Former Buffalo News reporter Elmer Ploetz on changing media landscape


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23 years with the awful news and you know this whole world newspaper media has really changed a lot over the last decade. Really the last several decades and recently awful news announced that. Offer buyouts for a lot of their stats were you surprised to see how much it's changed especially recently. Both lists of. Prized. You could see a lot of it coming from the strategies they're used thing getting rid of some of them or her. Encouraging some of the more marketable people to leave that surprised me. The fact that they are cutting back. The news is actually we've. In medium better positioned than a lot of similar newspapers across country it is that your own. Warren Buffett and they have no doubt. So that gives them a little bit of a clean. Slate tonight deal as opposed to the in your daily news which just at NASA. Massive cutbacks yesterday and Specter's staff that's now roughly half the size of what's left that the Buffalo News. For New York City which just astounding. But they were filed last year by truck he arrow and see if they media conglomerate that knows you can contribute another. And other newspapers there were about for an hour because there that. And is a lot of publications and why. Newspapers leveraged so in addition to trying just breakevens selling at selling newspapers. You're paying huge amounts that has an advantage to both when news. This has never had kind of since word. You know things change. Come iPhone on Twitter FaceBook and I see all sorts of things whether. Long way who use the ball wilderness you mean you can find all right on the phone for people who want to actually a subscription to the newspaper. Days what's the appeal we. Really the only appeal the main appeal of doing it is that you have people out there every day. If this Twitter civilized people go when they can around are there jobs. Whereas we at the paper like the Buffalo News which still has the largest reporting staff in the city of buffalo. They're the ones it should be going now going to places. It's their job to go to it. It's their job to do the embers town board to the buffalo City Council to Erie county legislature. And made when nobody else is there. To try to be there at least try to conference. They probably do a broader. Faction of that and they also have the ability to do a little bit more investigative. And journalism the kind of thing and also the investigative both but they have the people to be able to do that. And other horses. Can't really afford to dedicate somebody today. Today kind of work were maybe this spent a week two weeks three weeks maybe the top down there working for six months three year project to relieve. Island heals some of the things that are going on behind the scenes. So that is what the that is part of the attraction of for trying it and also you get some voices you know unfortunately. Who's lost a lot of businesses. Here in 28 and of course there's 24 hour news like something always has been turned out argue. Do you believe that maladies news because it's so for a century and everything going on in this hour news cycles it's difficult for people keep. But the absolutely were overwhelmed I mean myself sometimes I just turn everything off. Because I need to get away from. You can't just haven't kind of saying you know go for notifications on your own. Have notifications from whole bunch of the from the TV stations the Buffalo News you're stationed. And it notifications and history sometimes they'll have like five notifications on the same story from different media outlets within two minutes. And it's like okay there's only so much I can take of this. I had to back off for awhile so that's definitely a problem there isn't saturation. And the repetition one of the secrets of any media think now it's trying to get things to be uniquely their own. Because everybody can go to a press conference in report. Who just got announced that the Buffalo Bills new coach you know have an out there. One of the things news did that was predicted before. Tim Graham left was they sent him out to California. To talked to people in his hometown. Talked with college coach and do some things that nobody else can. If you can do that kind of thing. Then you have something you can offer nobody else. Other people were fouling you in the he's given people reason to trust you to go after you or. Not content and to pay attention last ten years and what you see. Loaded question now I really think. And probably will be line most of it. Some of the premium brands and New York Times. The Washington Post and some specialty publications. Over the Wall Street Journal. And that there'll still be they paper crafts. But I think the metropolitan dailies and medium sized metropolitan news. Like the Buffalo News and probably via. I think the arrogant know that I think the editor. Is teaming in the direction.