Former Top Aide To Gov. Andrew Cuomo Joseph Percoco Convicted On Federal Charges and Exciting Buffalo Bills Draft News, 3/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, March 13th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it got off that's fun to be Meehan delusional campaign. It's Tom Bauerle you know what's been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with you today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 gum. Let's go back to argue your friend Lois in Aurora. Eagle and 5000 mile trips not. I have hope you know. And when you feel honestly if you got to a position. And but I'm really starting here about your husband passed but it did you get to a position in your life where you don't think you're a sharp. Would you voluntarily give up your car keys. Yes byword. You just you older people need to know where they may get kidnapped out of it. When you're you're willing to admit that you may get to that spot. I'm light but at this point you're not and you go one. Where can I just asked what would state are you going through. The 5000 every state in the union. At least through. So you've been to Oklahoma. Only one now that's a flatter race there. Well and you know. I've discovered all in good bye and we root for the final leg. Well I go to my daughter's in Virginia. I take two days now to do that if there's one day. I travel. Wasn't oh. Does the children's school when it's cooler in the hot places that I don't like. End it by Trent looked both times I even have to be off the road at 5 o'clock. I don't travel. Radar then actually isn't really responsible thing. All right 00 Voyager you're responsible person that's exactly what they should be said. And you know the man who is saying. You drive that the implement now I think the road outlet to further speed limit to eighty miles an alphabet the speed government official. And if you can be driving a lot of everybody's going I knew. Can I check out without Montana there's there were at the time that I was in Montana there were like no speed limits in Montana. And you would see like a really expensive sports car just in like a tree in a wooden line and nobody pulled it out it was like. There were like. You know skeletons of cars everywhere sometimes it and not avenue speed limit is not necessarily the best thing for the road. Well. You know it it did different outlast some people of this country. Don't realize what a wonderful country we have a lot of wonderful things we have in this country. You know what I'm Italian sub then it. If you ever questioned americans' greatness the best thing to do as well Lois just said go appearance to the rest of the country it really is we have a lot. It to be thankful for. I do know as do have pretty good wrote in both places. Some places yet Niagara fall. A little lower so thank you so much god bless you Lois thank you for being on hold very patient view. And we got hurt we have our interviewers. Us. Are able way to work here from possibly DiPietro talk about this edge Oprah cocoa. Thing which is kind of interesting but let's go back to the following news and surely in time I don't wanna die surely would undermine. Pat on Allan thank you for your cap that. They'll. And my summer when Maryland and he calls me every night. And I that I have something on just Catholic view it probably scared about they have. And I can I want him and I have to know that I want him to be comfortable he felt kind electorate. It's a you took it upon yourself. To say hey this conversation might happen and I want you to know because I love you. That I'm ready when you're when you think it's appropriate. That's a really really what a progressive way to think. Well they're helping it get your quote. I mean I'm there and no I I. I did not support Perry you know epic Emmitt such idiotic how hematoma really got me thinking. I would appreciate about that is that you you're worried now urging that this may be awkward for someone to tell their cell that they love and respect. While I had to do what I did system in the seventies told you on David only own. Seventy but yet don't. And so what I did I I was very Kiki. I sense the only hand on a carrot to Canada essential to make of that earlier compared to take the kids to other actor's property. And he never got to pick. But I didn't know what else to do. Well listen I mean. Big with a with alzheimer's it's so it's so tough because it's you know and I mean and then you know the other problem is. We we lose people to mean that you'd think you'd get lost in and his life is in danger other people's lives could be. You know that's a tough thing but. The way you did that you know that it could be weird and awkward for your son and that's a very loving move. Well he's very good give me an act and never tells me what to do. Mind that that's why one million not a solid Sam launchers on the. Now when you think of an 88 about the way you sound sharp as a tack. That 88 do you acknowledged your totally different person than you were thirty years ago. And that that there are things that have diminished at eighty. Let's put their plan that rally round the black anymore. But I alone I wouldn't count how I taker myself. So what's the secret to this kid who lived 88. Luck. Really say I don't know you're healthy I can play having aviation include what is account my president rightly so wind everyday. While his last one were yes. Now did you ever smoke yes and when did you quit on chemical firm started sixteen declared proudly don't know if certain. Wait a minute you you quit smoking when you were seven years old now. And you're duke and how do you feel let me give a busy Monday when oxygen or what. Think I am not don't throughout my handwritten very thin thick as well like it. No I'm very. So that cigarettes fault. You know Iowa I was reaching for my cigarettes and I fell from. But. It is particularly Jolie never sure. Felt good first of all you sound great LB would you have another eighty years. The idea though that you quit smoking at seventy you know what I think you might just be one of those people they just your DNA is you can't be destroyed. I didn't have any prouder that in some people do I have no problem well. And articulate. Yes smoked enough for everyone surely. My goodness. But I'd have normally when you hear that also was smoking that long it's got people dying of cancer at fifty. You know. So listen I hope you what you stay strong and keep Golan. I like the idea that you talk to your boy and said it was. Whenever it's time I'm ready. Yeah absolutely Sherry I surely it should say. Thank you surely. Say would you surely it I don't want the sweet. 88 years old can you believe that those sheets from sixty to seventy. And you have any problems at all. And she's 88 she sounds like super like what the conversation Uga would. Did you think you know I would gas X seventy. Seventy. Said. I think nobody really play that she's like I can't run around the block anymore. What it's like listen she's still drive a car but she'd folders herself and say it might be weird it. It might be awkward but I want you to be able to know when it's time to Mikey it's surely. That was fun lecture a good day and. Denny Houston Texas one of the things that Texas Gary and now we get Deanna in Houston. Dan first ball did you were you there for the the market. No this. Does not found New York. Okay floats a did you have any property destroyed or any friends that where it. Yeah all around us spoke when I bought back almost done here detect the elevation personally know there was checked innovations built and will look flat land. And hurricane country and so. So you're originally from Western New York. And we're the only nerds in the world that have that look at elevation that we buy property god bless DN. Differently there is gold to but I had molested you heard that they damn what's so I'll with a driving in that taxes. Well I heard earlier caller Droid was sort of going to sixty degree weather or somewhere in tackles that were just south of huge blue moon will enjoy virtually no outside in about mid seventies. Right now. A little bit the contrary it. Talking about the driving. You're Carlos correct they don't like turn signal down here. They know in fact the the whole thing about. Green. And yellow means go fresh dirt bedroom window applies don't. Here that's scary. Good lord that's scary stuff. You know we've been here try to lift them. If you're gonna by the way around 79. I enjoy driving down here except I don't know what to get into the city to. I have to do that whatever person over sixty. I Hugo. Sure don't against all would be a bridge against the Houston Texas. We'll Texas Jerry I thought was the only Texas listener but it turns out dean and in Houston and is also a listener we appreciate our Texas ranch especially when their. Buffalo Western New York transplants he did not you should you over what do you think he was seventy. Seven not now you have gone cross country before the a year younger days right. You have probably still broke good cross country as far as we go from here to Western New York every summer. Let's say you do that a car. Wow now did you trailer within. No I haven't turned up there and achieve its third year round. But I mean like have you yet oddly the difference between driving with a trailer hitch behind you of a U haul or whatever you got. And just being in a car that is cross country driving with a hitch is really tough to. I will not like Bermuda. Yes that's that side that's rough. But in your days when you were learning to I mean what you were Niagara county right it's pretty flat. Yeah well does that. Pretty close to go out toward Serb over the edge got to admit they're gonna go through bill. But as far as learning how to drive in the snow at your age where you guys. And driving before you analyzes. Yeah well I shouldn't say that. No but I will come on let's be she 79 it's it's forgive statute limitations. Are yet. Ratliff last drugs now. Dan no no I won't do that you never did listen up when you're driving no were you driving in the snow were you prepared for when you had your license did you have you know enough experience to know I can handle the stick it can handle snow I can handle skated. He yelled a pretty large a group we're pretty used to it I have an older brother that I learned from around the but the standard transmission which we almost always. There was an agenda to handle emotional also. I just think that not enough people are getting that experience before they get their license. Dale and it's so now you have a lot of and now when you add texting and driving with a knotted a look at the road they're not qualified drivers to begin. That would slow that down here with some goodies that texting your guy goes sure a lot of the usual phone there's. There's no law but there's no texting. Am than on taxes either. So thank you win once again came face they'll be down and not drive sit. Okay looked like Pluto. I will take care appreciate that Danny in Houston Texas the what he was from. The blame it all started out in lock port New York. Golfer I'll fall. Her cocoa. Joked her cocoa. Well who better to give us an update on what's happening in Albany. That one of our favorite assemblyman. You might know him as assemblyman. Did. DiPietro thank you sir for joining us I know you're busy. Hi you don't. Our boys over there and heard it here number should dole. He should they were there were talking about what to a full term abortion. Yeah bill came up comes up every year. And it passes are how to that there are actually leading court ordered a new wrinkle to it this year period. Are they took out our criminal illegal religion. Where the on board therefore walk and get to Alter. What happened to a baby. He used to bail bookmark file charger at all or will be filed charges filed. Are hurting. The unborn. I'll assure Beijing now has no traction. Us Hedo boat you can file charges Mulder and for all our bills the it took all the way the protection. On board. On believable unbelievable I you know here's the thing though this cocoa thing is is pretty crazy and it's crazy for so many reasons to be first ball. I mean full disclosure. You know you're not a liberal we get that part okay. But just for Coca guy. And I look at. At these charges and basically he was found guilty there was an eight day. Deliberations. That'll that didn't know really get out hung jury what the deal was gonna be that. Big item with a 300000 dollar bribe and he'd. Boy was found guilty of conspiracy. Wire fraud and solicitation of bribes now when you talked about Joseph put cocoa. It's just a friend of the Cuomo family what is the relationship vigil for cocoa and the governor. Where you work for the governor is what the governor called in the water rather. And he get away. If it's pretty amazing. That they say that the governor of like the outline. Not getting into that you have others. Wolf why in the usual before him crazy. Now what does what are what's what's crazy gee you're normally you're used to Republicans attacking. You know the governor that's no that's what politics that's what happens Democrats Republicans. What hearing today this bipartisan. Almost. A you know bikes in subtext going after the governor. Thought that both sides I'm on the order while they were talking about and it normally talk about it. But the other side of the aisle isn't. What happy. That their guy got indicted they don't like the governor there are dead set for coal quote god because a lot of them were getting rocked both in the trunk of a little less so many years. So the induction. Especially. Okay they got they tell us how I would that governor and they don't like him what Lambert they say do not want Florida and they're happy it happened. They were should they wish it would go a lot further than in portrait. That's supplement that did DiPietro and you know what's interesting. Is that when you talk about being a muscle man for the governor would you push it around you who you gonna listen to Joseph propelled go to Ellis and the governor he did. He's muscle lean Democrat he's bullying other Democrats so. What you what you're saying is that this guy his victims were in his own party. The league tackle. The equity. And so and because of that there's a lot of animosity towards is up there if that's the case we we saw Cynthia Nixon and. You know actors from sex in the city she's gonna have you know but that's not a real you know threat to a candidacy. Is there anyone on the democratic side that wants to take legitimate swing at it and report wanna primer. I haven't heard what you are now. Have not. And so I mean yeah but but like it as far as if it was just the safe act. I mean I believe the shape that the loan would disqualify Andrew Cuomo for men from any sort of attempted 22 money but in his own brain he's thinking and I'm I'm a viable candidate why not me. I mean. This year not have to look for Coco but that's changed the government Washington beltway about three hours ago the 30. They can prolong what do we want but now they're great in their go to jail are at all linked back on the nowhere on the national stage. And we tell my right hand man a person Mario Cuomo called his third shot. Every business is like blood this is family they've been together forever and so. That the national aspirations are gone does that eliminate it if he's a hard time you know controlling the party he's unfavorable. The national dream is over now he can be as totalitarian as he wants as governor of New York because presidencies gone. That's correct that's correct any and then you look at the budget look at what you do it this year. He's a one roughshod over everybody. To the point or god I don't I can't I can't fight for the gold old side order to have you with what he's doing what ought. Everybody's got a problem. I mean it's so it's a crazy when you think about all the different. I mean what is the big guy ticket item that everyone's talking about this. This abortion bill we don't expected to go through the senate. No. So I mean what what's the next thing that you guys are working on. I was a million though. The unfunded mandate school but he trying to push like. But 2% cap on on both C capital expenditures which were to go bankrupt every district. I mean it's a non starter but he pulled within their bargaining chip what he does he put all the stupid stuff and who often argued that I want in I don't. Our side and and the Democrats out there have been at work there joke don't want it to be open all the calls that alcohol or that Ali. Well they're here because of the leadership. I ask you I've known you a very long time and Dave DiPietro assemblyman. I've never seen anyone I mean when the gun thing took off I remember people's obvious DP you gotta tell him to just calm down. This is not you know this is an issue that it's it's gonna go away in and nobody's gonna care about guns and he's just you know what is he thinking and it turns out of course they were wrong. You held. A meeting in recently this week. And it was basically to have a conversation. About the situation. Here whenever one is reactive to go after God's. If there was anything responsible. That at we've heard from any elected official a was the tenth that you chided. That you accomplished on Sunday what was the response to that little you know. I don't even know what what he called it isn't that a summit a conference what did you do. Well the forum that was they cut them untruthful recertification. As you know about provisional vote they are a year ago. Our insider which thirty days ago reputed sort of fun. You're coastal you're gonna be solid well urging them to go back into it shouldn't. And what we learned. How will not only or were hit it solid and looked in our area has that we certified they are always. So we try to have a discussion about that I have always been a Moehler. Also out the compute order and allowed to look at it quite sure he'd go to church always. What we call it personal when we're little hole that. And some people were protest and they want to go out. Because. These. And read all your car got caught off the recertification. Talk about what they. Messed up but I think they're they're just both recertification. Duck. First ball but it was they were so they are trying to quote. Not with what they were protests and will they are there's a shock rarely. I mean you better outside of of these summons authors there's normally some sort of even if it's two people that the protesters shall almost everything common occurrence outside your office to have some of pro testing. And aid in those also atomic courage to ask them why they're doing it in most don't know. Don't know. They really don't immediately think you know wondering what does that you were four you know. Taking gay people there was a gay movement that was abortion that was guns it was everything else I wanna ask you though I don't you for a very long time. Well gee how frustrating is it to work in Albany do you love the job do you love to serve of course you do you wouldn't do they see beauty and love. To serve your community. My point is what is it like explained to you someone. What equate that to our lives so who's never been elected never worked in Albany what is a frustration level. Like god ever awarded in that -- ever. And then Greg outside. A guy and take it quite critical parameter and those. Wow. I do it. Because not that I enjoy it but I do it goes I feel it out civil civic duty. There's. There was today a beautiful I'm more. On the color of the well are incredulous. Okay you can't tell me. What were written the bill reasonable walk. That you just look at the way young born right completely remodeled. An introductory don't want don't not the network I didn't see. But it outright with. A little way. But definitely a young one there can be no more charges brought against them. Cook well or killing the oval pregnant woman. A self and race. A settlement deep try gotta run I wanna tell you how much a greatest victory to be here thank you so much for your time and back to go to the sledgehammer. All right the social mandate DiPietro a guy like a tremendous amount of respect for and guy is really dislike you fight the good fight and I don't know I don't know how well I couldn't do a really good everyday not Albany. That that's too much that's too much when an Airbus a month they've several quick the builder doing some crazy things. I'd sports side talk show but I love talking sports with people who really don't talk about what those guys at sell sports on Twitter joke about GO. I sell how we know and it's been a crazy day it's an easier actually this week Needham official and I'm doing fantastic I appreciate your time I know you're busy let's just get to the point here with the bills. We age we treated Tyrod Taylor everyone thinks that it's think you know an amazing deal for someone that's you know most thought would be cut. Bring it could be because of all the stock you know in general managers were stocks. Britain being has to be one of almost a whiz kid in the people have to really he earned a lot of respect. Around the league right now people are really freezing rain and being for what he's been able to do here in the offseason now. There are a lot of really big fans of Tyrod Taylor though flu that the team never should have moved on from him and if that's the case. That you're not gonna like the things they've done he's done but. I've seen a lot of respect throwing random means a label from. NFL people analysts executives Michael Lombardi who's been in this legal long time to read yesterday that if the bills can find the right QB. Watch out because they're building this team the right way and I think that's the key here right David. For so many years we saw maybe a lack of vision a lack of really forward thinking in the long term planning I think this is what this bill's regime represents and that's what they're doing and that's what people are excited. You brought up a piece a WGR is a web site. Were you its open letter to browns fan and it's honest I mean it wasn't there is no disrespect meant at all. But it's kind of like look. We were given this brief team when we got Tyrod Taylor. Tiller is an incredible athlete he's a gifted quarterback but there's just certain things that are gonna frustrate some people there expecting a certain type of quarterback. Well look here's the reason why I wrote the letter the first when when the tree went down last Friday. Coupled perfectly media outlets keep you on Monday when us talk about it that Sharon. Two days about 12 fairly. Accurately portrayed it tailored to their base because they deserve that. Accurate representation in. What do people with was there's there's. Good things about rod. But there's these really. Street view in your audit your enemies because the good things for people urges them Q. Even. To those things shall which easily. He's he sowed in making makes it the way he's the most athletic in the quarterback. He does that no other human can view on the football field that seems like your love. These packages to talk about our announcers talk here's eighty. You're gonna realize. 850. Year we lost by four because we couldn't throw the ball. And that's the trial that's layered and spears here in buffalo in. That's why he was never going to be part of the bills and 1860. In the draft. For players that was never going to be on this roster. I. I could make a trade in Manhattan. I mean that would reject it out. It was seriously it's. Called him a call WGR and Friday I was in I was in Mike Hsu was off. I was in mobile blog until 5 o'clock treatment politics as some would have called us between 3 and 5 o'clock instead. This pick in the draft retire Taylor. We went up and that's what happened. While I think about that that's pretty crazy not to eat up according Glenn deal another guy no one really depended on. You you won that when we drafted Dion Dawkins and you were talking about that draft pick a year ago. You know what what are the things that deal a Dawkins can you will he show us that he could play left tackle in the NFL which I'm not sure people thought I could listen as he did it. But courted when he becomes expendable did you ever think of a million years you pick up the money and get the twelve pick. I'm now look at the court he was always going to be uses are somewhere always guys that we figured used going to be used to treat them and treat them really. Since last year before the tree line. When they draft it via dock used its. Injuries that. She'll eat it that. A it was written it Cortland was on this roster was another guy they are out from under and oh by the way. It was also the highest paid player on the team it's mystery so you. Know as well the question was. Team would be a guy who had these injuries the injury history last two years in what could you get so now. They move up from one to swell in the draft. It's weird it's clear they are going big game quarterback on April 6 version so so what do what is that I mean there. What does he do that then means that they continue to package those picks to get top five. Absolutely I think it's that I think the bills. Why is to get to victory and the reason is because if you get to two or three it's very likely you can get the first quarterback off the board of mean you know with a round to take it number one you're number two guy. But even that what you do like eating two or three you only get four or five. You're leaving it open for another team needs at quarterback ticket to can't let that he's got to make sure you close all those avenues for all these other teams you. Quarterback do you want the bills are not done the only way to get into the top by minister and to trade saying for months. Because there's no team that's critical to between one there's no teams from three point one. But he's the giants are the articles you tell the bills. We're going all out when he won you can do that well. We can talk and that's what they did. You know ISL topology OS shell sports his Twitter he's an expert but I watched guy NFL draft day there with Kevin Costner. And I know that they've made some crazy deals and what are the eggs from that film that taught us so much. In the real world a cell when you make a deal would like to Cleveland Browns. Are you more apt to make another deal because you've. Others such things as like OK here's what really give you now the down the road this well also caution if you shine Tyrod. This is what I'll do I'll make a trade here and I'll do that ghost is actually happened the und written trades. Yet they happen because I mean. Mean you'd launched the relationship that people as long as you work together professional that's when you revisit those people but it's it's really not a bow. Hayward advocate tree on the what do you do later that can happen I firmly believe the bills when they treated it on Friday appropriate conversation with the browns that they can view as it to draft that you believe that but what's really more important is who's running these teams and what their connections. The general manager of the Cleveland Browns as John Dorsey. John Dorsey was the general manager of the cute city chiefs when the treatment that last year on draft night. For a first round pick our relationship or something help each other and the contrast each other. The general manager of the year giants is to get home and oh by the way he was rain in the boss in Carolina when people work together heavy relationship of friendship so. It's really more about the connections and how much you trust somebody to make sure you bull it worked to get what you deserve and I remember that cell departure really Smart guy knows his thing but just actually wave explain it to people who don't know what you know their thing and I appreciate that sale let me ask you one quick question here. A when it comes to these guaranteed contract Kirk cousins just got a guarantee deal that it's very rare in the NFL. If that becomes the future. And you draft a quarterback one or two isn't safe to say that that guy you're drafting in the top five is starting on day one that there is no. You're not waiting for a year for this guiding lot. From the quarterback. Although that is at a Kirk cousins and drafting some obviously the bills signed quarterback today her. Thirty million dollars or twenty dollars a year I mean they're not practice there a rookie week one they sign tomorrow. He's negated if they sign tomorrow we know that I'm more veteran free agency comes at ten dollars a year. Absolutely when asked the rookies this week one but I think what you're looking for that China. Vehement Tor keep the ship afloat for years and that rookie panic it into place but. On the all the parents who that guy is you rock history Tuesday. He's he's going to they're gonna give them an ice contract it it's such a prohibitive country it takes them on the quarterback in April it's the draft the guy. By the draft amendments. In what their. What do you think of achieve signing Sammy Lockett. I'm happy for him thinks he has done is one. Most talented wide receivers and Leslie and fortunately his numbers haven't shown that. He's had obviously different quarterbacks in buffalo and they went to weigh it really it won it. He was this victory and third options sometimes in office behind wrote Robert Woodson who prepare guys like that Cooper excuse me. If what is happening in the Cooper company the F word to our troopers picket until. It would just broke repeat itself a little bit about how important and I Kyle Williams signing him for one year. Yet real quick that would see Leo do good in that you'll be you'll be sitting in the city its young quarterback to work with. He's a really nice office retail opposite in the drug double teams away from Simi. He's very well coached in any real nice team there. With him for colleagues of course about the leadership it's about how good player he's been for many years the bills also signed and there are going to signs are to lay away from Carolina where depleting. Shoppers deepens for several years it was very good. So now I think it really helped address there their front four that they really needed to with Kylie is going back especially for that leadership they sell you the best we appreciate it literally shop about Jill thank you so much for your time. And sell sports as sells sports check that out you'll get everything before it happens really. Thanks. Appreciate is that about Joseph with a update. I'm a sports in the bills and a lot branded being man that guy can run for mayor Ed duties on fire god bless Britain beat.