Former Amerks defenseman Matt Donovan on Rasmus Dahlin

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Thursday, June 21st
Donovan recalls playing with Dahlin.

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It's Mike should hope I can start now. If there's a mistake these shop. I'm not a joke I'm afraid they read the wrong thing. This is not a joke these cells come by geo and bulldogs. Have a great night on WG. Sports. Indeed sail is sitting in for Mike show today. This reforms to room students who says. Mean compared tomorrow I'm the bold I thank you to tune in then we are just a couple of days away. From the NHL entry draft in Dallas our Paul Hamilton. Is going to be in Dallas and it's going to be a big night for sabres fans they won the lottery they have the right to pick wrestlers Colleen. And that is absolutely what they are going to do so we have been suffering here of late to try to find out as much as weekend's the weekend. Depends even more excited about it and joining us right now on the AT&T hotline is one of his former teammates. From for a long done in Sweden mat Donovan someone who played with Rochester back in 201516. So maybe if a familiar name. As well mats on the AT&T hotline with us Matt it's such christened sale here thanks for joining us how are you. No problem. Good Perry got. Doing really well doing really well so d'alene. Your your first awareness of what he might be as a player. I'm curious that you tell us about that. OK so. Not the Latvian but the season before. On the back as a year after Rochester went to Sweden played purple on the and mom my first experience with him was he was I think you are still sixteen maybe just turned seventeen and he got called up when needed a defenseman at the guys get hurt you got called up from art junior team. And he. Looked like mark finger at optically what are our fingers tall skinny did he had no muscle. Com but he's got on the ice and and he could playoff here. Com now it's kind of my first experience with them and then on to play the rest the year what busts in and obviously last year had a really good year what and put on up on some possible out of bumped aside and I look I got a kid that. Gonna get drafted first overall. Pets have you heard about him prior to his being called up to the big club. A little bit just from our aid ski coach being right there that kid that but the real mobile and news. He let our junior team and he's everywhere that's pretty there in next year's so com. He's and it's exciting. What happened what and you're gonna realize up idiot ought to supplement the book. And I wonder if bomb like someone near you you've had a a career here you played some games in the NHL. You played in DHL you you played in college so you've been around but I wonder. If what you see your like the hype about a sixteen or seventeen year old kid in and are yeah are you a little as a kind of a grizzled veteran kind of skeptical like. Come on how good community. Is there any. And a hole I mean I I got to see. First and I think it was kind of that thing with the David like everyone kind of saw it coming up then. And near the unbelievable I think he's trying to on the same scale like. I think to myself like where we're violent violence that would mean 818 year old I thought I'd call quietly. Playing juniors and Europe they tell though. He's playing with grown men and doing really well and and make him grown men look silly so com. I have I have euros skepticism. Would rather than I think you're gonna do really well and they're really good player or a long time. Matt we've heard. People kind of say he's still we heard all sorts of comparisons best defensemen in the draft since. Denny hot in 4040 years ago you know he's a Nicklas Lidstrom is a Victor Hedman these guys like that. And I expect you give me comparison but when you do have a a player that young would that much put on him. How will he be able to handle it because some people with their under that in some people it's really not a big deal to them. Yeah it's. I would say it step boy it really tough man. For any kid that age I mean how do you handle that much pressure. But I think he's that last year you had that hype around the man. Com everyone kind of knew that is going to be one of the topics so he led to do interviews and all that stuff. On just like every other topic ignorant duke but he's had that I'd say no number one overall her. For a couple of years now so. I think he handled that really well these these very mature for a page any very humble. And I think that help them a lot and I think he is one of those kids that he wants to get better every day and you want to know you're gonna work hard no matter how good people. Ellen is. Com he's he's gonna be humble and and work hard and ran in practice the right way and do the right things arm like a professional. You say is very mature holly fit in any locker room how did he fit in with. You know grown men at different stages of their life the hot I hockey locker room is a little bit different. They just walking down the street hanging out with a person here or there or get together after work as we all know how he fit in into NHL locker room. Until Adobe. Find the it was great with. Obviously. Two years ago when he first got called up the topic herbs they want more. He's very quiet naturally quiet. Humble like I said but. Want to go and open up a little bit he's a great kid then. Like I think he's I think he's gonna do foreign editor talker. Talking with the mat Donovan. Who played the last two seasons in Sweden with Rasmussen Colleen he's on the AT&T hotline with a us here on WGR. Are there error. Things about him that stand out to you. As being both things that make him so different are we just talking about someone who you know is. The whole package I mean they're skating there's vision there's plot moving. There skating. What what do you like most about this player. He does all of those things really well but the one thing at the album is that puck and going. And and the way he's BI. IA. I compare guys. Away. Are apparently the some people say comic David the way he moves with the pocket ala cart they can't get off. He he moves. Like that but differently like you don't like I've played against him in practice. It was Seoul are nothing like I've ever seen before. The way he moved with the pocket you don't know what you do that. You know where the pack ago you know where his body was gonna go. He's so fluid with the puck that that the one thing I however on I've never seen anyone Angela Park. If that. It's on the south pretty good stuff but yeah. I have to adjust and having better for a follow the mentality every time we have a guest on here. You know where we're expecting to kind have our expectations real in a little bit because we heard so much but every time we have someone on here. It just kind of makes them grow if you know what I mean and we're so excited aren't we think there's no way this can can be really that good I mean right. I don't I don't know I hype them up too much still very disappointing when you get there but. Everything I just said his attempt you know. Have you have you thought at all about Whitewater. Or is this just dom just talent someone is born with. The total work that's put in. Like it did you look at him and wonder like how old hollow boom do you do that how how do you become someone who can make someone who's played. Hundreds of games that that some of the highest levels. Have no idea where your going with the puck. I ate I bicker over everything having a natural. In the way he move that is natural ability I think. Powell party were in the works on different skills then and things in his game I think. Yeah I mean I have always been like in naturally offensive defenseman. But he's aren't totally another level. But where may have never the same and our defensive coach would would talk to us about the same things so where. We then have to worry about op opt central com. We need to concentrate on defense and playing hard defensively and use the same way. My defensive coach would tell me I don't know I don't even look it is offered the chips aren't on great it job offensively he knows he's. That can do that stuff up occurred just takeovers as natural form. Mom I respect our goes goes along with the way moves I think. That's just natural Foreman and he's put it together with our work in wanting to be on the united all the time and and trying new stuff and yeah I think he's kind of just put her all together and not make themselves at. Matt weighty as you know when he gets over here there are going to be players are gonna wanna take advantage of him and show me this is the NHL kid. And you know you got a long way to go how will he handle the physical aspect of the game especially in his own end. I think you'll be part he's worked out really are. The last. Three the two or three years and he's ordered that Harper's army with a bit. But he's he's grown into his body's grown a couple of inches I don't know how big is now the three. Are on the Aaron. He is depth like art are remarkable and I played against for more on the lawn and and target them in practice and yeah he's not is not easy to move around so he's got he's got beside. To be able to handle himself for sure. I would bet Donovan played the last two seasons in Sweden with Rasmussen Colleen he's on the AT&T hotline with us for. A few more minutes here on WG are so low. What's a realistic expectation for this player Dolly coming over to the Buffalo Sabres. Next year like to see immediate leave their number one defenseman 'cause he does he need some time to transition like what are you were owed what would you estimate that. I think that tough day every kid there every. Every player's different vomit so are coming in Little League that that young arm. Obviously that David did that pan the pit either really really good player and I think I might believe sir that he can step Bannon and your really good player but obviously I think there's going to be times. That. That is gonna need kind of subtle and but. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long I don't think you'll take too long but. Players that I I you're never never and oh yeah. How wall and how did you enjoy playing in Sweden. I like that. How the poll on the order Gothenburg Sweden has a really nice city. The second biggest city in Sweden and there was a really nice city get treated really well the organizations really good and on the country of Sweden has beautiful people are really nice I don't speak English really well. Com. Those as good of our viewers. Was really good obviously there's a part of great players that come out sweet and so you know hockey going to be good and and what. Did you play with Victor Olson and done I think I believe you did if so can you kinda give us a little. Scouting report on him as well. Yeah I did and I'd I'd I don't know are you wanna pick bit but the best shot I've ever. Yeah we heard a lot about that there is something you just can't teach there is a there was a one of the sabres front office personnel guys was on a on our morning show and said it's just something you can't teach the way he shoots it. And you can't. I've tried to even take his stick breaking malice what a loss to add it up. That patent. Yes a I don't know what it is the way he shoots but eat and eat and ripped apart. While. Rory that and he's come and he's going over and so as large pilot do we do you know anything about him did you play against them. Yep play airport very good defenseman. Another offensive guy in. Really really good defensive. All right Matt mat Donovan on the AT&T how when he met and as I can before you go there I'd like asking and is much or as little as you won on this bombed. Johnson virus becomes a free agent you spent some time with a on the island I'm not ask you predict necessarily what he does it. Had a what do you think he's going through right now as far as the options and what you're seeing from that organization and where they are with them. I I honestly. What bumper known a long time and our outlook for a couple of years and it's it's hard as they were on to his mind. I know he's very competitive like every good player and ask are you the opening want to win but I'm not all but no he's very loyal and land. I've told people that I think you'd stay. And want that they look the same organization but I think you also want to win the I think it's. It's getting closer. That lionized. That makes me sick more more that you rightly so I don't. But I I don't know if thought personally so I can't. I noticed dumb today your Twitter handle this watch Donovan. And I'm curious about swatch watch hockey you've got to you've got something going on there what's with subtle about that. Yeah up though. I just started our company at all squat hockey so. So I get it's it's the help raise money a little bit and down target less than than you are cancer Obama city. I also sell apparel. And proceed. Go to Oklahoma City you'd RP. And we also raise money for the humble. Tragedies farm. So we're lucky enough the first month we launched our chart federated 500 dollars and let them. 500 dollars to the humble tragic farm that. But now are trying to turn our that's towards raising money for a overseas hopped out our from a church throughout so. Opened kinda. Raise awareness about the game and that in alcohol mind and other parts of the world and country that. Don't necessarily have a lot of hockey so this generate money and give many kids as I can't into the into the game here in Oklahoma. That's what I was gonna say like I don't think of Oklahoma and hockey but of course the US HL is is all over the midwest. So it's it's I'm becoming more and more of the familiar with that with that league is night as I'd like why aren't looking your bio and I. I'm my son got drafted by the sued grey hounds this past April Ursula gum are more in tune to that I guess than I've ever been like yeah. What the future. In the future path might be but what is it like growing up in Oklahoma being someone who loves and excels at hockey. Well my my dad ran over around the rink here at all Almonte Mosul a city and is rhetoric ever about bored so I grew up rink rat so that's kind of all I always knew that kind of what I wanted to do I've played baseball football obviously football's really big here and I played those drawn up but they turn just kind of whittled down. Me being at Berry called Favre and the love and being on the united than. The uniqueness of it being an Oklahoma. Bought the stock with our ears and went with the. That's awesome so you're coming back though right now you've had your two years in Sweden. And it's back to the HL next year. Yet our time with Milwaukee admirals. Talk go to training camp in Nashville and at the Milwaukee happened after training camp in and hope. Hopes up and apple I have a big year in and and it worked out well and never know hopefully turn it come back to manage up. Right out of I wanted to that was the next question what you've been you've you've bounced around here obviously Sweden and now you're back in North America what does the NHL all. Dream. Ever. Die or are you still like to hold holding your gonna get back. I'm. Depth we're hopeful live this was part of the year that look like they're on a 48 now and I wanna give one more shot. There's a lot of hockey over in Europe and Russia a lot of good money but this year I was just like they wanna get warmer Shia on north and play in the NHR. And I wanna get a Wal-Mart. And that's kind of what I'm doing mission. All right also what we wish you the best what would that we thank you for all your time. And lending us some expertise someone it's like to play with the rest missed only met. Yeah I haven't aren't good like that good luck which watch hockey both thank you very much.