Former FBI Director James Comey's "Bombshell" Interview On ABC,4/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

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Monday, April 16th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah. Donald Trump is a man who loved to be admired and respected like many who doesn't pass stormy Daniels rough. He really. Welcome to we hit a twenty minutes on its network and without stormy Daniels there. It's Tom Bauerle he's got a real problem folks in believability gap. Well I appreciate that more than you know. As being in a swap. All. It's the hourly and they'll be. Actually no credibility due to begin speaking for it on news radio 930 W. Development that is rate of thirty W and so what do debate ended David I mean. Is this seriously is this a left its lack past charge it's this hot. Water mark of via left wing assault and the trump presidency or is this fort Sumpter a try to figure it out because every day literally get something though. And if people are like I am and they got their ipads and Google and you turn and you know Google. Let's see I can just log in right now. And be easier said that done. I outlets to the about just up on Pink Floyd. Com what are wide. Sean Hannity was a client of truck lawyer Michael Cohen fox news's live reaction when Sean Hannity today and as. Watched expert Floyd members slant and Sarah witness of this release that are. But. There's a whole generally speaking every morning. I wake up. And and it's it's it's something. To try to get me to believe that the trop is slime ball. Illegitimate president has got no business running the country. You know that there would be interviewed visual were a couple of days ago were stormy Daniels is seen it might have been last year. That last night's interview James combing an event today I guess it's the 12 punch David. Because of the court proceedings Michael Cole we find out that. Sean Hannity was a client Michael Corbett there's a little problem with that John Kennedy says he was never like Michael go. Rabbi it turns out that if a judge. Kimba Wood. Who what we've. We're one of our listeners actually texted us that the backs story and Campbell what she was actually. Up to be the first thing I'll attorney general 1993 under President Bill Clinton. But it she inning and then illegal immigrant nanny issue. And then it became Janet Reno. We have Bob. Beat the a bishop was stormy DA feels in her brief press coverage was saying and and we actually ya wanna correct the record we we thought that storm Daniel had a purpose in the court room we're now finding out she said they're for the sole purpose of intimidating mr. Cohen. Are at least attempting to here is a little bit of her audio of what she said when she came out of the courtroom just moments ago in Manhattan. It. The like he is above all why it couldn't help but open for all atmosphere makes. You play by different that a girl or girl all. He has thought that the outlet and or especially when an even more women like me matter. That and now my attorney are committed to making sure it ever find out the truth and that. Of what happen and I get I word that we will not rest. Thank you Matt. She usually her and her word as well starred in such films as soon as I've got to say yeah. One thing I know bill there's one thing that I won't elect a woman who charges for a beat before. For sex can always be tried and true. Let's look. Should I get a rest until she lets ever could know what happened I. Ever wanted to know what happens if if what you're saying is true would Donald throughout. I don't want to know number one on the number two you and abuse. You weren't claiming that they did something happen view that was a that was non consent and can we help it that she's stupid because well because she's stupid guys you writers but can only help it's I said that based on the idea that issues asked during the interview. That was supposed to take down trump did you find him attractive though oh did you wanna do it now but I did it anyway it's like OK you know she's this she's discerning. But but but they don't thing here is that. Talk about lake which everyone forgets what stormy Daniels main argument that's. Would stormy Daniels is asking for is she wants to tell the world about how it's sexual in account owner. With the president United States that's your only ambition she has no other animosity. No other bones. She has no nothing else of the did her only agenda. Is to share with you the intimate sexual details. That she had allegedly with the president's did before I was president but think about the slightest drizzle is a constitutional crisis. Psychologically psychologically. Mean this is the woman is reason for breathing right now civic you can tell the world about sexual encounters yet put them. Private citizen a couple of digital Bowman has been taken in more places and decent. And the. She's a star. All she starch and you're sure she's free to be important start but. Nothing happened to you that you weren't consenting. You chat there and said. And again I don't think it's happened. To shame for your own version of the story and the only thing you want to do. It's tell us the joint sexual Donald Trump and you wanna get into the details of that relationship. Sorry this is nothing to do. Monica Lewinsky's story. Was about a person who was lie in. To any special prosecutor. Multiple times they could not find they could not get enough evidence. People standing up saying. The the president United States is lying to us they use the Monica Lewinsky. Situation as an opportunity. To essentially. Catch the president the United States in ape in our a perjury charge that whole thing. Whitewater the Rose Law Firm all of the alleged illegal activity. All of it manifested. We did you what it's gonna take another seven years to find all these people and all of this information but we got about perjury. We got him right now lying under oath. So you know what let's use by the way. What Paula joke was talking about was a relationship she did not consent to gain it was. Jones who was meat to hash tag. Okay well we'll just don't let the kids that meet to hash tag movement. I believe it was Paula Jones a former. Democrat strategist James cardinal said ended drag it dollar bill through it trailer park NC which you bring out. Because they're all white trash horse that's what what that's what are Clinton called them. There has got us in. Just goes to stop with the nonsense you guys can weary perhaps of margin. You know a burden. Johnny Cash CDs for all we care you hate men that's great go ahead and go do that. But the reality here is that the candidate that you ran for president. Was fundamentally flawed not only is a politician but as a human being okay. Now you can say whatever you want about the man you you know Donald Trump. Though the moral fiber Donald Trump he's not which used think he is. He was exactly what we voted for because he wasn't Hillary Clinton there are people who voted for Donald Trump they believed in Donald Trump. There are people voted for Donald Trump because he wasn't Hillary Clinton here's the reality. None of all of the thing that you want to point. Rush. Collusion. Mueller told me all this stuff we're talking about a porn star whose only agenda is she really wants to tell you. Exactly what happened behind closed doors. We have a guy who was married at the time. Right and between two consenting adults with absolutely no force what some N and CNN and NBC and all these people that India what are the must be hung up and killed. We must go after all Louis CK me ever should work again how dare he do that. Unbelievable. You sit there and defended Hillary Clinton took this week. This day you'll hear liberals come out and talk about Hillary's highlighting fund raisers. Hillary Clinton is being used to raise money right now Democratic Party and by the way you looked at what lies. Barack Obama. Do you believe Barack Obama would you believe James combing arguably Donald Trump Kabila to people literally. On the same story. ABC news that Paul Cole and the question why do people believe cult leaders brought but it was like 43%. Only 23% drop. Well I wish I that you're shocked by your it is well again you know that's my sarcasm voice I. I've got so much coldly audio that we can play after a traffic to other. But Tom Bauer will be there is some Colby audio that you need to hear the audience needs the year in case you missed that 10 o'clock. Sunday ABC news interview George Stephanopoulos former director of the FBI James call me. Nine point seven million people. Paint two in Dayton to see James tell me. I'm just curious on what what what do you think what if you saw the interview did this help team all we did this hurt James Coleman well I was by just going into it and nothing he says that led me to believe that he is anything other than what happens he comes off as a woman scorned. A woman score and trying to sell the book and there was absolutely nothing he said it. That changed my mind about him his constant qualifications such as possibly. The word possibly is about is give definitive worried couldn't possibly use when he was asked about. Did the president commit crimes possibly. You know possibly I had sex with a march and on the wants you know possibly. It's twenty minutes after five leaders radio and thirty WBE. And and it was a dude you should we even give them am I mean that the Clinton people had the bimbo eruption squad. She should we talk about the trump people and the unfortunate name they chose. To deal with allegations of Donald trumps moral fiber. Yeah what were oh very unfortunate. They called it the that means team. Now. Whether they understood what they were getting into by hauling up the eight team. Or whether somebody's got a sense of humor I don't know but I don't think there could be a more unfortunate name. For our group of people whose task it is to make your guy look good and amidst any allegation of sexual impropriety. During attempt it. It is partly developed. Tasks but it's pretty pretty crazy hey so armed wing was with well. Okay here's where we're at today Michael Cohen again. There are there app scheme for. My dear we have two different issues here Michael Cohen is in court because there is a federal judge there's eight a judge who who. Demanded that Michael Cohen released all of his clients now again. What is the point of this the point of this is that Michael Cohen had his office. And his hotel where he lives in New York. Raided by the FBI partner of the guidance and permission of the special counsel to essentially get conversation that happened. Between the Michael Cohen and out. Not Donald Trump would dealing with Donald Trump what things are Michael corn used to do allegedly. According to leaks and by the way that's another great thing about America today is. Even if a court decides they have no business. You know the ever patient you've got out of his apartment. Was illegal and you shouldn't happen it's still going to be leaked out to the media. And what are the things that we found out from the leaks of the Michael Colin like to record conversations in the state and New York it's legal for one party. That understood is aware that recording is taking place. And so the other person may not be where colleague from California you call Michael Cohen in New York he's recording your conversation. And he would allegedly use that as low bridge to people he was talking to they have written basically taken these tapes. A Michael Cohen talking about the president third party and they are trying to use that as as proof that Mike Cohen somehow intimidated. Stormy Daniels and other people on behalf of the president of the United States. And again it's it's absurd it is nothing do with what we're not been where Ford dimensions. Are dealt rest in peace. From extra them sexual beings. From the Russian investigators. It's it's absolutely bizarre but you know David maybe we should change the name of the show from buy hourly ability at through the taint him. There's Arabs for the question it's 520 by the news radio I'm thirty WB it. It's Bauerle and bella idea on WD EA and. Hollywood and television news radio on I thirty WBE NN. All right we are do we do have some James all the audio by the way we're going to be doing traffic every ten minutes until further notice has its unholy mess out there with the snow flying ended February that an extravagant shoot you need us to be aware of you may always Texas and 3093030930. If you wanna go to traffic updates text the word traffic. Took 3093030930. Are we celebrate our nation's Independence Day and night glitters from the National Park Service with yourself about. Wait wait. Well did you get this thing got from the national. Parks service spokesman for the National Park Service one at all. Are we celebrate our nation's Independence Day and night glitters from the National Park Service with yourself about some of the. That's. And then Mike. Is even higher. Michael motorists. Drove it very little barge service while crazy wow yeah well you know that they can because. The Donald Trump I mean you're going to be hearing an awful lot now about the taint team India and that is the two yeah you look at it and you can't make this happen. That's correct. You were literally like when people look at each other and they that was given to the people in spin can control. Trials and triple was that eight team that we are good virtually dead. But being that they'd comb the newer people put that are supposed to go into would be. You know this is not that. Don't take this don't read this this isn't admissible this is what your third party not to prosecute mark and it was attract people know the trump people want people on the team team. They want people to be a part of that team and normally they get a third party. To go out there and say will tell you what it's. What side germane to this investigation what isn't but yesterday James combing interview by George Stephanopoulos on ABC news. Nine point seven million viewers tuned in at almost happily what rose again I was gonna say and here is what Jim Thome and say. Person sees moral equivalents and short of true. Who talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and insist the American people believe it. The person's not fit to be president of the United States and that's pretty obnoxious friend to talk about President Bill Clinton like that. Especially at all our day no idea. I thought we die Wasilla. Biggest thing. This the wife and daughter ball protest to the president on inauguration when it. Jim always wife and daughter both protested it the day after the president was elected they went out to an event that doesn't make a lot of sense is that this is all about higher morality and why would you demean that mrs. Clinton. She conspired to torpedo the birdies Anders camp. Which image borders that Christopher's deal got paid for the trial does. Conspired with the whole brazile they have the debate questions given to advance we're about morality which the cultural. Here is the actual wife of James tell me talking about the day her husband. Was like over the president. My phones are going to happen so I called him he did answer. And at the first let me answer to know what's going on in and I coming back into its true. It's true that it was a really you know we're looking into whole family pretty much year how they were devastated. I hear will appear in their own words here's Patrice comb the wife of James calmly talking babies she knows. About the day Hillary Clinton lost. I want a woman president really badly and I supported Hillary Clinton a lot of my friends worked for her. And knives devastated when she lost. That's the wife of the FBI director not understand something Hillary Clinton lost the election. Allegedly. And when trump is an inaugurated as president. Now James coldly is that or heard from the FBI for Donald throw up your wife is now on ABC. Talking about how devastated. She was in the is in it that so what color is basically saying is how could I have thrown Hillary under the bus. Because my wife wanted her so badly to win why else would I have done that here's more from James Coleman's wife. I wanted her to say. That's that I want to spend too of course they have to to act I don't want the morning commuters computer. And I'm sure it's innocent but that's what they have to do but instead I felt like she attacks institution in my husband has to the point. She was disappointed that Hillary Clinton attacked her husband but she was still marching for Hillary after the election when this is why. I knew that they were potentially on a collision course. At that point I believed he was not an ethical person present trump was not an ethical person in my husband was. So here's the deal you can though she was upset that Hillary Clinton was so angry at James home. Because again in her own little mind. Patrice Kobe does not believe. That her husband. Had anything to do with the election she's trying to say that. This was yeah my husband did not affect the election and Hillary but the FBI do its job obviously they're not gonna find anything you've done a horrible unfortunately. She had done all or did everything that they accused of doing. Is what actually happened. Blood Patrice Cormier who was their for no other reason by the way. Talk like using women poorly treated them like me if attorneys you know era TV right now to do if your husband. I think the only reason the trees code is there is to inoculate James tell me from being some sort of pro trump. You know why he decided to throw Hillary under the bus because he. Yeah he was doing this. To elect Donald Trump he's got a Donald Trump shill booked at the George Stephanopoulos. George Ryan for George Stephanopoulos former Clinton. Yes Press Secretary and big player with the Clinton. Organization and delicious yogurt. It Jim George Stephanopoulos is he did the interviewing hero is his take away from interviewing James Crowley is really the. Judgment she came to in the end that he cannot rule out. The president trump is compromised. By the Russians say as I said in the interview I was stunned by that I'm stunned by it stuff. You that you judge George I can't rule out that you were not compromised by the Russians. I can't rule out that anyone is compromised by the Russians George Stephanopoulos. Is an app. And I and I am totally. A few people look at their careers and I'm like how the hell did they get there. How George Stephanopoulos has been able to circumnavigate. This role of independent journalist. His entire career he was democratic left wing hack. Who looked like Michael J. Fox wearing as little you know it'll shock ties and showing up at all these different rallies in the early ninety's. With over conditioned hair no product and it always annoyed me about him but Perry is any it and clean out. Here's where any of the of the stage. Of of Bill Clinton you or tell me George you didn't know but any of the horrible things your boss did liquid ebitda phase of Juanita Broderick you know nothing of that story. You represented each person was accused of rape. Indy Oval Office and you have the ability to hold your head up high like your some sort of of you know what you're a warrior for the woman's movement. What an absolute dead that's pretty close I believe it's called hypocrisy knows noted lives hypocrisy. Editor of course there was more James Kobe got talked about how he believed that the present I'd states. He is not using a lot of of a talking point not kill we have Con-way it was thought out. And they are they put her in front of a microphone here would share this say about James comb his interview. This is somebody's not under oath. In interviews and and are writing a book and this is somebody here is giving a revisionist. Version of history. Well let's talk about that revision for version of history. What is Kellyanne Conway talking about here Rio he takes time to talk about the size in his hand and a link as top I. Kelly Cotter. The gentleman was talking about when. About him and so I was an audit of its doctored that the baskets. Right bouncing the James combing was making comments about that which. I don't get it I did get and the men Lucia there's little this week tell us something to people that we've seen it. A crook of the globe people lighting fires in and putting in parts of women in that. Other ads and urgent it's. Pretty weird thing for rational adult to do. Not many people would be like hey what did you do during the war war. Well I get all over the artillery men what did you do I needed of vagina hat and I went out there among threatens and we said in our lives Ferris arms. You know he. So we're we're getting the idea here they did James told me he is he's the director of the FBI he asked of credibility. How did just about math probably. Why do you have this go look he's so desperate for my committees will just destroy his credibility I've never seen anything like the top. Honestly I never seen. And like we are. To open up votes here thing you know three all thirty started 3180616. WBE. And should we went to notre but now we're not a government. I get very confused here. Our it help. Is. I've always everything no no. I'll go out. To play the music underneath if we look at the music underneath that we don't go to traffickers who as we get to this gives you an update on track heated text the word traveled to 30 by threes and educational Butler us at all we issued to that and if you have if you see traffic's that we should that we don't have you graduate to fix this at three or loser of three super 930. That it be that way again. What concrete fact that we learned last night I'm sorry I walked away with absolutely. Nothing. A lot of qualifying words. For example possibly. The president committed crimes possibly. Here's I'd say possibly about an here's one of the most ridiculous things any person could say especially about this. The book is called a higher loyalty right. When you sure of your country attitude is but that out of Q if it's in the you know military or your government servant. There is a chain of command I was not a fan of Barack Obama. As per the United States but abroad Obama told to go to war I go to war served prepped United States who who is that Rattner chief he tells what to do. Let's Jay is coming has to say about not only the man who is president but what. Dick this is the four former director of the FBI a man who worked. For Donald Trump. The white I don't think he's medically unfit the president I think he's morally unfit to be president. More highly unfit to be president. You can stay that with a straight face. After you and Judy came to the investigation. Of a woman who lied repeatedly to you. Who you know has put food with Russia. In the present in the past and probably in the few juror and some new UN Mitt. The president Barack Obama's shut down the investigation of the Clinton foundation with ties to Russian money and you're telling us the Donald. Is it morally unfit so the only interview last night as number one. And that is completely change your opinion of Donald Trump and doing things change your opinion James called me. And remembers who beat the great irony in this whole thing news that it was only a few months ago. Where you had some of the people on the left in the senate and members of the house accusing Jimmy called all kinds of horrible things. Using words like outrageous. And here we got this guy right now. Who had formerly been called outrageous being analyzed by the very people click on him outrage is simply because it expired. I Donald Trump and now he's going and her views. Basically throw mud at the guy who iron. I. A text message from an attorney at which are much detain team right so you have. You have a pry the prosecution is out there are strangers. Was that I wanna see the Jersey but it and so you've got the prosecution out there are staying all right. Overseas as we Terrell defense is gonna say no you can't seize this so the Justice Department as a rule rules. And I according to. A guy that I but nobody thought about. Is she has basically that it consists of a team of the system it's your generals. Who are separate from the main investigation. They determine as to whether material their season is protected under attorney client privilege and should be excluded so what trump is basically arguing is. They should be able to do that would have a representative of either the White House legal team or trumps team to sit him and let me let me. Let me get a look at this stuff too and I'll tell you. What is it's not only you know typical iTrip. But I believe that trump would also be arguing for executive privilege where this is a president talking to a person about White House mad there's. I will be made because again we heard about this before when Bill Clinton was talking it was private legal team. And the White House counsel what's executive privilege what isn't we went through this with Ken Starr we might be going through this again.