. Has the final play. So the sort that's pretty much what these. That the follow that the other two questions are basically on those topics 101 of them was who owns the media who ultimately has to say and what. Goes into publication. And then the other was based. Independent nonprofit journalism. For you know it. PBS and NPR and their role and this person had addressed Trump's proposed funding cuts to PBS NPR. So I don't I'm not news reader questions as there all through those is part of this conversation. So. Follow up on that so who who owns media outlets do they come down. Editors and editors think and orders to create an agenda. In the end what is the role public funding for. Or news or factories. News that. It adds. It. So I'll open them up and just. Please continue your thoughts with that and then we'll. And we'll just work around all of its troops. Exact person every kind of fight is actually there five. Our actions that I think it's closer to 85 to 90% thereabouts the American Media. And to loosen up ceasefire at the same based company split two. To give ratio back then took it back at Disney records Trenton where you so we now. To force there but the good thing is there are a source of independent beauty thing goes. And discussion that I mentioned earlier about of these sources confidential sources. When senate finance team did not recognize anybody mainstream media CBS CNN news on. Anybody what you know it. As far as those close to one that is good sources other. Information and I think this thing public traditionally gotten used to Wear different these but he into the right. Go further we'll search and find lots of sources that we degrees and he's got it right and active. Go round and to program because a lot of times even knows many different media to talk by the same corporation. And worst examples when this PlayStation or country they'll stay in unison and it was funny answer from the resentment okay together talking using state think. Like going to be you know where's. Wall puzzles it was her for anything in her very funny but very true as well isn't an exhausting for people you know to. People or more hours beginning you know there are ways. Flattened over the last thirty years. You know. You have to people like house over there that's if it's. If it's two parents and children. I don't need in my liver are pulled that apple and you know we're right cases soccer camp on the kids don't can't send an outside playing more. And it comes time people actually. You know go through the news to examine everything I mean you know there's. No you know. Cronkite anymore or moral or you just go nose dive professional you know he's gonna share information based on. And you've. You're gonna believe what he's saying moralist. Where does this the dean. Everything going back to the public and insurance obesity thing gauge at some point in this country probably war but. How hard is that. How realistic is that important things off. Yeah people poll in in multi cast in the same problem or have a multitasking. And make mistake. That line's pressure on us. Everybody else test everybody's just. The and so hardly been. You know instead of being entertained by other news or how I mean I would I would take every person to be. You know high incidence and start challenging. Everything you read and in challenge you know lines if things work. You are actually I think. That the people have to be their own reporters to filter through. Also make is that as realistic. To me this and also Flickr's. It sounds like that there's no it's gonna happen and we. There's actually. Any sort of a medium map I'm trying to remember who put through hell commitment pointer. Which is the news now I'm proud study. Operation before. And essentially. Analyze the media and puts together a map for what is more centrist watches more partisan. And the mainstream media that. Few little bow laugh like CNN New York Times things excuse further I like facts but then you have. Then as things play. Cops. Or save the nation. Which take. The news reporter by the mainstream media and interpret. And that'll be further this way and break our will be Summers down lower corner because they take what's reported by the mainstream media and then do their interpretations of it. So things like that are out there. And you probably are going to find the least number of sources that you trust when to find a source that you trust. And a few of them speak to compare what's being reported that that necessarily. Huge chore to do that. Those songs you find the different voices and me differentiate. I think a lot of it comes down to remembering to differentiate between opinion. And news fox news's reporting. Is not. Terribly. Progress. This probably partisan to some degree but the that commentators that people giving their opinions that are very very partisan. Same thing was CNN the reporting is that necessarily partisan. But the commentators they do skewed to the left. And just remembering to keep track of what his opinion what is what is news. What and just take a look at the facts and when everything something pulled out of context. He's keeping go back to the original source and find out where this query came from. Because quite often their quote things just seem outrageous. And maybe there outrageous immediately we're just power some thing though was take. A bigger thing in those taken out of context maybe even the meaning reversed depending on how the stated so there those are few approaches he can take. To managing your media intake and trying to find some truth.