Former Scoutmaster Bill Kindel - Boy and Girl Scouts?


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Great this time will what did you think as a scout leader what do you think about decision. Electoral zen. This is just terrible. What could distribute to who thought along the way my daughter of the former girls out there and she's now medical doctors. And remembered all of my wife people that are. Our neighbors and the COLT got fantastic movement and to the girl's wonderful haven't typical up. Boycott. And public health committee and many years have opened signaled they went home and that we kept up twelve months he has got ten months and and throw a good thing about scouting but it got a boy scouting the rough and tumble. Our sport it's called better group than he teach a lot of war wealthy entities like the boys and girls are just playing different it should be kept. Separate at that age. You know I think a lot of people look at this and say what's the big deal wine out. Girls and Boy Scouts I'm what I mean what is the big deal of allowing girls in there and know whatever even if it's the other way. You do build a different. That we can camp out that it. We've we've camp O Coca and go hiking it is different and if there's a group of people that that teach you respect for a one another in the learn skills. And though the little boy took a little girls and young boys are different young girl. And that little satellite it would get very that's fine and when you're growing up I think you're. Simply the life that where you're different growing up you can learn respect one another but learns is different different way. It until I had to say that I am from that and talking to a former girl scout leader. And who said. That this she found that the the scouts wasn't challenging enough for girls and that's why. Maybe this is an important decision for some of them because they were being challenged. They they wanted to go. Hiking and kayaking and repelling down think they weren't able to do that and now they maybe. Well thank god that you would do what the rules are now I knew what they were at but I knew Lou I know it was a different Katrina being a father and a grandfather. That it typically young boys and young girls and entered Gulf Coast are just as good now they were then. But he's you know what is that I think the differences you have to understand there is a different. And if you don't ineptitude and you don't belong in college. What that there's also a difference between young boys and young boys right now I mean there's people are different from person to person it's not like the Boy Scouts are. You know fighting in the coliseum there selling popcorn and racing cars down a track. Well that they're going to know have been. I hope personal golf out there that really scuttle the skull law. And the goat scouting and they learned first stage. And there are a lot of a lot of worthwhile things in life but basically gotten me in an open is still. A group. Who get together and enjoy it and make it quick picture usually outdoors. It's called let fear and get a little girls little boys are differences take out of that and I hope that the boy scout the little lesson from the girl scout. If they would board only. Do you think bill that may be were just too politically correct today. Oh yeah don't know about and I think there's say yeah. Billion starting it's been around for over emotionally for a lot of years. And I don't think given wrong and I admire the total culture and they're out there principles bullies. And the bush felt that people would resign they don't belong in Scotland. Aren't that is bill Kendall a former scout leader.